New Fotopro Tripods Appear Identical to MeFoto

Because we cover a lot of news, we often get sent a slough of press releases from companies looking to get their product out to the masses. Today I received a release from Fotopro who announced a new line of colorful tripods. Sound familiar? It should, because they look exactly like MeFoto tripods. [more]

Think Tank Keeps it Light with New TurnStyle Sling Bags

Think Tank just announced the release of it’s new sling camera bag collection, the TurnStyle. Designed to be lightweight with easy access to your gear, the bags come in three sizes to match specific needs. Think Tank says the new bags are ideal for DSLRs in the larger options to mirrorless and smaller cameras in the more compact sized bags. These hybrid bags can be worn as a shoulder sling bag or as a belt pack for increased versatility and comfort. [more]

Post Something Boring on Facebook, They Will Punish You For It

Facebook changed up their News Feed algorithm again in an effort to constantly improve our experience on the site. Their goal is for us to spend as much time as possible on Facebook and in an effort to keep us there they will now be featuring the most highly ranked posts first in our news feed followed by those with less engagement. What does that mean to all of us? In short, it means if you post something boring it now has even less of a chance of being seen. Let me explain. [more]

Haunting Video About ‘Photojournalists on War’

“Those of us that are lucky enough to survive, we get to come here and be at this museum and do this opening.” ‘Lucky enough to survive’ is not a mantra that many photographers have to deal with – and yet these photographers have worked under this burden and have done so brilliantly. In this video, we get a small glimpse at some of the things they’ve seen – and it is powerful. [more]

Bing and 500px Partner Up and Showcase User’s Work

500px announced yesterday that they are collaborating with search giant Bing, in order to give it’s users the opportunity for some crazy exposure. Bing already showcases a new image on it’s main page every day. The change is that now 500px will curate the image collection via user submitted images. Yesterday’s image was from Alisdair Miller, a member of 500px for two years. The cool part about all this is that they aren’t just using your image, [more]

Nikon’s New Announcements: SB-300 Speedlight and 18-140mm Lens

Last night Nikon announced two new products, the Nikon SB-300 AF Speedlight and the Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Lens. The SB-300 is a smaller strobe designed for on-camera flash with i-TTL support. It has a guide number of 59′ at ISO 100 and is compatible with DX and FX sensors with coverage from 27mm-200mm on a FX-format camera. The 18-140mm is a kind of all-in-one zoom lens is compatible with DX format cameras and is aimed at photographers looking for one lens solution. [more]

MeFoto Shows Off New Colorful & Compact Monopods

MeFoto, makers of my most favorite travel tripod, today announced a new addition to their product line: the WalkAbout monopod, which also looks like it could be used as a general walking stick. It comes in a host of colors, similar to the tripod line, and also sports a removable compass for when it’s not attached to a camera. [more]

Google Glass May Be Able to Help the Visually Impaired

Although Google Glass has, and is still getting a lot of negative attention for privacy concerns there are two OpenGlass projects that could deliver some amazing benefits. The video accompanying this article shows user trials of two different OpenGlass projects designed to inform users who can’t see about what they are “looking” at. The first is “Question-Answer” which is pretty self explanatory. The user simply takes an image [more]

Winners of the 2013 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Last night, National Geographic Traveler announced the winners of their 25th annual photo contest, and as you can imagine, the images are nothing short of amazing. The prizes weren’t bad either – the winning photographer received a 10-day Galápagos expedition for two – so one could assume there would be a lot of competition. The contest received over 15,500 entries. Of those, here are the top 11… [more]

Is This the Rumored Sigma 24-70 f/2 Lens?

Most of the time, we leave rumors to the rumors sites. However, in this circumstance we thought it would be worth showing you a “leaked” image of the recently rumored Sigma 24-70mm f/2. If true, this lens would be something truly special. But is it real, or just some guys making a fuzzy-yet-believable fake? [more]

Meet Fuji, The Three Year Old Photographer

When I read the article about Onafujiri “Fuji” Remet on Huffington Post I was excited for this kids future. At just three years old his father placed a Sony DSLR camera in his hands and with it he has created over 3000 photos already. This article hit home for me because I had a similar experience as a kid and it helped me see the world in a new way. [more]

Winning Tips For Submitting To Photo Contests, Free Webinar From Ami Vitale & PhotoShelter

Ami Vitale is an award-winning photojournalist who has traveled across the globe covering assignments for major publications.

Vitale’s bio states that her work has been exhibited around the world in museums and galleries and published in international [more]

Invented In 1840, Reloaded In 2013, The Petzval Lens

Ready to stand out in a crowd of photographers? Today the site Lomography.com announced the Kickstarter project for the Petzval lens. As they say on their website, “Invented in 1840, Reloaded In 2013 By Lomography & Zenit.” This lens will surely look nothing like any lens in your bag today as they are crafted from brass just like the original Petzval lens was back in the 19th century. Looks aside though what is it that has photographers clamoring over the Kickstarter project? [more]

Licensing News Photographs Off Twitter & Instagram, Is This The Future Of Instant Media?

When scooping other sources, being the first is king. Everyone knows that and the race is constantly moving faster and faster to do so.

There has been some buzz around companies like CrowdMedia, Scoopshot, Rawporter and Blotter whose sole purpose is to get imagery out to major news outlets that have been scraped off of Twitter and Instagram. [more]

The Hasselblad Stellar is Real & Touted as Being Unlike Any Other Camera Ever

Are you ready to be star-struck by Stellar? That’s the tagline to Hasselblad aforementioned rumored RX100 reskin. Apparently, according to the Hasselblad Chairman and CEO, “The world has never seen a compact camera like this before.” Weird, I could swear I saw a camera pretty similar to this last year. It’s called the RX100. [more]

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