Want to Take 4K Video with Your Phone? Meet Acer’s New Liquid S2

Cell phone makers are really pushing the envelope with image quality in phones these days. It seems like new phones can’t be released onto the market without some totally new and crazy feature enticing you to buy it. First was the Nokia Lumia 1020, now the Acer Liquid S2 which is the first smartphone to record 4K video. [more]

Everything You Need To Know About RED’s Newest Sensor

One of RED digital cinema’s biggest strengths is building up hype around an upcoming product. The company is praised as innovators by the film community, for building cameras like the Epic and Scarlet. When other companies were content with 1080p, RED was building cameras with 4 times the resolution. Years later, RED users can’t help but chuckle as companies like Sony are developing 4k televisions – technology that RED’s competition once thought to be excessive. [more]

Top Photography Headlines Of The Week

With the massive amount of blogs and media outlets pushing out content each and every hour of the day, it is easy to miss something that might be of some significance.

Today I am testing out a a new post and seeing if it sticks. Below are some of the best links that you might have been missed. The posts range from Must Reads to Photoshop Tuts to Inspiration. I just started kicking the tires on this idea so it’s new and open to suggestions. It would be great to hear thoughts and comments [more]

Canon EOS 70D Now In Stock!

For those of you waiting for Canon’s latest 20MP DSLR the EOS 70D, the wait is over! B&H now has the 70D in stock at only $1,199.00 for just the body, $1549.00 paired with an 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 lens and $1349.00 when paired with the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens. Both lenses are excellent for beginners and advance amateurs and give you plenty of flexibility for your money!

The battery grip for the 70D is also available and shipping today!


How To Change Your Lighting Setup (After The Shoot)

When was the last time you looked back at an image and noticed something about the lighting that you wished you could tweak or alter slightly? I’m sure most of us have been in this position at one time or another. Up until now, it’s simply not been possible to even imagine being able to do this. Welcome to the strange new world of “computational lighting design”


Photographer Set to Sue SyFy/NBC for Copyright Infringement

It’s amazing that large media corporations continue to believe that they can get away with things like what you’re about to read. Darrell Ardita, a cosplay photographer, recently discovered that several of his company’s images were being used without his permission for the show Heroes of Cosply on SyFy. Yes, a nationally televised show pertaining to a very specific community opted to steal [more]

Reuters Drops All North American Freelance Sports Photographers

On Friday, calls started rolling out to all North American Freelance Sports Photographers on contract with Reuters informing them that their sideline services would no longer be needed. As of September 15th, those 30-50 photographers will be reassigned to non-sports circuits. The original contracted freelancers covered sports such as National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, and National Basketball Association games. [more]

Court Rules Against New Mexico Wedding Photographer for Same-Sex Discrimination

Yesterday, wedding photographer Elaine Huguenin of Elane Photography, LLC was ruled against by the New Mexico Supreme Court stating that she cannot discriminate against same-sex couples. This is a direct result of Vanessa Willock of Albuquerque filling a complaint on December 20, 2006  against Elaine. After inquiring to Elaine about photography for her September 21, 2006 wedding day, Vanessa received an email response back for her same-sex wedding that she was not what she expected.

Wishing for a New STM Lens? Canon Announces the 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM

If you’ve early-adopted to Canon’s new STM motors, then you’ve probably been wishing there were a few more lenses available that you could make use of. Canon is releasing new STM lenses at a steady pace, and today announced the 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM, expanding the lineup of STM lenses to six total models. The new 70D will have STM compatibility, so this is certainly an area to keep an eye on. [more]

Canon Adds Four New Point-And-Shoots with Improved Focus Speed

Canon, makers of some of the more trusted point-and-shoot cameras, have announced four new members of their lineup, the PowerShot G16, the PowerShot S120, the PowerShot SX510 and the PowerShot SX170. The cameras feature advanced DIGIC imaging technology for high-quality images, and all four models have the ability to achieve faster autofocusing speeds than was possible with previous PowerShot models. [more]

Canon is Facebook Ready? New Camera Connects Directly with Social Network

Following in the footsteps of Samsung who have the convenient “Share” button on their cameras, Canon has updated their tiny point-and-shoot with a feature they think fits right to the audience looking at a camera of this class: an built in Facebook share button. Canon is Facebook ready… are you? [more]

The Best Video Combining Stills and Motion We’re Going to See All Year

It’s interesting times for those of us shooting photo and video. I enjoy highlighting photographers or videographers who are utilizing elements of both stills and motion work, and are pushing the creative envelope by integrating them so that the end result is more than just the sum of the individual parts. I’m going to go all in and lay my cards down here and say that the video in this post is going to be the most innovative, creative use of combining stills and video together that we’ll see in 2013. [more]

Kodak to Exit Bankruptcy As Commercial Printing Company

A plan which cuts about $4.1 billion of debt for Eastman Kodak was approved by US bankruptcy judge Allan Gropper yesterday. The plan allows Kodak to reorganize itself into a company that will actually provide no consumer products but will instead focus on printing technology for corporate customers. This is good news for the company on the whole by saving it from extinction, but it does nothing to compensate shareholders. [more]

Wacom Announces Two Portable Cintiq Tablets And A Pressure Sensitive iPad Stylus

Keeping up with the latest consumer demand, Wacom has just announced three new exciting products. The first two are portable Cintiq products. Thirdly, they’ve also come out with a stylus for the iPad that is pressure sensitive. [more]

RED’s CEO Jim Jannard Has Resigned, Jarred Land To Take Helm

Jim Jannard, the mind behind Oakley and RED Cinema camera, has “finished [his] mission” and will be leaving as the face of RED. Current President Jarred Land will be taking the reins in Jannard’s absence. “I have done my best. I saw a fatal flaw in the camera industry. We did our best to address it. I will now sink into the background, I hope with my reputation intact. I will work on the future of digital cinema… behind the scenes.” [Read Final Letter]

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