Mormonism And Homosexuality: The Book Of Mormon Missionary Positions [NSFW]

First, let me start off by saying that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Yes, I am Mormon. When a fellow Fstopper writer posted this piece in our writer’s group at first I was saddened to see the material within the link, but then I took a step back and really processed what this series of photographs meant. The photographs depict a pair of Mormon missionaries in various sexual positions. The photographs may be quite simple, but the message is not. Warning: Some of these photographs might be offensive to some readers.  [more]

Chasing Obama: A Day In The Life Of A Reuters Photographer On The Campaign Trail

With the United States’ presidential election decided with Barack Obama as the winner, I thought the timing would be perfect to share this video created by Reuters’ White House photographer Jason Reed. Jason follows the president on his campaign trail, and offers some interesting behind the scenes views of a job that most of us dream of having. While not an earth-shattering video, it gives us a better idea of how many hats a modern photojournalist must wear, and how incredibly hectic it gets when photographing the world’s largest election. I know I’d probably sprout a few grey hairs after spending a few days on Jason’s schedule!

TIME Magazine’s Recent Cover Shot with iPhone and Hipstamatic

Okay, so with proper lighting, good make-up, and the right wardrobe, we know we can get great fashion images with the iPhone. But for those of you who thought it could never be used for news, think again. TIME Magazine’s recent cover, shot by Ben Lowy, was shot on an iPhone using the popular Hipstamatic app. [more]

Photographing Mental Health Care in a Third World Country

Photographer Dimitri Pilasis travels all over the world documenting social issues, shedding light on situations that would otherwise never be seen. In January and February of this year he photographed the deplorable conditions of those in the mental health care system of Indonesia. Read on for more details and to see some photos. Viewer discretion is advised. [more]

Frank Hurley: Photographs Documenting Shackleton’s Shipwreck and Story of Survival

Twenty-seven people were all there were when Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition went awry. Luckily for us (they were lucky enough, all surviving after months and months), one of those was a photographer, Frank Hurley. Here are some amazing photographs documenting the 22 months spent stranded on the world’s most remote continent. [more]

Street Photography with the Leica M9 Through the Eyes of William Palank

Perfect travel or street photography is a delicate concoction of the right place and the right time mixed with a superb eye for the extraordinary. William J Palank is one of those individuals who managed to brew that concoction with a supernatural elegance. While traversing the globe, his weapon of choice these days is the Leica M9, a digital rangefinder that produces an uncannily beautiful image. To help us celebrate Mirrorless Month, Palank describes what about the Lecia M9 allows him to shoot at his best. [more]

Gorgeous Elopement Photos And Video

Sometimes a big wedding isn’t for everyone. Sometimes you just want to elope with the one you love and keep your wedding small and intimate. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with that, although if I did it I’d have to go into hiding from my family out of fear of what they might do. Regardless, just because you elope with the one you love doesn’t mean you shouldn’t document it. When Whit and Colby decided to elope they made sure to have it documented. Check out these beautiful photos from Blush Photography and video from Christopher Robert.


Iranian Photographer Seeks Asylum in the USA

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to the US last week but it appears that his entire delegation didn’t return to Iran. Ahmadinejad’s photographer is reported to have filed the paperwork to seek asylum and remain in the United States. According to U.S law, once you’ve filed for asylum, you can legally remain within the country until a decision is made. [more]

Images of Modern-Day Slavery by Lisa Kristine

Lisa Kristine, after realizing slavery exists in many places around the world today — 27 million people are estimated to be in slavery — spent time traveling, taking photographs of such examples to raise awareness about the still very real issues around modern-day slavery. [more]

Amy Heiden Shoots Abandoned Places

Some of you might feel you have been abandoned with recent Fstoppers outages while we were dealing with malicious code and moving the site to a fresh server. Well, we’re back with a fresh start, so hopefully we’ll be okay going forward! Here are some great photos by Amy Heiden that really do conjure feelings of abandonment. Let’s have this last bit of loneliness and be done with it! [more]

Changing Perceptions: These War Documentary Photos are the First of Their Kind

Photographer Alexander Gardner set out to do at the Antietam battlefield in 1862 what no other photographer before him had attempted. He wanted to to document a battlefield before the dead had been cleared away. These were taken before newspapers could print photos. But not long after, the photos were publicly exhibited and for a culture that had never seen the morbidity of war, it must have been shocking. [more]

Netflix Adds Documentary Depciting War At Its Most Terrible

Now available on Netflix, “Shooting Robert King” goes behind the scenes of what it was like to be a documentary war photographer. You always hear and see images from the war but NEVER about what it’s like to be thrown into it as a documentary photographer. At just 24, American photojournalist Robert King began his 15 year journey to follow his passion. Originally he set out to win a Pulitzer prize, but in the end found himself with a life changing experience. [more]

Behind The Scenes With Ryan Allen: Creating An Iconic Skateboarding Image That Will Make Your Palms Sweat

Ryan Allen, the founder of SBC Skateboard Magazine, has worked tirelessly for over 15 years to create timeless images of skateboarders risking life and limb. Check out this incredibly down to earth behind the scenes video, which gives some insight into what it took to create a jaw-dropping image of a skateboarder ollieing (jumping, in non-skateboard slang) between two towers of shipping crates. The sweaty palms are included at no extra cost!

7 Tips by Reuters’ Damir Photojournalism Sagoli

Have you ever thought about making the exciting move to photojournalism? Then we have someone you have to listen to. Sarajevo born photographer Damir Sagolj has been on the Reuters’ staff since 1997 and is currently their chief photographer in Thailand. He spent five years in the Bosnian army and worked for the Paris-based Sipa press agency as their Bosnian photographer. To sum it up: he knows his shit. So if you answered “yes” to the question above here are 7 tips from Damir that you better take to heart. [more]

View From Space: New York City on September 11, 2001

For once, I’m going to keep my mouth shut. I’ll let NASA do the talking on this one, and then let the picture speak for itself: “Visible from space, a smoke plume rises from the Manhattan area after two planes crashed into the towers of the World Trade Center. This photo was taken of metropolitan New York City (and other parts of New York as well as New Jersey) the morning of September 11, 2001. [more]

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