Natural Light

The Art of Aerial Photography

I have always been in envy of natural photographers who seem to perfectly frame a shot so that the final composition flows beautifully while cropping out necessary or distracting elements. Daniel Beltra is one such photographer who specializes in aerial photography involving environmental issues. [more]

Cosmonaut Gennady Padalka and his DSLR in Space

FS Reader Clifford Pate brought these images to our attention, asking if the DSLR Russuian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka was using on the International Space Station was a Nikon or a Canon. That legendary DSLR battle aside, it’s cool to see how the cosmonauts work with a DSLR, and the kind of equipment that goes into the process (beyond just the camera). [more]

Interview With Magnum Photographer Christopher Anderson

Talented Magnum Photographer, Christopher Anderson, experienced something that completely changed his life. In June 2000, while traveling in Haiti, he met writer Michael Finkel and together they documented a group of 44 Haitians on their journey to the United States. A few days after they set sail, they realized the handmade boat was sinking. Anderson’s first reaction was to continue taking pictures – even though he knew there was a chance they may never be seen. [more]

Improve Photography Shows us How to Shoot the Stars

Idaho photographer Jim Harmer over at ImprovePhotography.com takes the time to give you the low down on shooting the night’s Milky Way. All you trolls out there be nice cause Jim froze his butt off on this one and he is just so damn likable. [more]

Arkadiusz Makowski Shoots Radiant Photos of Butterflies

Polish photographer Arkadiusz Makowski has captured butterflies in an absolutely radiant light. Now I like butterflies as much as the next guy (which means I think they’re cool, but I don’t fawn over them), but these make me see the colorful winged insects in a whole new light. Now stop reading this and look at these pictures. [more]

GoPro Action: Blair Bunting Takes to the Skies in an F-16

Besides being an excellent photographer, Blair Bunting (who you may remember from our Lamborghini Aventador video) is an avid aeronautics hobbyist. He recently had the opportunity to photograph a U.S. military F-16, which was an honor in itself. But when he was offered the chance to fly in the jet, the experience was once in a lifetime. Check out the GoPro madness! [more]

Photos of Celebrities Taken by Their Friends

The media tends to make celebrities larger than life, seeing them naturally interacting with their friends is refreshing. From Lindsay Lohan to Harper Lee, these celebrity snapshots were taken by non other than their equally famous friends. [more]

RAW Timelapse Tutorial Part 1 Breaks Down All Your Gear Needs

A few weeks ago Rebecca posted “How To Shoot A RAW Timelapse: New Series By Preston Kanak” which was an introduction to this series. This video is part one of Preston’s free tutorials on making compelling timelapses, which covers hardware options. Intervalometers, batteries, motors, sliders, and bears, oh my! Very informative stuff from Mr. Kanak. [more]

Trey Ratcliff’s New Zealand Timelapse Is A Breathtaking Six Minute Trip to Mordor

Trey Ratcliff, the world’s foremost HDR guru, recently relocated to Queenstown, New Zealand, which is quite possibly the most beautiful little town in the world. He just released a timelapse video of his first thirty days and thirty nights spent in the town, and it is definitely worth a watch – especially in the native 4k format. Wow! Whether or not you like Trey’s work (we all know how polarizing it is) this little video [more]

Visceral Images Of The Aftermath In Iraq

Photographer, Richard Mosse captured some amazing images while he was spending time with American troops in Iraq. The images in his series titled Nomads, juxtapose a smooth, fluid background with jagged, rough, sharp subject matter. The composition forces you to look at the holes and the ripped metal and it’s made even more powerful because of the lifeless, smooth, gorgeously lit backgrounds. [more]

Fstoppers Reviews the Sigma 180mm f/2.8 Macro Lens

Specialized lenses are tricky things. Since they are built for a set of specific purposes in mind, they really need to follow through on that small list of tasks lest they be discarded as an unnecessary expenditure. That is a lot of pressure to make an outstanding lens, so how did Sigma fare with their new 180mm f/2.8 macro? Is it a good addition to your lens collection? [more]

Snowboarders With Hundred Foot Vertical Drops

Scott Serfas has an incredible knack for being able to take beautiful photos in the snow. Combine that with a passion for snowboarding and Scott serves out some unbelievable shots of boarders jumping off cliffs. Not only does he catch amazing moments, his sequences give you a play by play of every twist and turn. I dont know what I find more fantastic, the shots or the boarders who jump off the cliffs. Which one is your favorite? [more]

Beautiful Underwater Photographs From The Land Down Under

There’s a feeling of quietness about South Australian photographer, Narelle Autio’s series, Water hole. Using a couple of old orange Nikonos film cameras, a 20 mm lens, and no breathing apparatus other than her lungs, Autio captured some pretty incredible images during her travels in the outback. [more]

How To Turn Sunlight Into Moonlight

In this behind the scenes lighting lesson, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens does something we might not often think to do: he uses the natural sunlight and turns it into moonlight-like light for this 1920′s “speakeasy-themed” shoot. Believe it or not, he was able to achieve moonlight all in the camera – no post processing involved. So with a couple of tungsten lights, gels and sunlight, Jay P. has shown us a great idea that can easily be mimicked in your own shoot. [more]

DCP Productions Puts the Geico Money Man into HDR Video

If you watch TV shows through any medium, there’s a decent chance you’ve seen Geico’s new Money Motorcycle Man. DCP Productions was kind enough to give a little behind the scenes on how they utilized 3D capture technology to video the money man and give him an HDR look. While the HDR effect has been explored extensively in the arena of stills, using it in video with 3D technology is quite innovative.


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