Portraits Of The World’s Greatest ‘Staches And Beards

Photographer Matt Rainwaters hails from the land of Texas where all things are big and bold. So when he set out to shoot a project chock-full of the world’s biggest and bestest moustaches and beards it just seemed like the right thing to do. The subjects are simply lit with a single ring flash shot against a black background, but in situations like this you dont really need complex lighting and crazy locations … [more]

Understanding Octodomes And Octo Boxes

In this behind the scenes video, Photographer Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens explains in-depth, the differences between lighting with the Octodome and a rectangular soft box. By building a 12 foot tape wall, he was able to clearly explain the area of coverage and quality of light for 14 different lighting set-ups. [more]

Elf Faces Made From Raw Peanuts

Portland based artist and photographer Wendy Given created these highly unusual and whimsical photographs of elves found in peanuts. The inspiration behind these photos came from a game she played when she was a small child. Wendy would search to find elf-like faces after cracking open the raw peanuts. Each peanut you see in the images was chosen because of it’s preexisting, natural elf-like features. [more]

How Lens Focal Length Shapes the Face

It’s pretty crazy to think just a small change of focal length can drastically distort your subject’s face. In this behind the scenes video , Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens goes into detail to show us each change and how it effected the model’s appearance. Maybe you’re interested in buying a fixed lens or maybe you’re interested in gaining tips on portrait and headshot photography – either way this video is definitely worth checking out. [more]

Photographs Of Snakes Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Most often we only see these reptiles eating their prey or striking at a potential threat. French photographer, Guido Mocafico has created some pretty fascinating images featuring snakes of all different sizes, shapes and colors. [more]

Free Online Photography Workshop: Building A Baby And Teen Business

Everyone knows that having a returning client is great for your business. Family photographer Sandy Puc‘ has found a smart way to maintain returning clients by photographing toddlers all the way through their teenage years. In her free creativeLIVE workshop Bellies & Babies, Sandy teaches how you can gain family clients during a child’s early years. On August 3rd, Sandy switches gears and focuses on The Business of Tots to Teens and how you can create a stable income as your returning clients grow. [more]

This Year’s Olympians Are Also Sexy Super Models NSFW

Is it just me or are the Olympians this year extra revealing? Each year ESPN releases a Body Issue which features men and women Olympians fully nude but this year other publications are also jumping on board with extra sexy Olympic imagery. For every image you have seen there are dozens of other photoshoots that also took place. In this video we go behind the scenes on a handful of these lesser known shoots featuring female athletes.  [more]

Guess The Lighting Blog Takes The Guesswork Out Of Lighting

Photographer Ted Sabarese who is “armed with only a wacom tablet, less-than-mediocre drawing skills and an acute sense of smell” walks us through some of the photo industry’s best images. Ted gives us his hypothetical lighting used on the photos in question and teaches us a thing or two in the process. Enjoy! [more]

Slow Motion Video Of Fire Breathers Shot At 2,000 FPS

As a pyromaniac I am instantly satisfied by watching a fire breather spit flames in any way. But show it too me in ultra slow motion at 2,000 FPS and I am mesmerized! Chris Bolton is the creator of this short video titled “First Time”. Essentialy, the premise of this video is quite simple, lots of fire breathing, really really slow, from lots of different angles. Chris shot the footage on a Weisscam HS-2 digital video camera and used Cooke S4 prime lenses. Enjoy! [more]

Crappy Green Screen Footage? Fix It Like This!

I have been learning a ton of video know how in the past few months from watching the tutorials over at VideoMaker. I recently shot a green screen video for some background compositing and didn’t take as much time as I should have setting up the lights for the green screen (the subjects on the other hand were flawlessly lit, haha). I thought I was out of luck until I came across this video which showed me how to fix my beginner’s mistake and also has a few more handy tips for other green screen screw ups. Enjoy!

100 Ultra Moody Self Portraits

Hailing from Italy, photographer Luca Pierro has created quite a dramatic project with his 100 Self Portraits series. Each photo certainly keeps to a style while being diverse and unique all at the same time. I rarely shoot low key, so when I see it done well it really inspires me to get out and do it myself. Hopefully Luca’s work will inspire you to try something new as well. Enjoy! [more]

Glamour Shots, Insect Style

Slovak macrographer (not a real term) Dusan Beno has built quite a stunning body of work consisting almost entirely of bugs. These insect headshots are intense and beautiful at the same time. Dusan’s mix of lighting and color really make these images pop and they leave me wanting to see more. Check out his 500px for larger versions of these photos. Enjoy! [more]

Fstoppers Reviews the Canon 40mm f/2.8 Pancake Lens

When the Canon 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens was announced a couple weeks ago, Canon fans all over were squealing with joy- myself included. This tiny lens would be great for life on the go, had a brand new AF engine called the Stepping Motor (or STM), and looked to be extremely versatile. But does it live up to the expectations? [more]

What Is Your Pantone Color?

Using Pantone’s categorical system of coloring, Brazilian artist and photographer Angelica Dass has started a fascinating project (The Humanae Project) that will eventually catalog every possible human skin tone. [more]

Preview ESPN’s Body Issue 2012

If you’re a sports fan, or even if you just like toned and tan bodies, you’re going to want to pick up the next issue of ESPN (hits newsstands Friday). It’s filled with some pretty sexy images of the United States’ favorite athletes in nothing but their birthday suits. [more]

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