Free Wedding Cinematography Workshop With Vanessa & Rob

If you’ve always wanted to get into wedding cinematography then this is your jump start. Starting at 9AM tomorrow, Monday December 3 creativeLIVE will be hosting a FREE Wedding Cinematography workshop With Vanessa & Rob. Together, they’ve got a career’s worth of film-making knowledge and will be packing it into this three day course. [more]

Holiday Gear Guide: Gift Ideas Up to $500

If you’re like me, you still haven’t decided what the perfect gif tis for the photographer in your life. Well if you’ve got a little to spend, we have compiled the best gifts between $200 and $500. Speedlights, softboxes, tripods, tablets, lenses, and more, you’re bound to find something here that will really impress. [more]

The Canon 5D Mark III is Currently On Sale

I just got an email from one of our readers saying that Amazon is currently selling the Canon 5D Mark III for $2999.00, the lowest price this camera has ever sold for. If you were waiting for a deal this is it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended in a few hours. Check it out here.

Canon’s New 200-400mm f/4L IS 1.4x TC Lens Around the Corner?

Canon’s highly anticipated dream lens, the 200-400mm f/4 with a built-in 1.4x teleconverter that was seen at the Olympics has been used “in the wild.” CanonRumors reports that one of its readers, Ben, got to use the likely $11,000 lens in South Africa for a bit after speaking with a product manager… [more]

Learn How To Balance a Setting Sun With Strobes

In this video from The Slanted Lens, Jay P Morgan shows us a behind the scenes look at how you can achieve that colorful, rich-looking sunset. This is a technique that is a must if you do any type of portraiture or wedding photography. Your clients will be really happy with the results, not to mention it will look great in your portfolio. This photo shoot is for writer, Robert L. Harding’s novel titled, Death of the Wayang. [more]

The Long-Awaited Canon 6D Is Now In Stock And Shipping From B&H

Just a quick heads up to the many of us who have been waiting for this camera: It’s finally in stock and ready to ship! Just in time for a nice holiday gift to…yourself. Because let’s be honest, if you’re as excited about this camera as I am, you’re not going to let anyone else in your family get their paws on it before you. For more information and to place an order, head on over to B&H Photo’s 6D page.

New Nikon DSLR Rumors Out for 2013

NikonRumors just gave us a few more rumors for new DSLR releases to come from Nikon next year. Among them is a claim that the D7000 and D300s lines will be consolidated into one semi-pro body APS-C camera that will sit just between the D5200 and D800… [more]

A Lion Goes to Town on a Canon 5D Mark II and Lens

Ed Hetherington was photographing animal life in Kenya from a remote on-the-ground setup when a lion approached and found it rather odd…and oddly tasty. The series of images that followed show the lion sniffing, carrying, and enjoying the camera for a while. The lens survived despite getting a little dirty, but the body wasn’t so lucky… [more]

Fuji X-Pro 1 and Olympus OM-D E-M5 Discounts

Our second-place mirrorless camera, the Fuji X-Pro 1, is discounted up to $600 with the purchase of a lens on B&H, where the body is $300 off its original price and adding a lens takes an additional $300 off (that’s essentially a free 18mm f/2 lens over the price a few weeks ago). Just add the items to your cart for the automatic deal. Additionally, the weather-sealed, durable and overall awesome Olympus OM-D E-M5 kits (our first place winner) are up to $100 off at B&H.

Promise J4 Thunderbolt SSD and Hard Drive Enclosure Finally Available!

It’s Cyber Monday, of course. And all those deals are pretty tempting. But Promise has their own treat for us today: the J4 4-bay enclosure that holds 2.5″ SSD or normal hard drives for extreme speed over a Thunderbolt interface. Pre-order this enclosure now with or without four 500GB hard drives for $387 or $775 respectively. There’s another bonus, too, though… [more]

Save a Little on Your Next Audio Purchase

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your video set up and get some higher quality audio, take a peek at the holiday savings for the¬†TASCAM DR-40 4-Track Portable Digital Recorder. B&H is offering the fantastic price of $139 plus a $15 rebate. Although online ordering is unavailable till tomorrow afternoon, you can still stick it your cart for later. Amazon is also offering a deal, though not nearly as enticing.¬† [more]

Black Friday Deals on Adobe Lightroom + Elements

Adobe is having a sale at their online store for Photoshop Lightroom 4, Photoshop Elements 11 and Premiere Elements 11. Lightroom is discounted down to only $199, while the Elements are only $60 each. You can also grab both elements programs as a bundle for only $90. All great bargains, but only until November 28! [more]

LensRental’s First Impressions of the Sigma 35mm f/1.4: “New World Order”

Roger Cicala of LensRentals (who really likes to be the first person to get something up whenever new tech hits his store) has published his initial feelings on the new Sigma 35mm f/1.4. The good news for me is that all of you who have called me a “Sigma fanboy” have one more person to lump into that group. To quote, it’s the beginning of a “new world order,” and “This lens kicks butt, takes names, and basically posterizes the manufacturers who make the cameras this lens will fit on.” [more]

Time-Lapse of Dust Accumulating on Nikon D600 Sensor

We stumbled onto this video that points out the biggest issue with the Nikon D600 right now: the dust accumulation. Bloggers and reviewers across the internet are crying foul at the issue, and in case you are unfamiliar (unlikely) or just curious (most probable) about the issue, this simple video does a really good job of showing what a brand new D600 suffers from. Biggest deal to me? He never changed lenses. All the dust is internal. [more]

Holiday Gear Guide: Gift Ideas Under $200

Ah… tis the season of giving! Last week we introduced you to some great gift ideas under $100. We are continuing our Gear Guide this week with ideas that cost just a bit more. For those of you who have a little bit of a budget and you want to make sure you’re spending it wisely, we wholeheartedly support that endeavor with these fantastic gift ideas that will keep you under $200 but still put a big grin on your favorite photographer’s face. [more]

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