An Inside Look At The Louvre

With eight miles of galleries, the Louvre is still arguably one of the most grandiose museums in the world. When LIFE magazine photographer, Dmitri Kessel visited in 1953, he captured a glimpse of history in the making. His visit was just after the Louvre had been reorganized and redecorated to accomodate new additions to the vast collection. [more]

Bruce Davidson: 70 Years As A Photographer

Bruce Davidson was born in 1933 and he started shooting pictures when he was just 10 years old. Since then Bruce has become most famous for his photojournalist work that included street gangs, circus performers, and the civil rights movement . In this video Bruce talks about some of his most famous images and his love for Leica cameras.

Free Photography Workshop With Celebrity Wedding Photographer Joe Buissink

Last year, Fstoppers interviewed wedding photographer Joe Buissink who has shot weddings for Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, Christina Aguliera, and many other A List celebrities. Starting Thursday, August 9th, Joe is sharing all his wedding secrets in a FREE online workshop on creativeLIVE. Check out the FULL POST on how you can watch the event for free August 9 – 11th! [more]

Iconic Photos Of The Aftermath Of The Hiroshima Bombing

Yesterday marked the 65th anniversary of the dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. After the bomb was dropped, censorship of the event was a priority in both Japan and abroad, and journalists were barred from entering, reporting, or photographing the area. Yoshito Matsushige was living just outside of the blast radius, and snapped some of the only known photos of the aftermath. They are a grim reminder of the event, a testament to the power of a photograph, and a testament to the gruesome reality of World War II. [more]

Images From Before Las Vegas Was The Bright-Lights Big-City

It’s hard to imagine Vegas as anything other than the fast paced, bright lights, gamblin’, let’s-go-get-married city that it is today. But the image of a quiet, dark town was what LIFE magazine was trying to portray in their skeptical 1955 view of Vegas. Most of these images taken for the magazine never appeared in the June 20, 1955 article. LIFE was trying to illustrate the scarcity of lights and customers after their big grand opening had died down, but these images say otherwise. [more]

Pro Photographer Using His iPhone To Photograph the Olympics

Here is something I never expected to see in the biggest sporting event in the world: Guardian’s Photographer Dan Chung is covering the Olympics using only his iPhone 4S. When you think of photographers who are shooting events like this, you think of guys with suitcases filled with camera bodies and huge lenses. You think of many D4s and many MK IV aimed on the best athletes in the world. What Dan is doing is truly amazing, and i’m sure all the photographers around him look at him and think he’s crazy. Check out his crazy results!

Multiple Exposure Images in a Digital World

The Seattle Times published an interesting article regarding photographers and multiple exposure photos taken on digital cameras during the Olympics. The explosion of digital cameras, their affordability, and the quality of the images produced has allowed photographers to take more risks with what they shoot at events that may only happen once in a lifetime. What was once something that would be too risky (for fear of missing “the shot”), Seattle Times makes the argument that technology has evolved to the point where the risk has all but vanished. [more]

Photos From the Olympics in London 104 Years Ago

Sit back and enjoy this series from the 1908 Olympics. This was the first year that London hosted. It’s remarkable how much has changed in just the last 104 years. What would these folks think if they saw the clothing our athletes wear these days? I simply can’t stop looking at these! Hope y’all enjoy.


Fantastically Funny Photos Of Divers Mid Air

Diving is hard. It takes an incredible amount of skill, training, and timing to pull of a beautiful dive. Those who can complete the amazing feat and win competitions are truly fantastic. Seriously, they rock. I could never do what they do. But on a less serious note, the faces they make while spinning at ridiculous speeds are… well, frankly, hilarious. [more]

Gunther Holtorf Takes A 23 Year Long Road Trip And Documents The Journey

What started as an 18 month long tour of Africa, ended up lasting 23 year long but wonderful years. With his modest demeanor, we’re finally hearing about his amazing journey across the World. He drove in a Mercedes Benz G Wagon and now has over 500,000 miles tacked on. The vehicle has traveled the equivalent of 20 times around the planet and the best part is that he took his cameras along with him! Gunther travels with 2 film cameras, including a Leica M6.  [more]

WWII: Women at Work

World War II changed the world, no doubt. But many of these changes likely weren’t even predicted. What seems so normal now was a rare occurrence before the war: women working real jobs (and getting paid to do it). World War II really changed the way the world saw women in the workplace, giving them a place there to begin with. Blogs.Babble.com posted an article including 20 photos of these hard-working women — a movement that led to the now-famous “We Can Do It” slogan. [more]

Unusual Yet Eye-Catching Symmetrical Shadow Photography

Russian photographer Alexey Bednij has a knack for depicting interesting situations in mind bending ways. Specifically, his photos of people, animals, and insects and their shadows offers a highly unique look at commonplace situations. Check out some of his photomanipulations that will keep you looking again and again. [more]

5 Tips To Make Your Music Photography Better

With Music Festival season now in full swing, right now is a great time to experiment and take some awesome photographs. Prize winning photographer and Nikon user, Morten Rygaard has 5 tips for making your music photographs better. [more]

Outstanding Macro Photos of Insects and Snails

Macro insect photographer Vadim Trunov has a great portfolio of some really outstanding insect photos. Now we have featured insect photos before, like these glamour style shots, or these unusual images of a dead fly, but Trunov’s images are different. They seem to capture life as it is happening, freezing moments in time with these little creatures. [more]

31 Women in Art Photography

In the beginning the idea for the show “31 Women in Art Photography” was a direct response to the increasing male domination in the New York art scene. I quickly thought back to every major gallery and museum I’d ever been to in NYC and realized that it is true, there are more works of art by males rather than females. Why is that? What’s the difference between a photograph produced by a male than one by a female? [more]

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