Very Little Stars: Yet Another Amazing Timelapse That You Need To Watch

Alright, seriously. I keep telling myself that I’m sick of timelapses, that I don’t need to watch five minutes of clouds, or that I don’t need to watch a million cars stream past at lightspeed. We get it, we’ve seen a million sunsets, we’ve seen the stars pan overhead as the camera moves on a dolly. And then I watched ‘Very Little Stars’ by Ben Wiggins, and I took it all back. Oh my goodness. This movie is [more]

How To Make Smoke Lay On Water

In this lighting lesson, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens offers a very cool DIY effect; how to make smoke lay on water. Achieving smoke and wind in photography are two very difficult tasks that Jay P. made very easy by showing this step by step process. Have you guys ever experienced with smoke and wind? If so, share your images and how you did it in the comments below. [more]

This Belongs On Your Bucket List of Things to Photograph

Every so often you come across a photo, stare and then boldly exclaim, “I will photograph that someday!” For instance my photography bucket list has on it shooting the Holi Festival in India, Pingxi Lanterns in Taiwan, La Tomatina in Spain and just recently I added light painting with the spectacular Bioluminescent plankton that emit a bright glowing blue color in the ocean water. [more]

How To Create Studio Quality Lighting Under A Variety Of Conditions

Starting TODAY creativeLIVE will stream a 3-day lightweight location workshop featuring well-known photographer, Kevin Kubota. Learn to create studio quality lighting under almost any condition. With lightweight, affordable, and portable lighting tools, Kevin will teach you to create beautiful portrait lighting in a variety of environments from typical urban locations to more challenging situations. [more]

An Entire Wedding Shot On An iPhone And Processed Using Instagram

Kim A. Thomas, a photographer out of San Francisco, recently shot an entire wedding using just her iPhone. She processed everything using Instagram as well. The couple, Jonathan and Brandi, wanted her to do so by request. She never used an SLR for any of the shots. Her main camera was the iPhone 4s with an iPhone 4 as a backup. She did use an SLR mount for her lenses and a tripod. Take a look at the shots and let us know what you think of them!  [more]

Can You Really Edit A Wedding On An iPad?

Shot entirely on a Nikon D7000, wedding photographer Dieter Chaney did something I never thought was possible. Having free time during the dinner break, he was able to edit his favorite images using the Snapseed App (from Nik Software) right on his ipad. He later displayed them in a slideshow for all of the wedding guests to see. How’s that for instant gratification?


The Tutu Project: An Inspiring and Refreshing Project That Aims To Fight Breast Cancer

Photographer Bob Carey has taken the fight against cancer into his own hands with the most unusual of tools: a man-sized pink tutu. By creating a combination of whimsical and emotionally charged self-portraits, Bob’s project tugs at the heartstrings and spreads awareness in a humorous, yet touching, way. Check out the amazing photos and story in this video, which was produced by PocketWizard. You can get more information about the project and see more photos at thetutuproject.com.

Tips To Improve Your Event Photography

This lesson from Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens is a little different than his others. Mostly shooting on a Canon 7D with a Tamron 17-50mm lens, he gives several helpful tips on how he shot this celebrity event. We may not always be able to bring extra lighting and a Kessler Crane but there are will always be more to learn ways we can improve. Check out this video for more ways to learn! [more]

Cosmonaut Gennady Padalka and his DSLR in Space

FS Reader Clifford Pate brought these images to our attention, asking if the DSLR Russuian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka was using on the International Space Station was a Nikon or a Canon. That legendary DSLR battle aside, it’s cool to see how the cosmonauts work with a DSLR, and the kind of equipment that goes into the process (beyond just the camera). [more]

Watch a 6.5 Hour Car Retouch via Animated Gif

Photographer and retoucher John Zhang takes some really wicked car photos. You should check those out at his website. As a member of our very active (and now very huge) Facebook Group, John uploaded one of his recent images for critique and examination. Needless to say, we loved the shot. John wanted to show how long a work of art takes, and so he also uploaded a sweet gif to show what 6.5 hours of retouching looks like. [more]

Highly Unusual Photos of Fireworks Using Focus-Pulling

Photographer David Johnson decided that photographing fireworks the normal way was too boring. Instead, he refocused on the exploding fireworks at different points during a long exposure. The results more bring to life the Japanese word for “firework: hanabi, which translates to “fire flower.” [more]

Adrift on the Hourglass Sea: Sci-Fi Images Commissioned by NASA

In honor of the Mars Curiosity mission, NASA commissioned a series of unusual, sci-fi-style surreal images from the duo known as “kahnselesnick” called Adrift on the Hourglass Sea. They were asked to create a series that represented the pair’s vision of an existence on mars. [more]

Interview With Magnum Photographer Christopher Anderson

Talented Magnum Photographer, Christopher Anderson, experienced something that completely changed his life. In June 2000, while traveling in Haiti, he met writer Michael Finkel and together they documented a group of 44 Haitians on their journey to the United States. A few days after they set sail, they realized the handmade boat was sinking. Anderson’s first reaction was to continue taking pictures – even though he knew there was a chance they may never be seen. [more]

Joe McNally Explains Softbox Grids and How To Gel Your Flash

Adorama TV has been mixing up their youtube channel lately, and this week features the TTL acrobatics of Joe McNally. Joe walks you through a typical street portrait as he accentuates the natural ambient light with a single speedlight gelled red. The more useful tip Joe gives is how to control the spill of your large softlight with an “egg crate” or softbox grid. I’m still shocked he pulled this shot off using only the Nikon D800 pop up flash acting as commander.

Samsara Is The Most Beautiful Movie That You Can’t Afford To Miss

This movie appeals to every photographer due to the stunning visuals. Shot entirely on 70mm film, Samsara is a movie that spans twenty five countries and took five years to make. Not only does it encompass the grand scope of humanity, the visuals are simply mesmerizing. Be sure to watch this trailer in HD and full screen to experience the full effect.


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