Using Speed Lights and Water to Create a Sports Shoot

A while back, our very own Patrick Hall gave us a detailed run down of how to set up an indoor wake boarding shoot using flashes and water in a garage. Along a similar vein, Erik Isakson uses the same shoot concepts and applies them multiple sports. By using a simple backyard, hot tub water, and some great rim light Erik puts a fun flair into his action shots.


Pornstars Before And After Makeup!

Today the NY Post published a pictorial which reveals the one remaining entertainment industry that was pure and honest with nothing to hide, the adult entertainment industry. Who would have thunk it?! You mean the girls starring in pornographic films across the world may be augmented, made-up or skewed in their appearance? [more]

BTS Alla Kostromichova For FaceControl (NSFW)

While this BTS doesn’t give a lot of insight into techniques used, you can still gather a lot of info from it. I found it interesting that the photographer, Julia Chernih, used just natural light and a reflector. Also upon closer inspection it looks as if she shot the whole thing on a Canon 50mm f1.8 (my favorite lens, but I will go into that another time), which is pretty sweet to me. The photos came out gorgeous using a very minimal setup.


Innovative New Photo Sharing Site In a League Of Its Own

I am a self professed tech nerd. I am always on the search for the latest innovations and products that will better my life and business. Over the last few months I have been using one that is a real game changer in my business. In a very short amount of time PASS has become an extremely valuable asset helping me book more clients and get my images in front of more faces. [more]

Check Out the Great New Changes Facebook is Rolling Out

Today Facebook held a press conference at their Menlo Park headquarters to announce changes to the News Feed. While in the past Facebook has taken heat each time a change has been made, I have a feeling users are really going to love what’s in store. These changes are especially pleasing to creatives as Facebook is now embracing videos and photos bringing vibrant new visuals and giving them a predominant space on the news feed. Read on to learn more about these great changes and view an additional helpful video. [more]

iPhone Panoramas Look Much Better Than You Think

Creating panoramas with your DSLR is not too hard to do, but it takes time and effort, and it’s something you dont always want to spend time on. Also, we photographers don’t always take our equipment with us everywhere we go. With the (kind of) new iOS its now easier than ever to create on-the-fly panoramas on your phone. Easy as snapping a picture. And surprisingly – the results can look pretty awesome. The iPhone is capable of capturing images up to 28 megapixels in size, which is pretty big and can be printed really nicely. [more]

Squarespace is a Breath of Fresh Air in the Smoggy Website Building Space

Personal feeling: we don’t give our websites enough attention. It’s usually a “good enough” situation. It shows our photos, gets our name on Google and it serves as a place for us to send clients and prospects. That attitude tends to result in an attitude of “settling.” We settle for what we find and it is, again, good enough. Or is it? I wasn’t ready to just be happy with “good enough” on my website. [more]

Walk Through of How to Composite A Sports Sequence

If you’ve ever wondered how photographers stitch together elaborate sequences of sports maneuvers, here’s your answer. Pete Webb takes some of his snowboarding shots and offers us a detailed walk through on how to composite such an image in post. Although this concept is most easily applied to sports photography, I’ve also seen it show up with some fun  applications in couples portraits and commercial work.


Photographer Gets Threatened with False Takedown Notice

Just recently a friend of mine posted some rather stunning images on his Facebook page. While vacationing in Vegas, Réjean Brandt, a very talented fashion photographer from Canada decided to take the opportunity to organize a portfolio shoot. The photos taken at Red Rock Canyon were beyond splendid to say the least, and I quickly jumped on Réjean to get behind the scenes details for an article on this very site. The next day the images were abruptly taken down. Why? Because Red Rock Canyon threatened to seize his equipment if he didn’t.  [more]

How I Lit This Fashion Shot

Lighting is one of my favorite things to play with on a shoot. Creative lighting can really give you’re photography a large edge over just shooting natural/ambient light. I love using lights, because I am always growing and learning new techniques. This week I will walk you through the relatively simple setup for one of my favorite shots in my portfolio.


Using Magic Lantern With Focus Peaking For Free-lensing

Magic lantern is by far the best thing to happen to the DSLR cameras. It offers so many options not given to you by the normal Canon firmware that it should be sin not to install it. This is a quick little walkthrough on how I use ML for easy, accurate free-lensing. [more]

How To Use Portraiture 2 In A Non-Texture Killing Way

I have had quite a few people ask about my skin smoothing ways. Its really, really simple. I use Imaginomics Portraiture 2 and have figured out how to get it so it smooths the tones instead of all the texture. So if you use Portraiture, follow along and stop killing your textures! [more]

Where Did All The Colors Go? Creating a World Of Pure White

Adrien Broom, Connecticut based photographer, recently successfully funded her new project “Where did All the Colors Go?” on Kickstarter. The project is a multimedia story for children in the forms of a children’s book, a short film and also an integrated platform to be viewed through a tablet. For both the photo and video production, Adrien created amazing sets featuring different colors. The first color Adrien shot was White. Check out how she built the set and of course the final results.

15 Awesome Photos Of… Cars

Car photography can be done in many different ways using different techniques. Some people like shooting it with gelled strobes, some like to lightpaint it or just shoot with available light. There is no one right way to do it. Shooting cars is something most photographers can try: just take your (or your friends) car and start shooting it – but as easy as it is to try – its not easy to produce breathtaking results. Check out this collection of amazing car photos found on Flickr.

3D Award Finalists Announced for 2013 Sony World Photography Awards

The finalists for the 3D category of the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards were announced today. Selected by the judges from the World Photography Organization, the three finalists are: Michele Abramo Puricelli (aka Michael Abraham) from Italy, Matjaž Tančič from Slovenia and Nick Saglimbeni, USA, who won the 3D Photographer of the Year title in 2012, the award’s inaugural year. [more]

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