How To Create Your Very Own 3D Image

We featured  Julia Kuzmenko McKim a few weeks ago with a behind the scenes peek of her very classy Enchanted Forest shoot. Now she’s back with a very handy tutorial on how to create your own 3D image entirely in post using Photoshop. Using the channels palette and the warp tool she creates some pretty cool looking 3D images. Watch the easy tutorial and try it out for yourselves. When you’re done post the results back here. [more]

Movie Scenes Overlapped With The Same Locations In Real Life

Blogger and writer, Christopher Moloney, takes memorable scenes from movies and overlaps them with the same location in real life. He prints out the scene in question and physically goes and finds the exact location that it was shot in. He places his hand out in front of him with the print out and overlaps the exact location and takes a shot. The end result is a collection of these great shots that show a contrast between reality and the movie scene itself.  [more]

Myspace Re-Aims Its Sights On Creatives

Lunch time here at work which means it’s time to set the stylus down and lurk Facebook. Once upon a time I would have been saying “time to lurk Myspace,” and it looks like that time could be coming back. Myspace is rebuilding itself from the ground up, and it honestly looks stunning.


Zack Arias Answers Your Photography Questions

I know when I started down the path to becoming a professional photographer I had A LOT of questions. I wished there was just someone I could ask for advice who had climbed the mountain I was attempting to climb. Oh I guess Zack Arias heard my prayers, because on his tumblr that’s exactly what he does.


BTS: Superhero Photography With Adam Jay

Cosplay photography has been gaining momentum in the professional portrait photographer’s market recently and with the abundance of superhero comic movies being released it’s no wonder why. Meet Adam Jay, a photographer who specializes in Superhero photography. He  takes cosplay enthusiasts and transforms them from their everyday aliases to the superhero or villain that is lurking underneath. In this behind the scenes video he shoots cosplayer, Jenn Croft, as the iconic video game heroine, Lara Croft. [more]

Fstoppers Is Looking For A Website Administrator, Apply Here

As many of you have seen over the last 5 days, Fstoppers.com has had a few hiccups. We had a malware scare earlier last week and our site has been in an out of blacklisting with Google and a few antivirus software companies. It’s been the most aggravating thing we’ve ever had to deal with and we appreciate all the patience you guys have had as we continue to make changes to our server and security. We are looking for someone who can help us with the site when problems like these arise; if that sounds like you, we want you to apply! [more]

UFO Light Show In The Sky, AKA 50 Synchronized Quadrocopters

In a display of surreal, yet concise movements, Ars Electronica and Ascending Technologies in Austria worked together to assemble 49 Quadrocopters with multi-colored lights. Prepared for a a show called “The Cloud in the Web”, programmers wrote movements for each copter and they danced in the sky, much to the delight (or fear) of onlookers. Check out the full post for more images and a video of testing. [more]

How Much More “Art” Like This Can The World Take?

Let me start out by saying this is not a personal attack on any particular individual, nor on the photographer that created these images, Soren Dahlgaard. I get that art lies, at the very least, in the eye of it’s creator. However, sometimes I run across stuff online that is labeled “art” and it makes me just shake my head. Enough ranting, here is one series that I stumbled upon that gave me said feeling, and I wanted to share some of this photographers dough head “art” with you. Enjoy! (I mean, if you can I guess) [more]

Hubble Space Telescope Spots a Supernova 80 Million Lightyears Away

We’ve been featuring a lot of space-based photo news lately, and for good reason. Since the Curiosity’s landing on Mars, there has been a renewed interest in life beyond Earth. That, and NASA has been rockin’ it with some seriously cool stuff. Like this, a photo captured by the Hubble Space Telescope of a supernova exploding 80 million lightyears away. [more]

Enormous Portrait Murals by Street Artists Sten and Lex

These murals are the work of Italian street artists Sten and Lex. The video shows some behind the scenes footage of the mural they created for Open Walls Baltimore earlier this year. I would love to see their work in person; there is so much movement to them that can’t be captured in a still image. You can see the effect in their videos a little bit. Beautiful work! [more]

Why ‘Morning After’ Boudoir Photography is Absurd (NSFW)

A new “trend” seems to have rolled into the photography world. What is this trend? It’s called the “morning after” wedding photography session, and to me it’s a little absurd. [more]

‘Dabo Magis’: A Devilish Photo Manipulation

There always comes a time while you’re surfing the web looking for inspiration that you stumble upon something so striking that it just blows you away. You sit back and wonder… ‘How in the world did they manage that?’ Jean Osipyan, a professional fashion photographer from Armenia and now based out of Russia takes the extra steps from ordinary to extraordinary in his retouching. [more]

Bride Drowns During Photoshoot From Heavy Dress

Today, during a photoshoot in Canada a bride slipped in less than 1 foot of water. The Photographer attempted to pull her out but the dress became too heavy.  The bride was swept down stream and then pulled under the water. The bride’s body was found a few hours later on the bottom of the river. This will come as a complete shock to most wedding photographers because shooting near or even in water is a very common theme these days.  [more]

Instacube: The Beautiful Pictureframe That Streams Your Instagram Photos

Just shy of their quarter of a million dollar goal on Instagram in under a week, Instacube is a concept that has caught tremendous attention on kickstarter. As the title suggests, Instacube is a picture frame that streams your Instagram feed to a beautiful portable display that is three times the size.  [more]

Shooting Toys in Place of People: “ToysR’JustLikeUs”

Too often I find myself frustrated when I want to shoot but I don’t have access to a model. Like many photographers I get hung up on the idea that I need to have the professional model, the studio, the stylist, the MUA and when I don’t have those things I render myself incapacitated. Not a problem for Santlov and his series ToysR’JustLikeUs, where toys are depicted living our lives and loves. Check out these shots I pulled that show toys engaged in photography. [more]

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