Historical Figures Recreated Using Random Postcards

“Malaysia-born artist Amir Zainorin reflects on the status of the world, both socially and economically, in his Postcard to… series. Each large-scale wall collage features dozens, if not hundreds, of postcards that echo the bust of three major visual fixtures from international currency—George Washington (USA), Queen Elizabeth (UK), and Mao Zedong (China).” [more]

Behind The Scenes On The ‘Batman’ TV Show

“In the lull between the horrific events that surrounded the release of The Dark Night Rises in theaters and what’s likely to be the year’s biggest Blu-Ray/DVD event in early December, it’s worth recalling that the Batman franchise wasn’t always so dark. So brooding. So intense. Sure, Frank Miller’s graphic novels in the late Eighties, re-imagining Gotham’s troubled crime fighter as a near-sociopathically angry protagonist, certainly sparked a new, frenzied fanboy interest in Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s amazing creation, and the early comic books themselves had their macabre moments.” [more]

Uncanny Upside Down Photos By Marc Vicens

As many of us take normal portraits of people, some take the next step and turn the world upside down with their work… literally. In Marc Vicens latest series “The Faces of Unemployment” he does just that. Take portraits of people hanging upside down. [more]

FS Contributor Blair Bunting to Speak for Apple on Oct. 12

This Friday in Scottsdale, AZ Fstoppers Contributor Blair Bunting will be speaking at the Apple Store about how their products make his life easier. This includes workflow, travel, editing, advertising on the iPad and iPhone photography (which we have proven can be pretty awesome). Blair is seeing this as more of a free workshop of sorts and will be glad to answer any and every question asked. Not in AZ? Not to worry! Blair will also be answering your questions via Live Tweet. [more]

Charles Eisenmann Photographs “Freaks” In The 1870′s

In the 1870′s and 80′s, Charles Eisenmann had a studio in NY. Aside from shooting regular people, he had a passion for shooting ‘freaks’ as he would call it. In reality, these people were show people. Over his life span, he shot over 700 portraits and sold them as collectibles. [more]

Ben Von Wong’s Mastery Lighting…With An iPhone.

Montreal photographer, Ben Von Wong, an Fstoppers favorite is at it again with his latest shoot. The folks over at Nikon sent Von Wong a Nikkor 400mm f2.8 lens to shoot with. Typically with a large lens you would shoot nature or sports, but not Von Wong. He decided to test the lens using the Brenizer Method. He took several portraits of musician, Andrew Kesler, on top of a rooftop, but one problem presented itself. How to light Andrew in the middle of the night on such short notice? In typical Von Wong ingenuity, they chose, an iPhone.  [more]

Um, Awkward … Celebrity Gender Benders

Yeah so, gender bending … this is a thing. Apparently it’s a pretty dang popular thing that creative’s (without much else to do) are doing with celebrity portraits. Worth 1000, just finished a contest on their site that had hundreds of submissions for this twisted genre of photoshoppers. Do yourself a favor, click through to the full post and enjoy the beauty that IS Gender Bending! [more]

12 Awesome Dog Portraits By Susan Sabo

Susan Sabo is a professional photographer from Long Beach, CA. Instead of specializing in weddings or family portraits, she specializes in environmental and animal portraits. [more]

Portraits From A Land Forgotten

Vikas Vasudev is an Indian photographer who recently captured a portrait series in the northern rural area of India called Baltistan, the ‘Forgotten Land’. Check out these fantastic 11 pieces from the series. [more]

Behind The Scenes – Derren Versoza -Photographer

Derren Versoza has to be on the top of some of my favorite lifestyle photographers. The look he has is perfection and he can easily tell stories with his shots. He has been filming a lot of his shoots and put together a BTS overview of all of them. [more]

20 Awesome Street Photography Pictures You Should See

Street photography is the kind of photography most of us don’t usually like doing, but its probably the kind of photography we appreciate the most when the pictures become old. Its always amazing for me to see how people live, or lived, in other places or other times. Great street photography pictures can tell a story of time and place, and makes you make up your own story for the subject photographed. Check out these awesome photos and let us know which ones you like the best!

Shooting On Location With A Deardorff

Like the majority of photographers today, I most often capture digitally for my clients.  However, for special projects, I still like to shoot film – especially large format film.  Normally, my Deardorff 11×14 camera lives in the studio.  But every now and then, I get the crazy idea of taking it on location. [more]

Need A Free Source For Unique Models? VonWong: Costume Parties Are The Answer

If you’re like most of us photographers out there, you don’t always have a budget for a costume designer and money for a nice wardrobe for models. For paid projects, this would be covered, but for personal endeavors, the budget simply is too much for most shooters to afford. Ben VonWong has solved this problem by learning to approach people who have already done the work for us. [more]

Images of Modern-Day Slavery by Lisa Kristine

Lisa Kristine, after realizing slavery exists in many places around the world today — 27 million people are estimated to be in slavery — spent time traveling, taking photographs of such examples to raise awareness about the still very real issues around modern-day slavery. [more]

Tips For Shooting Better Portraits At Sunset

Lighting Asylum has brought us this informative look behind the scenes of a sunset portrait shoot, and it gets pretty in depth with how the photographer handles over-exposed back lighting, poor color in the clouds, and flash positioning. The photographer gives some insight on his process for camera settings, and even shows how he gels a flash to get the sky to change colors.

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