Ben Willmore Teaches Light Painting Tips For Photographers

As photographers, we are always sculpting our images with light. But if you’ve seen any of the light painting posts here on Fstoppers, then you know just how complex the art of light painting can get. Photographer Ben Willmore has been using small constant lights in his images for years, and now he’s offering a free online workshop for anyone wanting to learn the craft. On Saturday, August 25th, Ben will be giving away all his tips and tricks for free on creativeLIVE. [more]

Shooting Zombies Through A Car

In this behind the scenes video, photographer Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens shows us how he shoots zombies through a car using a Kessler shuttle pod. The camera movement is the most crucial part in making this commercial. The Kessler pod has to stay high enough so that when they move through the car, it will not shake the camera.

National Geographic Annouces Winner Of 2012 Traveler Photo Contest

The grand-prize winner of National Geographic’s 2012 Traveler Photo Contest was announced yesterday. Cédric Houin of Brooklyn, N.Y won a 10-day Galápagos Photography Expedition for two with National Geographic Expeditions. View a gallery of the three winning photographs along with seven merit winners and the Viewers Choice winners here. [more]

GoPro Action: Blair Bunting Takes to the Skies in an F-16

Besides being an excellent photographer, Blair Bunting (who you may remember from our Lamborghini Aventador video) is an avid aeronautics hobbyist. He recently had the opportunity to photograph a U.S. military F-16, which was an honor in itself. But when he was offered the chance to fly in the jet, the experience was once in a lifetime. Check out the GoPro madness! [more]

Amazing Ice Cube Reproduction Of A Painting

Shot completely on a Canon 5D Mark II, Director Laurent Pratlong created this fascinating video called Water Pixels. This reproduction of a 30×30 painting took around 12 hours, 99 ice cube molds, 16 different colors and 30 liters of water to freeze 900 ice cubes. [more]

Fisherman Captures Amazing Footage Of Dolphins Underwater With Gopro

One thing I love about the Gopro Hero 2 cameras is that normal, everyday people can record amazing footage that has never been seen before. Such is the case with Mark Peters who thought he was just going to film some albacore tuna during his fishing trip. Little did Mark know what his GoPro would capture inside his homemade underwater torpedo. [more]

Photos of Celebrities Taken by Their Friends

The media tends to make celebrities larger than life, seeing them naturally interacting with their friends is refreshing. From Lindsay Lohan to Harper Lee, these celebrity snapshots were taken by non other than their equally famous friends. [more]

Shooting In A Public Place Without A Permit: Von Wong Hits The Streets Of Slovakia

Shooting in public places can be dicey, and the stakes rise when you have start adding assistants, lights, a behind-the-scenes camera crew, and then start telling your models to climb street lights. Ben Von Wong keeps it classy during his recent shoot in Bratislava, Slovakia, where he shot dancers from the National Slovak Theater. [more]

Ahead of His Time: Pablo Picasso Light Painting

We all know Pablo Picasso for his very distinct artwork and as one of the great masters. He is credited with creating the style of cubism and is considered one of the greatest artists of the last century, if not all time. I am personally a huge fan of Picasso, but mostly his Blue Period. What many of you may not know is that Picasso wasn’t just a master of painting, he was also a gifted photographer. In this series, Picasso plays with light painting and shows us that what today we think is pretty cool, he had already toyed with over sixty years ago. [more]

What Unretouched Photos From Victoria Secret Look Like

Victoria Secret, the company famous for selling underwear, lingerie, and overall sex appeal, is also notable for their amazing models. By the time you see the images from their catalog or campaigns, they are always retouched. Do you ever wonder what the shots look like before retouching? Here are a set of unretouched photos of V.S. Angel, Doutzen Kroes, from a recent shoot.  [more]

An Inside Look At The Louvre

With eight miles of galleries, the Louvre is still arguably one of the most grandiose museums in the world. When LIFE magazine photographer, Dmitri Kessel visited in 1953, he captured a glimpse of history in the making. His visit was just after the Louvre had been reorganized and redecorated to accomodate new additions to the vast collection. [more]

Octodomes Ping Pong And Fire At The Beach

In this lighting lesson by Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens, shoots promotional material for Cui Baoqun, a Chinese champion ping-pong player. Using the information from his previous lesson on octoboxes, he was able to achieve some nice, dynamic shots.

Trey Ratcliff’s New Zealand Timelapse Is A Breathtaking Six Minute Trip to Mordor

Trey Ratcliff, the world’s foremost HDR guru, recently relocated to Queenstown, New Zealand, which is quite possibly the most beautiful little town in the world. He just released a timelapse video of his first thirty days and thirty nights spent in the town, and it is definitely worth a watch – especially in the native 4k format. Wow! Whether or not you like Trey’s work (we all know how polarizing it is) this little video [more]

Aerial Images from Beaches All Over The World

Taken from beaches all over the world, photographer Gray Marlin’s perspective has turned ordinary aerial photography into art. Using the people and objects, he emphasized repetitive patterns while composing the image to illustrate shape and form. [more]

Visceral Images Of The Aftermath In Iraq

Photographer, Richard Mosse captured some amazing images while he was spending time with American troops in Iraq. The images in his series titled Nomads, juxtapose a smooth, fluid background with jagged, rough, sharp subject matter. The composition forces you to look at the holes and the ripped metal and it’s made even more powerful because of the lifeless, smooth, gorgeously lit backgrounds. [more]

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