Stop Motion

Behind The Scenes Of The 24×360 Project

A few weeks ago Eric Pare released the 24×360 project which included 24 cameras taking a long exposure picture of a single subject. It’s difficult to explain but once you see it you will understand. Eric was kind enough to write up an article just for us on how these incredible video clips were made. [more]

A Timelapse For The Haters

Typically I am not a fan of timelapses or stop motion videos. However, sometimes I come across one that is done so well that I am left with no choice but to admire the beauty and creativity of it. Christophe Thockler is one of those magical people that have momentarily turned me from a hater of timelapses, to a lover of them. Christophe’s 4 minute 33 second video “Degiheugi – Un Jour comme un Autre” consists of more than 35,000 photos, 120 timelapses and 160 hours of shoot time.

BTS: ‘Halloween’ A Stop-Motion Short Film Created By Children

It’s that time of year again. Children dress up in ghoulish costumes, grab their jack-o-lantern baskets and extort candy from the neighbors. Although, in Norway Sandnes Media AS, an animation studio, had the children who participated in their latest children’s animation workshop do something a little bit different this Halloween. [more]

Behind The Scenes Of Ryan Wehner’s “Joy Kingdom”

Take a behind the scenes look at how the intricate ad for the game “Joy Kingdom” was created. Almost all of the elements that you see in the ad were shot as a scene, there was obviously some degree of compositing done, but the meat of the scene was done in camera. They even shot some stop motion elements using ice! I can’t imagine how time consuming this shoot must have been.


Slow motion taking over action sports

With action sport videos continuing to get more and more impressive, it’s no wonder why the filming is moving away from the photojournalistic approach to more of a cinematic feel. Videographers are having to keep up with the trending demands of todays standards, using high quality gear like the Sony FS-700 for slow motion, and a RC helicopters for great overhead shots, like the Copter Kids. These guys use the RC helicopter to get some really unique camera movements of freestyle motocross. [more]

Behind The Scenes Of ‘Dream Music’ Is As Awesome As The Original

A while ago we posted the video Dream Music Part 2, which has since blown up and become a huge hit online. Marc Donahue, one of the co-creators along with Sean Michael Williams, shot me a link to their behind the scenes reel, which shows timelapses of timelapses, using various setups with their Dynamic Perception Dolly kit.

Amazing Slow Motion Video Of Subway Passengers

Adam Magyar is a conceptual photographer who is best known for his breathtaking series Urban Flow. In his newest project, Stainless, Adam has stitched together multiple high speed photographs of passing subway trains capturing awesome detail of urban commuters. The above video is a brilliant and clever marketing piece for the Stainless series (which can be seen here). I’m not sure what camera he used to turn 12 seconds into 8 minutes of HD footage but the results are memorizing. [more]

‘ParaNorman’: Stop Motion With The Canon 5D Mark II

We’ve heard of entire theatrical films being shot with DSLRs before, but what about stop motion masterpieces? Usually they’re handled by bigger guns like the RED EPIC, or IMAX cameras.  ’ParaNorman‘, a stop motion animation film was released a few weeks ago. The film used over sixty Canon 5d Mark IIs to capture the 400,000 frames needed to create the movie. Since the movie was shot in stereoscopic 3D, the camera had to shoot both on the left and right side of the puppets. [more]

This Batman Movie Was Made With Action Figures

I’m usually not a huge fan of stop motion videos but this 6 minute short by Derek Kwok and Henri Wong is incredible. Every detail of this video from the lighting to the sound is top notch. The design of the action figures and their animations were sometimes so good that they appear to be real. Even if stop motion isn’t your thing, this video is worth checking out. [more]

3000 + Hand Cut Pictures in Stop Motion

Every now and then you have to stop and recognize a piece of work not only for the creative thoughts put into it, but also for the sheer amount of effort involved in pulling off the project. Vu Hoang and a small team managed to come up with this clever stop motion music video using over 3,000 hand cut pictures stitched together in a clever guy meets girl music video. The final product was shot  with a Canon 7D and Canon 17-55mm F/2.8.

Music Video: 2000 Stills Held by Strangers

For his music video for the song Rivers and Homes, J.Viewz shot a ‘normal’ music video, had 2000 of its frames printed out, and re-shot and -animated together shots of several hundred fans holding those stills for the final piece — and the fans can tag themselves, too. While time-consuming, this is an elegantly simple idea with a great end result…
Via Doobybrain.com

[Stop Motion] Fascinating ‘Underwater’ Stop Motion Video by Hayley Morris

I’m so captivated by this stop motion video by Hayley Morris. She has gone above and beyond, creating a magical world of sea creatures. You will love the vibrant colors and interesting use of textures. It’s a brilliantly executed project and definitely worth watching. It was made as a music video for the song ”Bounce Bounce” by Hilary Hahn and Hauschka. [more]

[Video] Incredible Stop Motion Video Inspired by Ernest Hemingway

I’m kind of obsessed with stop motion, and have dabbled in it from time to time. But this particular stop motion video is top notch. Watch as a pair of hands (belonging to an artist named Hagen Reiling) draw the story of Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and The Sea. The camera work and edit were done by Marcel Schindler. He shot with a [more]

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