Yu Yamauchi Camps Out On Mt. Fuji For Over 600 Days And Captures The Sunrise

I have a hard time determining what’s more amazing, the beauty of these images or the fact that photographer, Yu Yamauchi, camped out over 600 days on Mt. Fuju capturing these images? He took these images in same approximate spot, near the summit. It’s astonishing how stunning and unique each shot looks.  [more]

The Intersection of Art, Architecture, And Photography: The Art Of Felice Varini

Ready to have your mind blown? Check out these installations by Swiss artist Felice Varini, in which he painstakingly paints patterns and designs into enormous spaces in such a way that from one specific angle, they look entirely surreal. This concept is nothing new, (we’ve all seen those chalk drawings on the street) but the scale and size of Varini’s installations is simply incredible. But what does this have to do with photography, you ask? [more]

The Photography Of Cole Rise

From shooting landscapes to conceptual shots, Cole Rise does it all. His work is the type that draws you in and makes you sit there and wonder. Makes you think and brings you emotion. You may have seen some of his work in magazines, art blogs, CD covers, or used one of his filters on Instagram. [more]

Constructing Photo Scenes From Our Favorite Breakfasts

While thinking over possibilities for new landscape photography, Ernie Button acquired some inspiration over his breakfast food. In this fantastically creative series of dubbed Cerealism, Ernie creates some pretty “Cerealistic” looking places and puts a nice background to them. The best part about it his set came after the shoot with the addition of a spoon, bowl, and milk.


“Dancers Among Us” Book Becomes NY Times Instant Best Seller

Jordan Matter’s “Dancers Among Us” has been a wildly successful photo project that he has been working on for a couple of years now. The juxtaposition he achieves in his images of dancers that are off the stage and out on the street is fantastic. Even though in a technical aspect some of the photos aren’t all that great, the idea is powerful and has been featured in magazines, TV shows and countless blogs all over the globe. [more]

Mesmerizing Project Of a Spinning Girl In Still Photos

Rrrrrrrroll is a photo/gif-animation project made by few friends based in Japan. Each week they post 2 new animations, and in each image at least one thing is spinning around: sometimes its the person, sometimes its the table or just a hat. The final results are mesmerizing. Not only the photos can stand alone as still photos and are very well done, but adding the moving factor makes it hard to take your eyes off it.

Surreal Conceptual Photography by David Talley

I have been obsessed with surreal photography lately. I know most people see it all as the same thing but to me they are all amazing shots. David Talley is another surreal photographer who does an exceptional job and telling stories with images. [more]

Creative Photography By Lauren Nguyen

I don’t know why but I fell in love with these shots. Lauren Nguyen is an attorney and has a love for photography. Her shots are soft and bright. Taking the boring everyday things and turning them into something beautiful. [more]

Sweet Meat Photo Series: A Rare Take On Dessert

Photographer Jasmin Schuller has created a pretty rad little photo series called “Sweet Meat”. The final images consist of raw meats that are fashioned and styled to appear as desserts. I love this idea and yet again I have to kick myself and say, “Why didn’t I think of this?!” Jasmin has been exhibiting the collection all over and has been featured in Russian Esquire and De:bug. I’m sure PETA will want her to exhibit during their next gala. Enjoy!


Surreal Skies: Single Image Time Lapse Photography

Everyone has seen time-lapse photography may it be a still image or a video. Either way, they look pretty sweet. This is the first time I have seen something like this. Instead of just having a single image of a star trails or blurred clouds, Matt Molloy has combined multiple long exposure shots into one creating a very interesting look. [more]

Paris In Motion Part 2

Not to long ago we showed you part 1 of Paris in Motion by Mayeul Akpovi along with the behind the scenes of how they did it. Well, Mayeul just released part 2. I still love the look of doing these hyper laps shots. They give a whole other dimension to time-laps photography. [more]

Never Before Seen Photos Of Lana Del Rey

I love Lana Del Rey. I love her music, her looks, and her style. I love that she self-proclaimed herself the “gangster Nancy Sinatra,” and I love that she has had her sister, Chuck Grant, chronicling her transformation from a small-time unknown to a mega star. Vanity Fair just recently posted some older never-before-seen photos of Del Rey, all taken by Chuck Grant.


Pics Or It Didn’t Happen? Fake Marathon Wants Your Photos To Make It Seem Real

The Kickstarter Project called Run Free 2013 is a fake marathon that Ridiculo.us is putting on to see if they can use user-submitted photos of an event that isn’t actually happening, to make it seem like it did. While certainly a fun idea, a bigger question begs to be asked– if all it takes are photos and tweets to make something seem like it actually happened, how in the future can we account for the difference between the real and a hoax? Embedded video inside. [more]

Existence- A Time-Lapse by Michael Shainblum

It takes a lot of patience to put together an extended time-lapse work; I have great admiration for anyone who actually finishes one. “Existence” is a time-lapse project which Michael Shainblum worked hard on for four months. The scenes he picks are meant to contrast the two sides of life, the busy metropolis that many of us live in and the beauty in nature that can be seen when we step outside our city boundaries.

World War II Photos Superimposed On Same Modern Street

Dutch historian, Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse, blends the past and present using photos from World War II and pictures from the same places today. Jo will literally spend hours trying to locate scenes of photos from the war and then photograph the modern day scene at the same angles so that she can blend the two pictures in Photoshop thereby creating her “Ghosts of History” photo series.  [more]

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