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The Most Attractive Photo On The Internet

Even though this was shot in 2011 for Vanity Fair’s 17th annual Hollywood Issue, this image is still the most attractive photo on the internet. It’s so eye catching that I had to take a second look just to notice there was a lion in the frame. As beautiful as this image is, especially those in it, I have to say that there is one celebrity missing who would have made this entire image better: Ryan Gosling. This one’s for you, ladies. [more]

Shooting On Location With A Deardorff

Like the majority of photographers today, I most often capture digitally for my clients.  However, for special projects, I still like to shoot film – especially large format film.  Normally, my Deardorff 11×14 camera lives in the studio.  But every now and then, I get the crazy idea of taking it on location. [more]

Beautiful Artistic Water Droplets Resemble Sculpture

We’ve featured Markus Reugels on Fstoppers before for his images captured in water droplets series. I liked that series, but I love this one. Markus’ skill has improved dramatically, and the recent batch of water sculptures caught by freezing action is pretty spectacular. I would joyfully put any (or all) of these on my wall. [more]

Runner’s Paradise Behind The Scenes With Kevin Winzeler

Kevin Winzeler, a commercial photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, had an amazing opportunity this summer to travel to New Zealand for one of his advertising shoots for Altra Footwear. He shot both in the studio for the initial product shots, but he also took the shoot outdoors in some amazing New Zealand locations for some actions images, as well. [more]

Insert Here: Sensual and Artistic Portraits of Sex Toys [NSFW]

Sam Kaplan, a New York-based product and still life photographer, was inspired to create a series of photographs of an object that is often enjoyed in the bedroom rather than on a gallery wall. Sam decided to change all of that, and his series ‘Insert Here’ takes the taboo and transforms it into an exploration of line, form, and color: Dildart, if you will. It goes without saying that you might want to be careful where you open this post. [more]

‘Specialicious’ Behind The Scenes Shoot With Jonathan Thorpe

Northern Virginia Magazine wanted a fun and different approach to an ad for their bargain locator website, Specialicious.com. Jonathan Thorpe, an amazing commercial photographer and a regular on our Fstoppers Facebook group, was assigned the task of shooting the project. The concept, a beauty queen who shopped on the website and is trying a paintball experience for the first time. [more]

Ryan Buller Visualizes and Photographs Sound

I am always amazed at photographers who can take a simple idea  that costs very little and turn it into a really cool photo shoot. In his most recent shoot, Ryan Buller does just that by applying drops of multicolored paint to the top of a garbage bag wrapped over a speaker. Check out his simple set up and the beautiful results!


How To Make Smoke Lay On Water

In this lighting lesson, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens offers a very cool DIY effect; how to make smoke lay on water. Achieving smoke and wind in photography are two very difficult tasks that Jay P. made very easy by showing this step by step process. Have you guys ever experienced with smoke and wind? If so, share your images and how you did it in the comments below. [more]

Forbes $126 Billion Dollar Photograph

If you’ve ever had to photograph a large group of people, you probably understand how difficult it can be to capture every single person looking great. Imagine if that group photo was made up of 12 of the worlds richest Billionaires! That’s what photographer Michael Prince did when he had to photograph the cover of Forbes Magazine during the 400 Summit on Philanthropy back in June. [more]

Behind The Scenes With Joey L: Shooting And Lighting Female Models

Joey L, who is widely known for his both compelling photos of quickly-vanishing lifestyles and visually engaging advertising work, recently put together a very informative BTS post on his blog which goes into detail about his lighting setups and approach to working with female models. Joey admits that while he does not regularly work with female models, [more]

Joe McNally Explains Softbox Grids and How To Gel Your Flash

Adorama TV has been mixing up their youtube channel lately, and this week features the TTL acrobatics of Joe McNally. Joe walks you through a typical street portrait as he accentuates the natural ambient light with a single speedlight gelled red. The more useful tip Joe gives is how to control the spill of your large softlight with an “egg crate” or softbox grid. I’m still shocked he pulled this shot off using only the Nikon D800 pop up flash acting as commander.

Police Station Lighting Made Cat Cora Look Great

Cat Cora, a well known celebrity from the Food Network show Iron Chef as well as Bravo TV’s Around the World in 80 Plates, was arrested for drinking and driving in Santa Barbara, California. It looks like this particular police station has taken a few lighting lessons from Peter Hurley. Anyone care to take a guess at the lighting setup? [more]

Shooting Zombies Through A Car

In this behind the scenes video, photographer Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens shows us how he shoots zombies through a car using a Kessler shuttle pod. The camera movement is the most crucial part in making this commercial. The Kessler pod has to stay high enough so that when they move through the car, it will not shake the camera.

How To Use Both Continuous And Strobe Lighting Simultaneously to Create Compelling Images

Jay P Morgan has been getting a lot of press recently for both his creative imagery and his informative behind-the-scenes videos, and for good reason: they’re chock-full of great information and Jay shows everything from his lighting setups to post-processing tricks. In this BTS, Jay gives us a look at how he balances constant lights with strobe lights, something that [more]

Carli Davidson’s Spectacular Pet Portraiture

Carli Davidson loves animals, and it shows in her work. Though she is an avid photographer, her profession has never trumped her desire to interact with animals. She works for the Oregon Zoo, animal rescues, and nature preserves taking care of exotic and native wildlife over the last sixteen years. To her, animals are her people. Her dedication to them shows in her photography, and the way she is able to capture the personality of a pet is pretty much unmatched. [more]

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