Trey Ratcliff’s New Zealand Timelapse Is A Breathtaking Six Minute Trip to Mordor

Trey Ratcliff, the world’s foremost HDR guru, recently relocated to Queenstown, New Zealand, which is quite possibly the most beautiful little town in the world. He just released a timelapse video of his first thirty days and thirty nights spent in the town, and it is definitely worth a watch – especially in the native 4k format. Wow! Whether or not you like Trey’s work (we all know how polarizing it is) this little video [more]

Beautiful Underwater Photographs From The Land Down Under

There’s a feeling of quietness about South Australian photographer, Narelle Autio’s series, Water hole. Using a couple of old orange Nikonos film cameras, a 20 mm lens, and no breathing apparatus other than her lungs, Autio captured some pretty incredible images during her travels in the outback. [more]

Who Thought Sea Slugs Could Look This Cool

Their scientific name? Nudibranchs. These tiny creatures can be found on the ocean floor. Most of them are no bigger than a human index finger, and live fully exposed their entire lives. In these photographs taken by acclaimed underwater Photographer David Doubilet, these sea slugs look almost like meticulously crafted Play-Doh creations. The bright coloring is actually an act of beautiful self defense. [more]

Shocking Floral Photographs

Flowers and floral arrangements are a point of interest that most photographers have shot at some point in their development as hobbyists or professionals. They’re naturally beautiful and give a good self esteem boost when a pretty picture turns out. While pictures of flowers are often over-done; Robert Buelteman’s takes a different route and puts an electrifying twist to his images. [more]

Unusual Yet Eye-Catching Symmetrical Shadow Photography

Russian photographer Alexey Bednij has a knack for depicting interesting situations in mind bending ways. Specifically, his photos of people, animals, and insects and their shadows offers a highly unique look at commonplace situations. Check out some of his photomanipulations that will keep you looking again and again. [more]

Unique Landscape Images Lightpainted By Natural Forces

London-based photographer Joel James Devlin created a series of images he titled “Light Waves and Dark Currents”, and for the ones posted here, Joel took a colored LED light and placed it into water, leaving his camera to fire 40-minute exposures. The result are these moving, naturally occurring light patterns that reveal the natural movement of the elements by simply pushing the light around. [more]

The Age Of Aquarius. BTS With NASA And One World One Ocean.

Join the  MacGillivrays of One World One Ocean  as they take you under the sea and into ‘inner space’  to document NASA’s NEEMO 16 mission (NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations). Aquanauts are sent to Aquarius (the world’s only undersea laboratory) to live underwater for two weeks which can simulate living on a space station.   [more]

Is This Picture Too Good to be True?

Since he posted this image on his facebook profile, Shawn Heinrich’s image has drawn a lot of attention. Many have stated the the shot is just a little too perfect to have happened all at once. Upon first glance, what do you think?


Nat Geo’s Traveler Photo Contest Turns Out Incredible Images

The 24th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest solicited Photographers to send in their best photo from their travels all over the world. Out of 12,000 images, these are 30 gathered from different categories. You can head over to the Nat Geo site to Vote on the Viewers’ Choice winner until July 20. Which one do you think is best? Leave a comment below.


Justin Carrasquillo’s Breathtaking African Landscapes

Take a look at this incredible series of images from LA photographer Justin Carrasquillo. These landscapes were captured in Tanzania and Botswana. He was there on assignment to photograph a 30-day safari adventure. Carrasquillo took all of these photographs in his spare time. I’d say it was time well spent! It’s a stunning set of images that fits well into his already solid portfolio. [more]

Aaron Feinberg Captures the Landscapes of Hawaii

Everybody know’s Hawaii can be a dream vacation. Aaron Feinberg shows us how beautiful it actually can be. In three days, he traveled around the island of Kauai and spent the best hours of the day photographing some of the most beautiful places of the island.


Shooting Insects On Seamless For Conservation

South Carolina photographer Clay Bolt is a professional nature photographer who has taken his love for the environment in an interesting direction. Clay started a program called Meet Your Neighbours which has inspired photographers all around the world to shoot small local animals on a mobile seamless white background. You probably don’t have to travel far to take amazing nature photography.

Behind The Scenes With Lamborghini and Hasselblad (Or: How To Give Your Insurance Agent An Aneurysm)

In what may well be the most outrageous photo shoot that I have ever seen, Olaf Hauschulz was presented with what must be an incredibly rare opportunity to shoot a Lamborghini Gallardo for Lamborghini Magazine. The setting? High in the snow-covered mountain ranges of Romania, with the car drifting around corners, inches from guardrails [more]

Behind The Scenes: Capturing The Pacific Northwest With Peter Lik

Follow world-renowned landscape photographer, Peter Lik, as he captures one of the wettest places in the continental U.S., the Pacific Northwest. After having a record breaking year in rainfall Peter threw on his raincoat, slipped on his rain-boots and headed to Oregon to photograph the subsequent breathtaking scenery. Enjoy as he shows what you have to sometimes endure to get some amazing photographs.  [more]

Tom Lowe’s Timescapes Is Complete In All 4K Glory!

Tom Lowe’s Timescapes documentary has been in the works now for over two years, and it is finally complete! Timescapes is the first movie to be sold to the public in full 4K resolution. Shot on the Red Epic and with Canon Lenses, Tom’s outdoor documentary features some of the most amazing scenes I’ve ever seen from Yosemite, the Joshua Tree, and other parts of Western America. Tom has a great write up about the movie on Timescapes.org and you can buy the movie here. This was one of the first posts on Fstoppers and we are excited to see the final production; congrats Tom!

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