Strangely Compelling, Constantly Inspiring.

There is one site that I consistently go to for inspiration . No matter how stuck I may feel or how many projects may demand my attention when I visit this dark and ominous page of collected brilliance I always leave refreshed. It may not always be safe for work, that part is pretty tough to predict as the work is always changing, but in my opinion the risk is worth it for the ideas and executions there. Not lighting diagrams, no explanations, just photography…lots and lots of amazing photography.


Amazing Surreal Work from Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison

Robert ParkeHarrison is a fine art/ surrealist photographer.  His work is a collaboration with partner and wife, Shana.  Robert showed up on the scene (in a big way) a little over a decade ago, with his book “The Architect’s Brother.”  The book was named one of ‘the Ten Best Photography Books of the Year’ of 2000 by the New York Times, but it probably wouldn’t be an understatement to call it one of the ten best of the decade.


Utilizing Back Light for Two Stylized Portraits

Our friends over at PHLEARN just released another tutorial, the goal of which was to create two completely different looks using the same model in a short amount of time. In this behind the scenes video you will learn how to set up lighting for a full length portrait as well as a headshot. They focused on creating drama for both shots using backlighting. Backlighting your subject helps to define their shape, but still leaves a lot of detail in shadow. [more]

Tadao Cern Gets a Portrait of Famous Artist Vincent Van Gogh

Of course, if you ever learned anything about art history, you know Vincent van Gogh has long been dead. That didn’t stop the creative mind that brought you the Blow Job series from posting the backwards claim on his blog that someone had turned his old portrait photograph into a painting. Aside from Tadao Cern putting some good humor into his work, it’s stunning to see the photo-shopped transition from painting to photograph.

Sometimes Wrinkles Can Look Awesome In Your Photos

As photographers/retouchers, we sometimes tend to remove any wrinkle, spots, or stray hair we can see on the subject we photographed. We consider it as a distraction, as something that make our images look less professional. But sometimes that’s not the case. Check out this collection of great portraits of old people. In some cases, the wrinkles are even edited to look even bolder and stronger – and it works. Old people can be great models, and create very moody and interesting images.

The Outer Child: Portraits That Make Adults Look Like Their Inner Child

Inside of you, lies a child, still playful and inquisitive. At least, we hope it does to a certain extent! What if that child came back to life for a second? What if your current form suddenly reflected it? That is exactly what photographer Quentin Curtat did in this concept.  [more]

An Incredible Interview With The Master Of All Things Portraiture, Greg Heisler

You’ve probably seen plenty of Heisler’s work without knowing it, and it can be said that he is one of the contemporary greats when it comes to portraiture. His work has graced the cover and insides of many of today’s largest publications, and he’s responsible for creating countless iconic photos of celebrities. In these videos (part two is in the post), Greg gives some fantastic advice to photographers about getting new jobs, [more]

The Beautifully Haunted World of Lee Jeffries

I came across Lee Jeffries‘ work on Flickr several months ago. While I am normally turned off by heavily processed portraits, these seemed somehow different. These weren’t just processed for the sake of the process any more than they are just simple portraits. These are something more. [more]

Photographing Beautiful People

As photographers we love to photograph beautiful people. We get excited when hired to shoot models with perfect dimensions, gorgeous lines and stunning eyes. While those shoots get the heart racing the ones that really fill my heart are the ones when I see photographers reach out and photograph those that wouldn’t otherwise find themselves in front of a professional’s camera. One such shoot was from Nathaniel Taylor who each year donates his time and resources to photograph and give prints to disabled adults.  [more]

Life-Style Behind The Scenes With Mary Fredericks

Hello Fstoppers, a few days ago I did a life-style shoot with Mary for fun. Decided to bring along an assistant, second photographer and videographer. Just went out for a day of fun and shooting. This is the behind the scenes video for that shoot along with the final shots. [more]

When Whale Sharks and Models Pose Together

When it comes to whale sharks, Shawn Heinrich has been featured before for some of his incredible images. Kristian Schmidt, a fashion photographer who loves using wildlife in his shoots, recently teamed up with Shawn for an ambitious fashion shoot with the harmless sharks.


How To Create Spectacular Highlights In Photoshop

If you’re looking for a way to really make your highlights stand out in your images, look no further; PHLEARN has released a new Photoshop tutorial dealing with accentuating highlights.  Using Levels, Channels and Layer Masks in Photoshop PHLEARN shows how you can take highlights to the next level and make your images just a little more brilliant and detailed. Also, free ‘Brownie points’ to anyone who can guess what is used to create the slick effect on the model in the photo.  [more]

BTS: The Slanted Lens Shows How To Creatively Light At Night

The Slanted Lens is back with another amazing lighting tutorial. This time they venture onto a 1700′s Naval ship, the U.S.S. Constitution in Boston, MA. The portraits include an early Naval captain and his shipmates loading cannons. This tutorial specifically goes through how to light creatively during the nighttime hours where lighting might be more difficult for some. [more]

Interview With Fashion And Lifestyle Photographer Mike Monaghan

I have never personally met Mike, however I can’t seem to get away from him. He definitely has some amazing shots that stand out from the rest of the crowd. I know Mike through a Facebook group called CREATIVOS, which is a group for photographers looking to share tips, tricks, and images and grow within the industry. I keep seeing his work pop up and can’t take my eyes away from it. [more]

Cape Times Photoshops Famous Moments In Time Into Self Portraits

Self portraits are everywhere! Facebook, Instagram, you name it. The Cape Times newspaper in South Africa took important moments in time and turned them into self portraits. Modified through the power of Photoshop, they were able to make them quite realistic. The entire purpose was to tell readers “how they get their stories straight from the horse’s mouth via a first-hand accounts.”  [more]

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