Nikon Announces a 32mm f/1.2 Lens for Mirrorless Camera System

Fans of the Nikon 1 series mirrorless cameras will wake up to a nice little bit of news today with the announcement of the 32mm f/1.2 lens. The lens itself equates to about an ~86mm field of view, finally giving the 1 series a great portrait lens to use. It also features silent wave motor technology, making it the fastest autofocus lens Nikon has ever made. [more]

SnapZoom is the New Binocular Mount For Smart Phones

Seeing that a lot of us have replaced “point’n’shoots” with smartphones, we might find ourselves missing on having an optical zoom option. It was through this need that Snapzoom was created. It’s a universal binocular mount for smartphones, meaning it fits a wide variety of both phones and binoculars. The project got started when co-founders Daniel Fujikake and Mac Nguyen started using their own smartphones to document their surf adventures from the, at the time, completely DIY, garage-made mounting device. [more]

Has Canon Admitted The Difference Between The T4i and T5i is Nothing?

Canon fans were left wanting more after the announcement of the Canon Rebel T5i. Fans everywhere made comments on how it wasn’t much of an upgrade from the t4i, and just a money grabbing attempt from Canon. Perhaps Canon has finally admitted that they’re the same camera, as they’re using old T4i ads, for the new T5i. [more]

What Do You Think About Opteka’s Recent Offer To Photographers?

You’ve probably heard of Opteka, the company that manufactures lenses, grips, and other photographic accessories and equipment. We found a recent offer on their Facebook page that we wanted to get your opinion on.  [more]

Is Talent House the New Way to Make Money With Your Art?

Social media has progressed to a point where anyone can personalize their online experience. Through your own network of friends and filters, “Likes” and “Shares” now prioritize funny or relevant content for you and those you share commonalities with. Talenthouse now seeks to utilize that method of content sharing to popularize your artistic capability. The site is designed to set apart the best of the best in any category of art through popular vote. [more]

Nikon’s Latest Patent Suggests a Future of Password Protection

Camera theft is always a concern to photographers. Unlike many electronics that connect to the internet or cellular service, cameras that are stolen are inevitably gone forever. There is no deactivating, no locking, and no real recovery methods (CameraTrace & Stolen Camera Finder aren’t perfect). However, Nikon is looking to change this, with password protection of your gear. [more]

500px Announces a New Portfolio System and New Prices

500px took the industry by storm in 2010 when it was released to the public. It seemed to have all the best parts about flickr, without the messiness. Since then, it has grown to be among the most popular portfolio websites available for photographers, and they’re about to do another overhaul, at a price of course. [more]

Fstoppers Reviews Light-Weight & Portable MeFoto Tripods

While walking the floor at WPPI, there was one item we kept seeing over and over again: the MeFoto tripod. It seemed like everyone had one, and we had never heard of the brand. So we spoke with the guys at the MeFoto booth who agreed to let us test them out. Now after using all three sizes of MeFoto tripods, I can see why they were everywhere: they’re excellent. [more]

Newest Camera Stabilizer Could Revolutionize Cinema

Camera stabilization is always a tricky game, with no easy solution. Cheap stabilizers are often difficult to balance, and expensive ones are often bulky, and make mobilization a problem. Introducing MōVI by Freefly, a stabilization system that is expected to change the DSLR movie scene forever, and its already got award winning videographer Vincent Laforet’s stamp of approval. [more]

Einstein 640 & PLM System Review From Paul C. Buff

The Einstein E640 strobe from Paul C. Buff is compact, light weight unit capable of shouldering studio work yet portable enough to take on location. The unit weighs in at four pounds and because it is self contained, it does not require a battery pack which cuts down on gear bulk.

I shot around with the Einstein 640 and the 86 inch PLM (parabolic light) umbrella in studio to test the products and see how they stacked up in my work flow. [more]

How To Share High Resolution Photos On Google+ Using Google Drive

As many of you know, Google+ has quickly become one of the top social networks for photographers. There is something beautiful about how the photos are displayed and how they scale as you roll your mouse across them.


Google Introduces the Nik Collection

When Google purchased Nik software in September, photographers were left wondering how the tech giant would assimilate Nik into its fold. It was clear that the company was lured by Nik’s mobile editing software Snapseed. Yesterday, Google, which had been mute on the subject since the purchase, unrolled a retooled suite of Nik software tools at a heavily discounted rate — $149 as compared to $499. [more]

Paddy, The Best New Way To Use Lightroom

There is no doubt Adobe Lightroom simplified the post processing workflow for photographers and retouchers since it came out. The simple layout, the easy to use sliders and the useful presets – all made post processing a much better experience. Then came Paddy, a personal code project by Dorfl, and made the process even easier. OK, not just easier – but way cooler. Paddy connects a MIDI Controller Desk to Lightroom, and lets you edit the photo directly from there. [more]

PhaseOne Announces New IQ2 Medium Format Digital Backs

There are a few companies out there known for high-quality medium format digital solutions. But few are as highly regarded as PhaseOne, whose popular ‘won’t get crushed by an elephant‘ and various freezing and heating Youtube videos helped people see its products’ durability. Today, they’ve sent a round of emails announcing their revised IQ series, offering wireless capabilities, revamped sensors, and top-of-the-line 16-bit image production with 13 stops of dynamic range… [more]

Fstoppers Reviews the Canon 35mm f/2

The 35mm focal length is one of the most popular primes made, probably only second to the 50mm if second to anyone. It’s popular because it is good for so many things, making us feel like we have to own fewer lenses to capture more amazing images. Most of you know that I’m very attached to my Sigma 35mm f/1.4, but when shooting with Canon’s new 35mm f/2 IS, I did my best to remain objective. [more]

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