Grateful For The Community Of Photographers

This morning our community tragically lost an amazing photographer, Marvell Smith. I have had the opportunity to get to know Marvell, or as his friends call him “V” or “Vell”, over the last couple years and have a tremendous respect for him as a person and talented wedding photographer. When news got out this morning about the loss, I was truly amazed at how a community of photographers came together over social media groups to pay tribute and make sure V’s client’s needs are met. [more]

Phottix Answers Wishes by Building-In Wireless into Mitros Speedlight

Remember the Phottix Mitros speedlight? I loved this flash, and I wasn’t the only one. Despite some complaints regarding the interface, generally there was only one other disappointment: no built in wireless receiver for their Odin transmitters. Phottix has now built them in, wiping aside the only place of complaint and making the Mitros+ instantly a speedlight you should seriously consider. [more]

Photosmith Could Keep Photographers Organized on the Go

If there is one thing about owning your own business that is true above all else, it’s that you need to manage your time wisely. If you don’t have a solid workflow then your valuable time is undoubtedly withering away before your eyes. There are a lot of productivity apps out there that can help with this but most are not truly geared toward photographers. [more]

Lightroom 5.2 New Features Now Available

Lightroom released their lastest update today (5.2) which added some new features, addressed some bugs introduced in previous versions and added additional camera raw support as well as more lens profiles. Here’s a break down of what has been added and fixed. [more]

The Adobe CC Photography Bundle is Now Available

Adobe, in addition to announcing Q3 earnings which look to be a little lower than anticipated (but the stock is still doing quite well), also announced the availability of the Photoshop Photography Program that was revealed a couple weeks ago. To remind those of you who missed it, you can get a bundle specific to photographers for $9.99. [more]

Adobe Reveals Project Mighty & Project Napoleon are Planned Products

Earlier this year at MAX, Adobe announced Project Mighty and Project Napoleon, new cloud-based hardware tools that were somewhat overshadowed by the Creative Cloud announcement. Today Adobe has revealed that their prototype concepts for Mighty and Napoleon will indeed become full fledged products. [more]

Free Macro Bee Photos Courtesy of the US Geological Survey

Talk about amazing creative commons finds… The US Geological Survey’s Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab Flickr page might take the cake for this author. I was a big fan of the Getty collection that went public a while back, even going so far as to redecorate parts of my home with the pieces. However, this is just way cooler in my book because, well, macro bugs are amazing. [more]

Stop Learning About Photography, Just Buy the New iPhone

Did you catch the big news coming out of Apple this week?  I’m not talking about the new phone announcements. I’m talking about Phil Schiller, Senior VP Marketing for Apple claiming that you no longer need to learn about photography to take better pictures, you just have to buy the new iPhone because (apparently) it does it all for us.


ExpoImaging’s New On-Camera Flash Enhancer Is Weird

ExpoImaging, makers of the well-loved Rogue Flashbenders, has announced a new product that those of you who like on-camera flash might enjoy: the Rogue Safari DSLR Pop-up Flash Booster. It purportedly enhances a flash’s power by eight times. So if you’ve wanted to get that flash bulb that comes included with your DSLR to expanded distances, you could give this a shot. [more]

LitePanels Announces an On-Location Battery Solution for its Hilio Fixture

Many of you probably love the Vagabond/Einstein combination, and for good reason: it rocks. That said, constant lighting for video can still be a pain when you want to take the show on the road. LitePanels, who make some pretty great LED fixtures, has attempted to address this by combining one of their lights with Anton/Bauer’s portable power solutions to go beyond normal limitations. [more]

Islamic Seminary Calls Photography a Sin

According to the Hindustan Times the Darul Uloom, India’s leading Islamic seminary, has issued a ruling that “photography is unlawful and a sin.” The ruling came from an authority at the seminary after an engineering student requested to pursue a career in photography because it was something he was passionate about doing. [more]

The iPhone 5S and its Promise for Better Images

Well first off, I am not positive anyone actually retained what the specs on the new iPhone 5S are going to be. Mostly because I’m sure the only thing running through their minds was ‘I love goldddddd’ from Austin Powers Goldmember. But lets push aside the fact that you can rock a phone that will glisten in the sunlight like a shiny olympic medal and talk about some of the much needed upgrades on the new 5S.


Hasselblad to Open First Retail Outlet in Tokyo

Hasselblad, a company that is currently receiving a mixed bag of emotions from photographers due to their seemingly disjoined marketing strategy, is set to open their first retail outlet in Tokyo’s “fashionable” Harajuku area on September 14. This decision is the latest move in Hasselblad CEO Dr. Larry Hansen’s extensive new investment program aimed at supposedly making it easier for more people across the globe to own a Hasselblad camera. [more]

Olympus Announces New Flagship Professional DSLR: OM-D E-M1

Remember the Olympus E-5? If you don’t, I can’t say I blame you. It was Olympus’s last attempt at a “professional” DSLR that was anything but. Everything about the E-5 felt outdated as soon as it was released. It’s been years since the E-5, and Olympus is finally ready with its successor, the micro four thirds OM-D E-M1. [more]

Think Tank Announces New Apple-Centric Bags for Laptops and Tablets

Think Tank announced a new bag and accessory case today that focus specifically on jiving with your favorite Apple products. The “My 2nd Brain” bag comes in three sizes for iPads and the different sized laptops, while the PowerHouse is an accessory bag to keep cords and whatnot in place. It’s an interesting direction for the camera bag maker, to say the least. [more]

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