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Visual Effects Reel Shows The Hard Work That Goes Into The Walking Dead (NSFW)

The Walking Dead is among the hottest shows on television today. The amount of work that goes into the visual production to make this show so spectacular and real often goes unnoticed by its fan base. The latest reel from production company Stargate Studios shows us the amount of work they had to put into the latest season of AMC’s hot television series. [more]

Quick Mask Tutorial With Commercial Photographer Michael Herb

When it comes to compositing, the most tedious part of the Photoshop workflow to me has to be the extracting of objects from the background. With so many different ways to extract a subject: the pen tool, the lasso tool, refine edge, or Fluid Mask, it can be hard to find the technique that best suits your workflow. Commercial and editorial photographer Michael Herb has recently released an amusing quick mask tutorial that might just be the thing to get you out of your compositing rut. [more]

Never Open Photoshop Again with this Lightroom Workflow

Over the last couple of years I have received more than a few inquiries about how I use Lightroom to edit my photos. The embedded video is a screen recording of my entire workflow, from import to export. It’s sped up for the sake of time, so if there is any part that isn’t clear, feel free to ask questions in the comments. So without further ado, here is my Lightroom workflow. [more]

How To Color Tone Your Photos With Elena Jasic

If you are a regular reader of Fstoppers, than by now you should be familiar with Elena Jasic and her amazing photography and retouching skills. Elena just posted her tutorial on how to color tone your photos the way she does it. Mind you, there is no one way to do anything in photoshop, but Elena is a master at her craft and offers some very valuable insight for anyone interested in color toning their photos.


How to Easily Time Sync Your Files in Lightroom

Have you ever been on a shoot in which you used two cameras or had an assistant shooting with you, imported the files into Lightroom and then realized they were not time synced properly? If so, this quick 5-minute video is for you. Lightroom makes it incredibly easy to time sync your files so they all line up perfectly in chronological order by capture time. I’ll show you how it’s done in the video and read on below for some additional quick tips. [more]

UPDATED: Retoucher Kristina Sherk Does Mind-Blowing Work

Photoshelter is hosting a webinar featuring retoucher Kristina Sherk this week, and to advertise the webinar they posted an animated gif showing before and after Sherk got her hands on the image. I was shocked, as Sherk not only easily erased 10 years off the model, but even more amazingly did it without making it look fake. [more]

Get Most Of Photoshop’s Best Tools And Features Without Buying The Full Version Of Photoshop

I am always looking out for ways to help people in regards to the cost aspect of post processing. We currently have a few options out there, some of which includes free software such as Gimp or Paint. However, I recently stumbled upon another option.  [more]

Update: Lightroom 4.4 Now Available

Lightroom 4.4 is now available. The update will either automatically happen through the built in update system in the software the next time you open it or you can find it online at Adobe.com or in the links I have included below. The update includes additional camera raw support, lens profiles and addresses bugs in previous versions. Read on to see the specifics for the Lightroom 4.4 update. [more]

Create Skin Texture From Scratch In Photoshop

The good people over at PHLEARN are at it again, this time with a great little tutorial on creating skin texture from scratch. I find that healing (or whichever method you use) under the eyes in particular tends to destroy the most texture, so this is a great way to put some back in. [more]

Video Showing One of Lightroom’s Most Under Utilized Tools

As a type of person that loves to figure out everything I can about gadgets and software, I am always surprised by how often I meet up with photographers that really only use the powerful programs on their computers for the most basic functions. Typically we get comfortable with a few features and never really explore what else can be done. Maybe we run out of time, maybe we just have no interest. Either way, I hope to share some short, quick, easy to follow along videos over the next few weeks sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks in Lightroom. [more]

How To Share High Resolution Photos On Google+ Using Google Drive

As many of you know, Google+ has quickly become one of the top social networks for photographers. There is something beautiful about how the photos are displayed and how they scale as you roll your mouse across them.


How To Dodge & Burn In Photoshop With Elena Jasic

We have featured Elena Jasic on Fstoppers a few times now. Most recently we featured a tutorial from her on how to utilize frequency separation. Elena’s newest tutorial is on dodging and burning, and how she goes about doing it in her work flow. Dodging and burning can add dimension to your photos and take them to the next level.


Google Introduces the Nik Collection

When Google purchased Nik software in September, photographers were left wondering how the tech giant would assimilate Nik into its fold. It was clear that the company was lured by Nik’s mobile editing software Snapseed. Yesterday, Google, which had been mute on the subject since the purchase, unrolled a retooled suite of Nik software tools at a heavily discounted rate — $149 as compared to $499. [more]

The Art of Lightroom Catalog Management

Lightroom is a great tool for photographers of all types, in addition to the powerful suite of editing tools at your disposal, there is a robust cataloging system to help you keep your collection manageable and easily navigable. But with the ability to create and manage an infinite number of separate catalogs, how exactly should one consider spliting up their collection, if at all? [more]

Remove Guns & Add Thumbs

What do you get when you take Hollywood’s greatest gun toting heroes and villains and Photoshop out the guns?

Hilarious positive encouragement from action stars.

To quote Thumbs & Ammo – Real tough guys don’t need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude.

Enjoy the show!


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