Amazing Multiple Exposure Images By Christoffer Relander

This amazing series of multiple exposures by Christoffer Relander, from Finland, is done in camera, and for a great cause! It is a charity campaign for Children With Tumors. More awesome photos after the jump!


Contemporary Celebrity Mugshots Re-Appropriated in a 1920s Style

For his series, Mugshot Doppelgänger, artist Michael Jason Enriquez took mugshots of some of today’s most well-known celebrities and matched them to 1920s mugshot doppelgängers, changing the names to help identify the celebrity pictured. It’s an interesting project and quite fun to see… [more]

Interview With Underwater Photographer Elena Kalis

Elena Kalis’s underwater photos are incredible. I have seen many photographers try this and it just never seems to turn out right. There is always something about the shots I wont like but that could easily just be me being picky. However, when it come to Elena Kalis’s underwater photography, I cant look away. [more]

CreativeLIVE’s Fashion Week With Matthew Jordan Smith and Yoanna House

Each week creativeLIVE has unbelievable live content that you can stream for free. Starting today through Sept 15th, creativeLIVE will host one of Fstoppers’ most featured photographers Matthew Jordan Smith. Matthew is an acclaimed fashion photographer, and he has brought along America’s Next Top Model winner Yoanna House to talk about everything that goes on in the fashion industry. For more information about this week’s entire event, read the full post. [more]

Create Beautiful Surreal Photographs by Stacking Your Film Negatives

We have all stacked layers in photoshop. It is something many photographers do on a day to day basis. Not Laina Briedis. She stacks 35mm film negatives. This is a technique not seen often in the film world and it creates amazing images that look like they had to of been done in photoshop. [more]

How Douglas Sonders Processes His “Beard Series”

Douglas Sonders has been features a few times on this site with some incredible images and this series doesn’t depart from that sentiment. This video walks you through the post production of his “Beard Series” and gives you some great insights into how to use some excellent Nik Software to create a beautiful high contract black and white image.


Behind The Scenes With Mario Masitti Senior Session

The world of senior photography has changed drastically from what it used to be even just a few years ago. Coming from simple posed shots with very bland lighting to natural poses and dramatic lighting. In this case, Mario Masitti does it right. The way he goes through a senior session from makeup to the final product is extremely professional yet fun and energetic. [more]

Human Mosaics, Fractals And Collages

Photographer Claudia Rogge from Dusseldorf, Germany has certainly developed a definitive style for her work. Claudia creates large mosaics, fractals and collages of subjects and scenes which she composites (sometimes even sloppily) in post. I find it to be a solid concept, and think we will see much more of this type of photography to come in the next few years. I can surely see this sort of thing having a place in commercial and advertising photography, what do you think? Is this a concept and style that has a future? Enjoy! [more]

Kurv Magazine BTS with Melissa Rodwell

I have been following Melissa Rodwell for some time now. The look of her photos is pure magic and the use of the Christmas lights behind sheets makes these shots really pop. [more]

In-Camera Face Replacement, Just Around the Corner?

Camera/video tech is becoming ever more sophisticated to the point where we now have cameras that can recognize and track faces. So, how long will it be before we start seeing cameras that can completely change a person’s face in-camera? Never going to happen you say? Tell that to Arturo Castro and Kyle McDonald. [more]

John Keatley Shoots “Bad Coffee”

Photographer John Keatley takes us behind the scenes of his latest series “Bad Coffee” and gives us a great look at how it was shot. He gives us some really interesting insights into how he deals with the with the myriad of ideas that come from working with retouchers, assistants and make up artists on a big shoot. [more]

7 Unbelievable Dresses Made Entirely of Light

I have always been intrigued with light painting. I have taken a few stabs at it, yet it never comes out as good as this. These are so absolutely incredible, I just might have to practice this and see what I can make! Atton Conrad, a professional fashion photographer, has used nothing but light fixtures to create and capture these unbelievable dresses. [more]

This isn’t a Picture of Michael Jackson

Chris Buck‘s work often has a humorous side to it. He has an upcoming book called “Presence: The Invisible Portrait.” In it you will find environmental portraits of celebrities. However, the celebrities themselves are hiding from the camera, nowhere to be seen. In the same vein, these celebrity portraits are also missing the celebrities. They are from Buck’s series called Isn’t. Which of these lookalike portraits could have fooled you? [more]

’100′ Showcases People From Age 0 to 100 In Just 150 Seconds

Dutch Filmmaker Jeroen Wolf shows us the span of a lifetime through many different individuals. Going from infancy all the way to 100 in just 150 seconds, this short film is appropriately titled, “100″. No matter how simple the nature of the video is, there’s something very compelling about this short film. Each clip, no matter how short, shows so much personality from each person.  [more]

Free Online Wedding Workshop: 
Location, Posing, Execution

People often ask me “what is the most difficult part of shooting weddings?” One challenge I face at every wedding is having to pose the bride and groom in less than flattering sunlight or in a less than perfect location. Wedding photographer Roberto Valenzuela is tackling this very issue during his creativeLIVE workshop. Robert’s free-to-watch workshop will air September 6-8th and you can ask him anything live through webchat. [more]

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