[Video] Grab Your DSLR And Take Part In This Interactive Film

When I first saw the link to this interactive short “Darkroom”, I was expecting some sort of YouTube style Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, where I’d have to click on links to new videos. Much to my surprise though, it was nothing of the sort. In this unique video by Vimeo User FIAP, you will want to grab your DSLR and set it to manual to properly experience this. [more]

[BTS/Interview] Behind The Scenes With Photography’s Most Interesting Company: LensRentals.com

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’re probably familiar with LensRentals.com, which is one of the most popular camera gear rental shops in the world, if not the most popular. We recently had the chance to sit down with the LensRentals team and learn everything about what just might be photography’s most fascinating company. [more]

[Video] Incredible Stop Motion Video Inspired by Ernest Hemingway

I’m kind of obsessed with stop motion, and have dabbled in it from time to time. But this particular stop motion video is top notch. Watch as a pair of hands (belonging to an artist named Hagen Reiling) draw the story of Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and The Sea. The camera work and edit were done by Marcel Schindler. He shot with a [more]

[Editorial] If You Don’t Own It, Why Not Rent It?

As a photographer just starting my own wedding photography business, I quickly realized how much pro gear really costs. I don’t shoot often enough to afford all of the gear that I need but when I do have a shoot, I like to use professional gear and I like to have backups in case something breaks (especially for weddings). For those of you who are just getting started like me, or those of you who need specialty equipment, you may want to consider renting gear. [more]

[Pics] Garbage Men Convert Dumpsters into Pinhole Cameras

This is the kind of project that I find exciting, inventive, and…kinda gross. A group of German garbage men are taking some pretty amazing pinhole photos using dumpsters as cameras. They simply drill a hole in the dumpster and expose the image onto a giant sheet of photo paper. Each shot requires about an hour long exposure. They even do all of their own [more]

[Video] The Amazing Camera Work From ‘The Matrix’ Just Got Even Cooler

Ready to drop your jaw? Richard Kendall doesn’t really care if you’re ready or not, and he’s decided that it’s going to drop. This is seriously cool. He took the bullet-camera idea from The Matrix/X-Games (think the whole “40 cameras in a ring shooting simultaneously” thing that we’ve all seen a hundred times), [more]

[Fun] Test Your Skills in this Virtual Lighting Studio

Here’s a fun Saturday morning activity for you – try your hand at lighting a virtual model in this Virtual Lighting Studio. It’s pretty simple, and very addicting. For each light, you’ll choose the source – a bare strobe, softbox, or ringlight. Then just decide the power, gel colors, placement and distance. [more]

[Poll] The One Lens to Rule Them All

Ok, so the Lord of the Rings reference is a bit dramatic. But photographers ask this question of each other all the time: “What lens could you not go without?” Imagine that you had to pick one lens for your camera for the rest of your life. Which lens would that be? Could you be completely satisfied with an 85mm f/1.4, or would you grab the 70-200mm f/2.8? Decisions decisions… [more]

[Video] Filmmaker Andrew Stanton Breaks Down Storytelling

Oscar-winning writer Andrew Stanton, who’s credit list includes WALL-E, Toy Story, and Finding Nemo among others, was featured in a recent TEDTalks Video sharing his insights onto storytelling, and what it takes to make them compelling enough to captivate an audience. There is a ton of great information here, and it really does go to show that content is king… You can have the biggest camera and tons of talent, but if your story is lame, no one will watch your stuff! Language in the video is NSFW. [more]

[Pics] One-Hour Exposures of Alpine Nightscapes

These stunning nightscapes were captured by German advertising photographer Michael Schnabel. He calls the series “Stille Berge” which is German for “still mountains.” The images were taken in the Alps during the dead of night. It was so dark in fact that a one-hour exposure was required. At first glance they look a lot like film negatives, right?

[Video] “Lets Colour” Paints The World

Let’s Colour is a worldwide initiative to transform grey spaces with colourful paint, and the results are quite incredible! This film was shot by Adam Berg over four weeks in Brazil, France, London and India. Every one of these locations has been transformed by a palette consisting of 120 different colours. The people in the film who rolled up their sleeves to transform their community with colour. I love this unity through art. Enjoy!

Interactive Documentary “Bear 71” Includes Video and One Million Photos

Shown at Sundance this year, the project called Bear 71 is unique spin on a documentary concept. Using an interactive graphical interface, the user can explore Canada’s Bow Valley, and click on points of interest like wolves and bears. It’s also a linear story being told through a warm, inviting voiceover, while video clips that move the story forward narrative are interspersed. The user fills in the gaps by exploring the valley and viewing images which give a glimpse into the hidden world of the wild. [more]

[Game] Color – A Color Matching Game That Tests Your Vision And Knowledge

Color, a simple yet addicting game that will test your patience and vision. In the industry, we deal with color all the time. Everything from shooting to dealing with calibrating screens, color plays a huge role in what we do. The game runs through varying level of difficulty, starting with hue, saturation, complementary colors, and goes up from there. It’s very easy to play but hard to master.  [more]

[Pics] Shattering Figurines at the Moment of Impact

These images of crashing porcelain figurines were created by German photographer Martin Klimas. He set up the camera so that the shutter would be triggered by the sound of the crash. The fighters fell 3 meters (almost 10 feet) to their destruction. The result is dynamic and beautiful. What strikes me the most is that the compositions appear to be so intentional. As far as I’m concerned, you can’t go wrong with stop action images of stuff crashing and/or exploding. [more]

Perfect For “Shooting” Photos – Camera Designed As A Rifle. Seriously.

Randy Gregg has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of a digital camera that is built to look just like a hunting rifle. It’s completely non-lethal, and pulling the trigger will store your images, complete with crosshair overlay, onto an SD card. For hunters and law enforcement this might be useful, but something tells me I won’t see this in a lineup next to a bunch of DSLRs when shooting public events. Hit the jump for some renders of the product and Randy’s Kickstarter.


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