Bride Drowns During Photoshoot From Heavy Dress

Today, during a photoshoot in Canada a bride slipped in less than 1 foot of water. The Photographer attempted to pull her out but the dress became too heavy.  The bride was swept down stream and then pulled under the water. The bride’s body was found a few hours later on the bottom of the river. This will come as a complete shock to most wedding photographers because shooting near or even in water is a very common theme these days.  [more]

Instacube: The Beautiful Pictureframe That Streams Your Instagram Photos

Just shy of their quarter of a million dollar goal on Instagram in under a week, Instacube is a concept that has caught tremendous attention on kickstarter. As the title suggests, Instacube is a picture frame that streams your Instagram feed to a beautiful portable display that is three times the size.  [more]

Shooting Toys in Place of People: “ToysR’JustLikeUs”

Too often I find myself frustrated when I want to shoot but I don’t have access to a model. Like many photographers I get hung up on the idea that I need to have the professional model, the studio, the stylist, the MUA and when I don’t have those things I render myself incapacitated. Not a problem for Santlov and his series ToysR’JustLikeUs, where toys are depicted living our lives and loves. Check out these shots I pulled that show toys engaged in photography. [more]

The World’s Largest Holga Camera

My Holga is currently sitting on top of my desk, collecting dust. But the folks from Photographic Works/ArtsEye Gallery in Tucson would never let that happen.  They are so passionate about the toy camera that they constructed the world’s largest Holga. This thing is twenty times the size of a regular Holga, and squeezes tightly into a two-horse trailer. They initially started building it to be a prop for a toy camera exhibit.  But then it occurred to them that it could easily be made to be a usable camera. [more]

The Hearts Of Retouchers: Helping Japan

On March 2011 a tsunami in Japan killed over 20,000 people and left thousands more homeless and destitute. Many people from all over the world came together to help the country of Japan during this catastrophic event. All Hands Volunteers was one of the many groups in that helped during the recovery and cleanup efforts. [more]

Photos Of Martin Scorsese Working On Set Over The Years

Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Cape Fear, Gangs of New York, and The Departed are just some of the most beloved movies of our time. I guess that depends on who you ask. However, we can agree that Martin Scorsese is an influential director that has been responsible for many successful films over the years. Here is a set of photos that show him on set, and how much he’s changed over the years! They really illustrate a lot about his personality as well.  [more]

Check Out This Collection Of Amazing Panoramic Mars Images From The Curiosity Rover

As the Curiosity rover slowly sets up shop on the red planet, we earthlings are getting our first look at never-before seen images of the unexplored landscape around the landing site. A number of panoramic images have been created and are beginning to pop up on the web. While NASA has yet to photograph the beautiful Mt. Sharp, a 3-mile high mountain not far from the landing site and [more]

Revenge Of The Great Camera Shootout 2012 From Zacuto Pt.2

A few days ago I posted part one of the almighty Great Camera Shootout 2012 by Zacuto. In the last video it introduced nine clips by nine different cameras by nine different cinematographers. In this video the cameras are revealed in the blind testing that literally traveled across the world. Meet the Cinematographers who worked with each camera and watch how they used their designated cameras and their preferences in lighting and post. [more]

This Pac-Man Fan Film Will Blow Your Mind (Behind The Scenes Video Too)

It’s true, I have a soft spot in my heart for fan films, but this short is simply too good to ignore. James Farr took his passion and turned it into a script, and then over the course of a year was able to put together this project with the help of many other talented folks. This looks better than most video game movies Hollywood is putting out these days! Hit the jump for the Behind The Scenes Video!

Social Experiment – What It Feels Like To Be A Freelancer

As photographers, many of us work on a freelance type basis. Though this is geared toward other freelance artists, ‘Don’t Get Screwed Over’ came up with a social experiment where people could experience what it would feel like to be a freelancer. People who passed by the table had an opportunity to make $5 based on drawing something simple that what was requested of them. [more]

What Color Is Your Aura? Maybe This Camera Can Tell You

Photographer Carlo Van de Roer has been shooting portraits with the Polaroid Aura Camera. Created in the 1970′s by a gentleman named Guy Coggins, the aura camera was designed to capture more that what can be seen with your human eyes. So, how exactly does this work? The subject puts his or her hands on sensors that measure electromagnetic biofeedback (note: this is the first time the term “electromagnetic biofeedback” has been used on Fstoppers…I checked). [more]

Fstoppers’ Own Rebecca Britt’s Fantastic Craigslist Rant

We all get to that point. That point where we can’t take it anymore. Where we just have to voice an opinion lest our head explode from the building pressure. Rebecca has just about enough of bad clients searching for free services, and decided to take her stand on Craigslist- the soap box of the internet. [more]

Man Makes $20,000 on his Smartphone with Scoopshot

If you recall, we published an article a couple weeks ago about an app called Foap, where users could make money licensing their iPhone photos. Well, a similar app called Scoopshot (based in Finland) has just informed me that one of their users has made about $20,000 selling his photos. [more]

Rarely Seen Photos Of Albert Einstein In Casual Environments

Most everyone knows Albert Einstein by now. After all, he did develop the theory of relativity, among other achievements. This Nobel Prize winner did a lot for the world of science as a whole. Most of the shots you usually see of him are rather serious and repetitive. Here are some shots of him in casual settings. Though the shots themselves aren’t necessarily amazing, they give us a look into his life that we wouldn’t see much of otherwise. We begin to wonder what he was like away from his life in science.  [more]

NYC Videographer Leaves $13k Worth Of Gear In a Taxi, And Miraculously Gets It All Back

There are just some days where you feel like there is little hope for humanity. I live in Los Angeles, and I imagine that it is the same in most other large cities around the world: There’s no real sense of community, and you’re just another face in the crowd, and to many people, it is just incredibly simple to be a dishonest person in a setting where everyone is anonymous. However, I had a little bit of my faith in humanity restored when [more]

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