Michael Muller Photographs Speedo

I guess this has become Speedo Week on Fstoppers! I recently discovered the photography of Michael Muller and must have spent a good hour on his website checking out all sorts of amazing photography! He has recently been working with Speedo for their summer catalog, and the production that goes into these shoots is insane. Click the post for a second video showcasing some BTS material from this shoot and be sure to check out Michael’s website for all sorts of inspiring photography.

Speedo Outlines A Complete Ad Campaign

I’m always interested in underwater photoshoots because I’ve failed miserably trying to do my own underwater shoots in the past. I was happy when I came across this video created by Speedo where they show you exactly how they came up for their new 2010 print ad campaign. It’s a shame they don’t showcase photographer Martin Brent more than they do but they do a great job showing how the idea was first created and the process of going from idea to final rendering.

I Learn To Scuba/Fail At Underwater Photography

I spend most of my time in Charleston, SC and NYC. It was February and Charleston was uncomfortably cold and NYC was unbearably cold. I had some free time so I decided to fly down to Placencia Belize and learn to scuba dive. As a photographer I wanted to get some cool photography as well. The trip ended up being the most memorable trip of my life but I broke 2 of my 3 underwater cameras on the first day and I didn’t get a single quality image under the water… Read more after the jump and watch the youtube version is you happen to be on your cell phone.

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