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‘Sleep in Transit’ Interview With Portrait Photographer Willis Bretz

People create photo series for a number of different reasons. Sometimes you come up with an idea and pursue it while others just fall into your lap unexpectedly. For portrait photographer Willis Bretz the Washington D.C. metrorail system is where his series was brought to life or rather awakened from other commuters’ slumber. We sit down and talk about his series entitled, ‘Sleep in Transit’.


New DSLR Short Film “Spy vs Guy” By Red Giant, Plus Behind The Scenes

As leaders in the video post-production plugin world, it’s really cool to see Red Giant creating short films to promote its products, and they are always a blast to watch. You might recall “Plot Device” or “Form 17” as some of their previous work. This new short isn’t directly related to BulletProof, their new plugin, but it’s a very entertaining piece with an equally informative making of video as well. [more]

The Complete Guide To Photoshop Blending Modes

Photoshop blending modes are one of those areas in Photoshop that a very few people understand in full detail. Everyone has a general idea on how they work and what some of the modes do specifically. Much of it has always seemed to be understood through experimentation. The results you get are often guessed. If you’re the lucky few who know all of them precisely, you will still want to read this article.  [more]

Cut Your Workflow Time In Half Using Photomechanic

Quite a number of years ago I had a friend that suggested I use Photomechanic to review my photos and pick the ones I want to edit (also known as “culling.”) I downloaded the free trial and was immediately turned off by the archaic and confusing menus. Had someone showed me then what I was missing I would have immediately adopted it into my workflow and saved myself lots of time over the years. Hopefully this video will do it justice and show you just how incredible and valuable a tool Photomechanic is for your workflow. [more]

How to Use Lightroom to Enhance Your iPhone Photos

There is that popular phrase that goes “the best camera you have is the one on you.” That phrase has never been more true in this day and age with considerably powered cell phone cameras living in the pockets of nearly every person you might come across. Even as professionals with thousands of dollars in gear, sometimes we will find ourselves in a situation we shoot on our mobile cameras, whether by choice or by circumstance. I spoke to the product manager of Lightroom to get his take on the best ways to bring the most out of your iPhone images. [more]

‘Daily News’ Photoshops Boston Bombing Photos on Front Page (NSFW)

Following the terrible events that happened in Boston yesterday leaving at least 3 dead and more than 170 wounded, the Daily News is under the spotlight of criticism for doctoring photos. While they have appeared to have doctored the photo because of its graphic nature, they still maintained many other graphic images on the cover of the publication. So why? [more]

New Photoshop Tool Will Deblur Your Blurry Images

Adobe just released a teaser video for their May 6th event where they will announce few new products and features. In this video they show one of their new tools for Photoshop – “Camera Shake Reduction”. This tool will allow photographers to save photos that were always considered as garbage – photos taken in a rush, or in low-light situations. The tool analyzes the photo, and deblur it to make it sharp. [more]

Combine Multiple Exposures To Maximize a Landscape Photo’s Potential

Ok so many of you will not be fond of this technique. That is totally your preference. But for those of you who like good HDR photos, the guys are PHLEARN show a method that will teach you a method to get faux-HDR final images that will make some of your images go from good to great. [more]

Video: Top 5 New Features In Lightroom 5

Adobe announced the release of their beta version of the new Lightroom 5 today and with it I dove in and quickly discovered my five favorite new features. A few of these are true game changers in how we edit our photos and will in the end save us as photographers quite a bit of time while using the innovative software. Read on to see some examples of the features and what my first impressions are on the new Lightroom 5. [more]

Is Photoshop Remixing the World?

PBS Digital Studios put together “Is Photoshop Remixing the World?” a brief look at how Photoshop has effected today’s culture.In the video we hear from three users, first from Jeff Huang, Art Director & Illustrator discussing the way he works with Photoshop to execute his multi layered digital illustrations. Laurent Le Moing of Picturehouse NYC, follows up to talk about the enhancing [more]

How to Create The Popular Matte Look in Lightroom

While in Las Vegas attending the annual WPPI conference I stopped in and spent some time at the print competition. There I repeatedly noticed that many of the prints had a matte type of look to them. Now part of this is the choice of paper they print on, but also how the photos is processed plays a big part as well. I created this quick video to share with you how this look is achieved very easily in Lightroom. I have also included some sample before and after photos below. [more]

Before And After Images Of ‘Venus’ Retouched To Today’s Standards [NSFW]

Venus is the Roman goddess who encompassed the concept of beauty, love and various other traits. She embodies all that is beautiful about a woman. Now, if you took the classical definition of beauty and brought her over to our age today where everything is retouched to ‘perfection’, what would she look like ?  [more]

The Making of An Automotive Composite: Lexus LFA

Automotive photography can be an extremely rewarding niche in the photography industry. The fast, shiny, power-inducing machines that rush by in a blur of color can be a thrill to anyone photographer, but it can also be daunting making sure that every detail is just perfect. Automotive photographer John Zhang walks us through the post processing of one of his lates shots of a Lexus LFA. [more]

Quick Lightroom Tip: Moving Photos Between Catalogs

If you read my post a few weeks ago about managing multiple lightroom catalogs and decided to split your catalog, then you probably have had the need to shuffle some of your photos between catalogs. While not a difficult task, it is not quite obvious, so I decided to write a quick post on how I go about moving photos from one catalog to another.


Visual Effects Reel Shows The Hard Work That Goes Into The Walking Dead (NSFW)

The Walking Dead is among the hottest shows on television today. The amount of work that goes into the visual production to make this show so spectacular and real often goes unnoticed by its fan base. The latest reel from production company Stargate Studios shows us the amount of work they had to put into the latest season of AMC’s hot television series. [more]

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