New Leica T-System Officially Announced

It is official! Leica has announced their new Leica T-System camera which is available for pre-order at B&H right now! The camera really does have a lot of nice features that are packed into it and Leica seems to be pushing the phrase “easy to use, hard to forget” on their website. We are glad to finally get a look at “official” specifications even though we had a nice glimpse yesterday when they accidentally revealed it. [more]

The Leica T Accidentally Revealed on Since-Removed Site

Thanks to an unfortunate accident, the Leica T website briefly went live today. Thankfully, the guys over at La Vida Leica were able to grab all the important bits before it was taken down. From what was archived, the Leica T is looking like a pretty sweet little MFT APS-C system. [more]

Another Day, Another Band Angry at Photographers: Three Days Grace

If you’ve been paying attention to photo news this week you know that concert photographer, Rohan Anderson, was in a little bit of a internet-war with the band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus after they “borrowed” an image for a social media post without credit or compensation. Now it looks like another group is jumping on the bandwagon. [more]

Nikon’s Four New Brand Ambassadors: Blair Bunting, Bambi Cantrell, Doug Gordon & Tamara Lackey

Nikon today announced four new ambassadors to their rather impressive lineup of photographers who already included the likes of Dixie Dixon, Joe McNally and Corey Rich. The four additions include Fstoppers contributor and advertising photographer Blair Bunting, Bambi Cantrell, Doug Gordon, and Tamara Lackey. [more]

Lytro Finally Introduces a Camera That Creative Professionals Will Want

The Lytro field camera was cute, but completely impractical for anyone who really wanted to take professional imagery. It was a weird rectangle that just never felt like anything more than a toy. Today Lytro intends to change that with the release of their professionally-focused Light Field Camera Illum. It comes with a 30mm-250mm lens equivalent with a constant f/2.0 aperture and will ship starting July 2014 for $1,599. [more]

Nikon D800 Video Bitrate Comparisons with NikonHacker Firmware

To date, Nikon users haven’t enjoyed the benefits of Magic Lantern hacks appreciated by many Canon shooters. However, this is slowly changing as NikonHacker has added firmware hacks for a variety of Nikon DSLRs. Using recent NikonHacker updates, Lars Steenhoff has shared his own 54Mbps sample, albeit without comparisons for the moment. NikonHacker user, LPowell, however, has shared a series bitrate comparison videos with the Nikon D800. [more]

Excellent MoVI Tutorial Explains What It Is, What It Isn’t & Best Uses

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the MoVI hype- it’s an outstanding achievement in camera stabilization technology. Magnanimous Media, a large video rental house in Chicago, took some time to explain what the MoVI is really good at, while also tempering expectations on what it can do and what a traditional steady cam would better for. [more]

Pathé News Just Released 85,000 Newsreels And They’re Amazing

Pathé News (AKA “British Pathé”) was one of the biggest news agencies in the world in the 20th century. Maybe the biggest of all. The company was founded in 1896 and mainly focused on producing newsreels for movie theaters (before the TV took over). They stopped producing newsreels and documentries in the early 1970s as they couldn’t compete with news broadcasts on TV. This week they uploaded the full collection of their films (85,000 of them) to Youtube, including un-aired materials. [more]

Pentax Releases First 645z Images

Pentax Japan has added a product page for the all new medium format 645z complete with snazzy marketing graphics and a full overview of all the specifications. What was all the more interesting to see however were the sample images they included. These are the first official images released by Pentax and they feature not only the 645z but also the much talked about all new 90mm f2.8 Macro lens. [more]

America’s Finest Art Has One Month Left at the Whitney

The Whitney Biennial only happens every two years, yet it is perhaps the most prominent and fundamental celebration of American contemporary art in the world. Featuring works from over 100 American artists, this rarer-than-a-lunar-eclipse event is a must-see if you’re in NYC — and it ends May 25th. Don’t think fine art can help your photography? Think again… [more]

Pixels.com Lets Photographers Set Their Own Prices for Digital Image Licenses

Yes, you did read the title correctly, Pixels.com has launched a new image licensing marketplace, and you’re in control. Pixels.com is an online image licensing marketplace that enables artists and photographers to self-manage their images, prices and licenses. Take a look at how Pixels.com is structured, works, and proves to be a major game-changer for our entire industry. [more]

The WD My Passport Pro Thunderbolt HDD is Beastly in Weight & Performance

WD, of the Western Digital Company, released what I thought to be an outstanding addition to their line: a thunderbolt-powered dual hard drive that promised speeds of up to 233 MB/s. No additional cables, small, user-selectable RAID and fast? The My Passport Pro looked like it could easily be the road-version of my Lacie d2. But it’s more than that. It replaced my Lacie. [more]

Contact Lenses with Micro Cameras Patented by Google

Google’s new patent, contact lenses with built-in micro cameras, is definitely a technological breakthrough (if it can be brought to fruition). However, it can also be seen as pretty scary. I’m all for innovation, and am by no means a luddite. However, I do enjoy what privacy I have. Google Glass is already pushing the envelope… but a camera hidden in a contact lens? [more]

The Pentax 645Z is Official, Featuring 4K, a 51.4 MP CMOS Sensor & 3 FPS Shooting

We saw specs for the Pentax 645Z leaked a couple days ago, but now we can compare them to the official announcement made by Pentax. The 645Z is a medium format monster of a camera featuring a 51.4 megapixel sensor, 3 frames per second shooting, full HD video at 60i/30P frame rate and internal 4K resolution recording (3840 x 2160 pixels; in Motion JPEG or AVI video format). [more]

LifePrint Makes and Shares Photo Prints

LifePrint is a Kickstarter project looking to change the way people share their images. The device prints instant, Polaroid-esque, photos off iOS and Android devices through their proprietary app. While the printer technology is interesting in itself, there’s something about this project that could really change the way we share photos. [more]

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