How to Shoot Comedians Will Ferrell And Zach Galifianakis

Jeff Lautenberger, staff Photographer for the Dallas News, had just three minutes to photograph comedians, Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis for a feature story on the duo’s upcoming movie, “The Campaign”. The set? An empty hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Dallas. With no time to set up artificial lighting, Jeff improvised and had to use two windows next to the bed as a natural softbox. [more]

Time Magazine’s Week of Military Photos

Time Magazine has always been renowned for their fantastic storytelling as riveting imagery. That hasn’t changed, and this week they featured photos from the front lines around the world, and the home front. [more]

Is This Picture Too Good to be True?

Since he posted this image on his facebook profile, Shawn Heinrich’s image has drawn a lot of attention. Many have stated the the shot is just a little too perfect to have happened all at once. Upon first glance, what do you think?


Robert John’s Documentary On Photographing Guns N Roses

Guns N Roses was one of my favorite bands growing up. I recently read Slash’s biography and realized that his friend Robert John had not only shot all of those iconic album images, but he also documented the band’s entire road to stardom. Of course I had order Robert’s book Guns N Roses, The Photographic History. If you enjoy band photography check out this interesting documentary on how he made the book, and what it’s like photographing the most dangerous band in the world. [more]

Mark Seliger Has a New Discussion-Based Photography Show

This is the first episode of Mark Seliger‘s new show called Capture. He is filming the show in his studio in Manhattan. In this episode, Seliger sits down with Platon, staff photographer for The New Yorker known for his portraits of US Presidents and other important world figures. Actor Dylan McDermott also sits in on the conversation, discussing his photography work and inspiration.


Through The Lens With White House Photographer Pete Souza

Former Chicago Tribune photographer, Pete Souza has probably one of the most sought after jobs. For the past three years he has served as chief White House photographer. Having backstage access to every presidential event has allowed Pete and his staff to capture some amazing shots. These shots are a glimpse from Obama’s presidency between May and June of this year. [more]

iPhoneographers Rejoice: Easily License and Sell Your Photos

Have you been wondering how to make money with the thousands of photos sitting on your iPhone? Well, if you don’t want to print them out, you can always sell the license and try and make a few bucks. That’s the goal behind the iPhone app Foap, an online marketplace in iStock/Getty style. [more]

How You DO Shoot Olympic Athletes: The Best Yet

As many of you probably agree, some of the photos of Olympic athletes thus far have been either strange or downright bad. It relieves me to find that there are some commissioned photographs that don’t make me cringe, but rather put a smile on my face. Both TIME and Women’s Health commissioned photographs that, in my opinion, really nailed the “Olympic Photograph.” [more]

Who Shot Rock & Roll? Photographers Revealed

We’ve seen these iconic images before, but ever wonder who shot them? Here is just a preview of what you can see at the traveling photography show titled, “Who Shot Rock & Roll?” which is currently at the Annenberg Space for Photography in LA until October 7, 2012. Displaying over 175 images, these Rock & Roll stars shook up musical history. [more]

The Robotic Cameras Of The 2012 Olympic Games And Beyond

The progression of technology has allowed for us to capture shots in angles that we would not usually be able to capture. Robotic cameras have the ability to fit into spaces and locations that a photographer would usually not be able to get to. These are fully controlled by remote as well. It may very well begin to change the landscape of photojournalism. Check out what you can expect and how it’s done within. [more]

Autism in Pictures – The Work of Timothy Archibald

Photography is so much more than gear and software and marketing. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be a photographer. In Timothy Archibald‘s case, photography was a way of connecting with his autistic son, Eli. Archibald says, “People jump to all sorts of desperate measures to feel like they’re doing something— a diet, a new medication, a special doctor…and this helped me feel like I was doing something. [more]

Nevada Journalist Tackled By Police While Covering Wildfires Near Reno

Today’s edition of “The Law vs. The Photographer” brings us to Reno, Nevada, where 60 year-old Reno Gazette-Journal journalist Tim Dunn was tackled and then cited by police for documenting wildfires on public land near Reno, NV. The offense? Wearing protective clothing, which was apparently seen as an attempt to impersonate firefighters. [more]

Unseen 1980s Photos of Staten Island by Christine Osinski

Photographer Christine Osinski took these images of Staten Island in 1983 and 1984. Back then she was shooting with a Linhoff lens on a 4×5 camera. I’ll admit, my experience in Staten Island is limited to a few rides on the ferry. But there is something so captivating about this series. These are ordinary people, living their lives in what could be any town in America. But they are in fact, residents of New York City’s ‘forgotten borough.’ [more]

How Cropping In Camera Can Improve Your Wedding Photography

Many photographers start off their careers focusing on wedding photography. I started my career as a wedding photographer in Charleston, and I still enjoy shooting a handful each year. Over the next few months, I hope to share some of my thoughts on wedding photography and how event photographers can improve their photos. Today I was reminded how important “In Camera Cropping” is for emotionally charged photographs. Read the full post to see two examples of how cropping can make or break an image. [more]

Behind the Scenes: James Mollison Shoots Portraits at a Kenyan Refugee Camp

James Mollison is known for his photojournalistic portraiture. He often photographs his subjects in front of a white backdrop, and then presents the final portrait next to a picture of the persons’s living conditions. In this video, he’ll speak about his previous projects; but you’ll also get see him in action. He goes to a Kenyan refugee camp and captures some beautiful and somewhat disheartening images of the inhabitants.


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