Inside Vogue’s June Cover Shoot With Annie Leibovitz

In the June 2012 issue of Vogue, photographer Annie Leibovitz had the amazing opportunity to photograph eight very talented US Olympic athletes alongside supermodel Karlie Kloss. Over the years, Annie has become known for her over-the-top sets and detailed lighting set-ups. [more]

Pentax Vs. Afghanistan: One US Soldier Puts His Camera’s Weather Sealing To The Test

Alex Jansen, who is currently on a deployment in Afghanistan, recently created this video showing off the weather and dust sealing capabilities of his Pentax K-5 and K-7 cameras. I know that even though my Canon 1D claims to be ‘weather and dust resistant’ it would be a cold day in hell before I ever voluntarily did something like this to my camera (and lenses!). Alex is clearly confident [more]

Preview ESPN’s Body Issue 2012

If you’re a sports fan, or even if you just like toned and tan bodies, you’re going to want to pick up the next issue of ESPN (hits newsstands Friday). It’s filled with some pretty sexy images of the United States’ favorite athletes in nothing but their birthday suits. [more]

Ken Block Turns San Francisco Into His Urban Rally Course And Captures It All In Stunning Fashion

Ken Block, owner of DC Shoes and action sports mogul is well known for his incredible skill in a rally car. He’s also been known to make some incredible videos, such as his original Gymkhana piece. For this installment, Gymkhana 5, Ken decided that he wanted to take over San Francisco: and that is just what he did. He also made sure that it was captured to perfection: I can’t imagine that any less than one hundred cameras were used in the making of this piece. [more]

Eleven Beautiful Architectural Photographs And How They Were Made

As I continue my articles on interior, architectural, and real estate photography, I thought it would be interesting to see different approaches to shooting these types of subjects. So, for this month’s article, I’ve invited a number of professional interior, architectural, and real estate photographers to share their images and techniques with everyone who reads Fstoppers. [more]

San Diego Fireworks Snafu Results in Unintentional Art

UPDATED: More added!
Last night, as you may have already heard, some miscalculation/technical difficulties with the San Diego fireworks show resulted 9 seconds of explosive madness, compressing into a few short moments what was supposed to be an 18 minute show. Now we get to actually see what many of us have always wondered: what would it look like to set all the fireworks off at once? [more]

Shooting Architecture on Location With Mike Butler in Bogota, Colombia

We’ve featured architectural photographer Mike Butler before, when he shot the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami, FL. This time, Mike heads to Bogota, Colombia, to shoot  the Virgilio Barco Library using a slew of hot lights and assistants. If you’ve ever wondered why it takes 8 hours to create a single architectural image, this BTS will show you exactly why.  [more]

Simeon Quarrie Goes Above and Beyond for Wedding Clients Yet Again

If you remember Simeon Quarrie, you’ll recall that he goes out of his way to please his wedding clients. A couple months ago we featured his ridiculously stressful same-day edit from his wedding day video team. In this shoot, Simeon goes above and beyond once again to deliver a really special experience to his clients.


Incredible New Technique of ‘Video Light Painting’ Raises The Light Painting Bar…Again

Well, the light painting bar has been raised again. Sweatshoppe, a European creative collaboration, recently created this video showing off their new technique of video light painting. While that may sound a little strange at first, it’s actually a really, really neat technique that they pioneered on their own. Using custom-made software and a little ingenuity, [more]

Aaron Feinberg Captures the Landscapes of Hawaii

Everybody know’s Hawaii can be a dream vacation. Aaron Feinberg shows us how beautiful it actually can be. In three days, he traveled around the island of Kauai and spent the best hours of the day photographing some of the most beautiful places of the island.


Incredible Behind The Scenes Footage From The Set of ‘Return of the Jedi’

Filmed on a Super 8 camera without audio or narration, this is a clip for the true Star Wars aficionado. Created by Jeff Broz, this series of clips affords us a rare glimpse into the making of an incredible blockbuster film that is adored the world over. There are a number of recognizable iconic scenes visible in their rough and unedited form. [more]

Canon Explorer of Light Tyler Stableford Uses an Excess of Speedlights To Shoot Skiers in Colorado

We’ve featured Tyler Stableford multiple times before on Fstoppers, as he seems to be one of the first to get his hands on all of the new gear before it hits the shelves. This time, he’s at it again: working with action sports athletes high in the mountains of Colorado. However…the results left me scratching my head a bit. Read [more]

New Photography Rules Of Composition By Scott Kelby

A few weeks ago Scott Kelby hosted the Google + conference in San Francisco. In this lecture from the event, Scott tries to shed light on to how photographers should really work their scenes to find the best composition. We’ve all been taught the tried and true methods like rule of thirds, leading lines, tight crop, repeating patterns, framing, and multi level depth. Shouldn’t there be a better way to teach [more]

The Manhattan Project – A Timelapse View Of The Different Areas Of Manhattan

Photographer/videographer, Cameron Michael, spent roughly 5 months making this timelapse view of Manhattan. It spans across the entire area and shows the stark contrast that makes the city so appealing. After months of time, the struggles of getting location access, and the manual labor of lugging around 130 pounds of equipment around the city, Cameron finally released this great video as an ode to the city and all its beauty. [more]

Tom Lowe’s Timescapes Is Complete In All 4K Glory!

Tom Lowe’s Timescapes documentary has been in the works now for over two years, and it is finally complete! Timescapes is the first movie to be sold to the public in full 4K resolution. Shot on the Red Epic and with Canon Lenses, Tom’s outdoor documentary features some of the most amazing scenes I’ve ever seen from Yosemite, the Joshua Tree, and other parts of Western America. Tom has a great write up about the movie on Timescapes.org and you can buy the movie here. This was one of the first posts on Fstoppers and we are excited to see the final production; congrats Tom!

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