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Fstoppers Exclusive Look at Art Streiber and Paramount’s 100th Anniversary Masterpiece

Days of preparation, hundreds of people, and 57 Profoto strobes culminated in just five minutes and forty-two seconds of fast-paced shooting. In photographer Art Streiber’s own words, “it was pretty huge, and a little out of control.” I’ll say. In an Fstoppers exclusive, we go behind the scenes of one of the largest and most sensitive group photo shoots ever undertaken with 116 of Hollywood’s greatest stars on one stage at one time to celebrate Paramount Studio’s 100th anniversary. [more]

The Real Life Barbie Photoshoot

Check out this amazing photoshoot by Dina Goldstein she titled “In The Dollhouse.” Dina spared no expense as her team built set after set to complete this real-life Barbie and Ken series. Just like the last Barbie series we posted, this one is also a little twisted. Apparently you can’t go wrong with Barbie series because these images have already gone viral around the web. [more]

Canon Explorer of Light Tyler Stableford Uses an Excess of Speedlights To Shoot Skiers in Colorado

We’ve featured Tyler Stableford multiple times before on Fstoppers, as he seems to be one of the first to get his hands on all of the new gear before it hits the shelves. This time, he’s at it again: working with action sports athletes high in the mountains of Colorado. However…the results left me scratching my head a bit. Read [more]

Shooting Insects On Seamless For Conservation

South Carolina photographer Clay Bolt is a professional nature photographer who has taken his love for the environment in an interesting direction. Clay started a program called Meet Your Neighbours which has inspired photographers all around the world to shoot small local animals on a mobile seamless white background. You probably don’t have to travel far to take amazing nature photography.

Joey L Shoots “Holy Men” From Around The World

Joey Lawrence has made several trips over the past few years to India and Ethiopia in order to create a larger body of work centered around Holy Men from all around the world. Check out a sampling of his work and check out the rest HERE.


[Behind The Scenes Video] The Making Of A Cover Shot With Supermodel Coco Rocha

You might remember Coco Rocha from her past ELLE controversy that we recently posted. She’s definitely one of the industry’s top models. This time, we take a look at the making of a cover for Target Style. How many shots does it take to get ‘the’ cover shot when you have a supermodel as your subject? Take a look and find out.  [more]

[Review] The Clever, Durable, And Simple Honl Lighting System Is A Must For Any Small-Flash User

If you’re a regular user of small flashes, you know how overwhelming it can be when it comes time to purchase modifiers for your lights. One of the more popular systems is David Honl’s line of accessories, based around his Speed Strap concept. I’ve reviewed and tested every piece in the line, and I’ve got all the info you could possibly want. [more]

[Photos] Gaby Herbstein’s Awe-Inspiring Sets Made From Garbage

Gaby Herbstein is a photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Last year she created a calendar with beautiful and mysterious sets made from repurposed trash. Her end product is a collection of images that bring you back to a time before responsibility, where imagination reigns supreme … you know, your youth. Also, check out a BTS video that is on her website (en Español). Enjoy! [more]

[Photos] Street Fighter Photoshoot!

AhhhYUkin! Here is a great “blast from the past” set of Street Fighter photos from photographer Alexander Nerozya. He and his friends came together to create a pretty impressive collection of images that any gamer would be proud of. Open the post to see his full description of how he made the images, complete with BTS shots and video. Enjoy! [more]

[Behind The Scenes] Fashion Photographer Melissa Rodwell’s Kurv Magazine Shoot

Fashion photographer Melissa Rodwell has become a good friend of ours over the years. The New York based photographer lives and breathes fashion photography, and as you can see with her images it really shows. The self proclaimed “photographer who does not own a digital camera” teamed up with Kurv magazine to produce some very exotic fashion images. As with most fashion images, the retouching is pretty important with interesting [more]

[BTS] The Anatomy of a Luxury Interior Shot

When it comes to interior and architectural photography, there is often much more involved than what meets the eye at first glance. In order to create a photograph that is realistic and enticing, careful planning, staging, lighting and a healthy dose of patience is imperative. In this Fstoppers Original, we dive into a luxury interior shot and see what it takes to construct a mouth-watering interior photo from the ground up. [more]

[Fun] Test Your Skills in this Virtual Lighting Studio

Here’s a fun Saturday morning activity for you – try your hand at lighting a virtual model in this Virtual Lighting Studio. It’s pretty simple, and very addicting. For each light, you’ll choose the source – a bare strobe, softbox, or ringlight. Then just decide the power, gel colors, placement and distance. [more]

[Video] Shooting The Ad Campaign For Discovery’s River Monsters

Our good friend Blair Bunting is at it again. This time Blair was hired to shoot the ad campaign for The Discovery Channels hit show River Monsters. The concept was relatively simple; to have the show’s host Jeremy Wade wrestling a giant fish in the shallow waters near South Beach, Florida. To do this Blair’s team used a fake fish that was then replaced in post. To freeze the water with a quick flash duration  and stay portable Blair used the new Photoflex Tritons. [more]

[Education] Mark Wallace Is Coming To A City Near You

Most of you know Mark Wallace as the face behind Adorama TV. He’s a very accomplished photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona and we recently were able to share some drinks with him when we filmed Blair Bunting’s Aventador video. Mark gave us a little glimpse about his 2012 Workshop Tour and now the details are finally able to be revealed. If you are a fan of Mark, which we hope you are, click the full post to hear about his new 7 city tour! [more]

[BTSV] Blast from the Past: Creating a Nat Geo Cover in the Studio

National Geographic recently released this video of the creation of one of their cover shots. While there is no exact date on it, I’d bet that it was shot sometime in the early 2000s or late 1990s guessing from technology being used. Some real ingenuity was at work here, as evidenced by the custom-built pneumatic jaw, the hand-cast Tyrannosaurus skull, and not to mention what appears to be at least ten cameras all triggered at the same time via laser in an effort to capture the decisive moment. [more]

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