19 Fantastic Double Exposure Shots

I have recently gotten back into film and love everything you can do with it. One of thing techniques I have missed is double exposure. So to get back in the mood, I went and searched for some double exposed shots and stumbled across these. [more]

20 Powerful Images From The Last Election

4 years ago my good friend Reese Allen happened to be in D.C. on a photoshoot during the last presidential election. At night, Reese hit the streets and captured some pretty incredible images.  [more]

Behind The Scenes: Shooting JB And The Moonshine Band

Matthew Hogan, a talented photographer and videographer from Tyler, Texas, shot country band, JB and the Mooonshine band. He not only shot the band for a promotional photoshoot, but for their music video, as well. Using Alienbee lighting, a Nikon D700 and a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens he composited the individual band members together for the final image.


Inside The Fire By Zbigniew Wantuch

So with the summer being over and winter quickly on its way, take a look at these, they will warm you right up.

Zbigniew Wantuch is an up and coming photographer who was born in Poland and lives in Norway – typically taking photos of the deep Arctic, including beautiful auroras. Currently working as photojournalist for Hammerfestingen – a local newspaper in northernmost town in the World, Hammerfest. He specializes in pictures of hard working people and industrial photography, while pursuing challenging projects world wide.” [more]

Photographing the Myrtle Beach Pelicans Baseball Team

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a few members of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans minor league baseball  team.  They are a farm team of the Texas Rangers.  The client asked me to create portraits of these up and coming players.


Immersion: Actors Diving Into Character

We’ve featured Tim Tadder a few times already with his water wig series. Now he’s done another project featuring water, this time using its surface tension to represent that moment in time when an actor literally dives into their character. [more]

Ian Ruhter Shoots Inspiring People With an Enormous Wet Plate Setup

We’ve featured Ian Ruhter before: his Silver and Light series was an incredible display of talent, ingenuity and originality. I’m glad to say that he’s back at it again, this time criss-crossing the country, telling the stories of inspiring people with his portable darkroom setup. Watch as Ian shoots Madison, a young girl who overcame some serious setbacks, and creates a series of incredible portraits using his custom made (very large format) camera which is built into the back of a box van. [more]

Most Popular Photographs On Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon.com is an amazing resource for photography or anything for that matter. I was bored one day and decided to hop on there and ran across these amazing images on myrandomstuff.com. They very from spectacular landscapes to powerful portraits. [more]

Street Photography with the Leica M9 Through the Eyes of William Palank

Perfect travel or street photography is a delicate concoction of the right place and the right time mixed with a superb eye for the extraordinary. William J Palank is one of those individuals who managed to brew that concoction with a supernatural elegance. While traversing the globe, his weapon of choice these days is the Leica M9, a digital rangefinder that produces an uncannily beautiful image. To help us celebrate Mirrorless Month, Palank describes what about the Lecia M9 allows him to shoot at his best. [more]

Pictures From The Edge Of Space – Redbull Stratos

So today as many of you know, Felix Baumgartner jumped from the edge of space. 128,000ft straight up, stepped out onto a platform the size of a skateboard and broke multiple world records including the one they were aiming for, breaking the speed of sound without an aircraft. [more]

Beautiful Fashion Series by Joanna Kustra

While perusing the internet this morning I came upon the recent fashion shoot of Joanna Kustra and caught myself staring for minutes marveling at the gorgeous shots and beautiful lighting. The shoot titled, Misty Dream, was a beauty editorial assignment for Factice Magazine. From watching the behind the scenes video I gather she is shooting with a Nikon 85mm 1.4 lens using Calumet lighting and shooting through a 48″ Octobox. [more]

Pictures Of Happy People Will Make You Happy

There is nothing better than seeing happy people around you – doesn’t matter if they’re family, friends or total strangers. Seeing happy people will make you smile, and this is why this week we are featuring 15 awesome pictures of happy people found on Flickr. Check them out and let us know which are your favorites.


Water Wigs Using High Speed Photography

Back in August we featured Tim Tadder‘s series of water wig shots using bald guys. Well Tim is back and this time his impressive series of shots are done with women in latex. Does it get better! Actually as Tim explains the latex fit well as it went with the futuristic fashion shoot concept and allowed them to easily wipe dry after each shot. Red Bull was also on site with a Phantom camera to capture the entire shoot behind the scenes. The movie will be released soon and we look forward to seeing it as I am sure many of you are as well.  [more]

Doug Gordon’s Free Workshop: Creative Poses For Photographers

One skill set any photographer needs to master is how to pose people in ways that don’t look awkward. Doug Gordon has been teaching his “flow posing system” to photographers across the country for years. Now, starting today Oct 11th through Oct 13th, Doug is hosting The Doug Gordon Photography Project over at creativeLIVE. If you struggle with telling your clients what to do in front of your camera, you should definitely tune into this FREE creativeLIVE workshop. Check out what is covered [more]

Historical Figures Recreated Using Random Postcards

“Malaysia-born artist Amir Zainorin reflects on the status of the world, both socially and economically, in his Postcard to… series. Each large-scale wall collage features dozens, if not hundreds, of postcards that echo the bust of three major visual fixtures from international currency—George Washington (USA), Queen Elizabeth (UK), and Mao Zedong (China).” [more]

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