Ben Von Wong’s Epic Hair in Slow Motion

Von Wong is at it again in this super slow motion (700fps) video that has adds a certain ‘epic’ quality to a funny story about — you guessed it — his hair. Featured is a quick BTSV talking about the gear he used, but we have the full slow-mo tilt-shift video. [more]

Series Of Behind The Scenes Videos From The New James Bond Movie “Skyfall”

One of the most anticipated movies this year has got to be the new James Bond flick, “Skyfall“, directed by Sam Mendes. A series of behind the scenes videos have been posted online, and they really do offer a great look at just a few of the many things that go into such a vast production. Well worth a watch. 12 more videos are inside! [more]

Rack Focusing Made Easy With FocusMaker

Anyone getting started out in DSLR video production can tell you that one of the biggest frustrations for them is changing focus during a shot. This is where FocusMaker comes in. It attaches to any lens and in just a few minutes you can have focus points marked on the big ruler, and easily jump back and forth from focus point to focus point.


Pics Or It Didn’t Happen? Fake Marathon Wants Your Photos To Make It Seem Real

The Kickstarter Project called Run Free 2013 is a fake marathon that Ridiculo.us is putting on to see if they can use user-submitted photos of an event that isn’t actually happening, to make it seem like it did. While certainly a fun idea, a bigger question begs to be asked– if all it takes are photos and tweets to make something seem like it actually happened, how in the future can we account for the difference between the real and a hoax? Embedded video inside. [more]

Retouching Skin Utilizing Frequency Separation

When retouching photos of people there are a lot of things to take into consideration, especially when it comes to working on their skin. Retouching skin can be a very tricky thing! It’s very easy for it to look too blotchy or too plastic, and normally that is not what you want. My favorite method is frequency separation, and I reference this tutorial by Sara Kiesling often. How do you retouch skin? Let us know in the comments!

National Geographic Films Fastest Animal In Slow Mo

If you were asked to film the world’s fastest animal running in slow motion, what would you do? Director Hans Weise and cinematographer Greg Wilson teamed up with National Geographic to produce some stunning footage of a cheetah running at full speed. After meticulously building a 410 foot dolly to die for, the team propelled a few Canon 1D X cameras and a high speed Phantom along side the cheetah. I can’t wait to see the final footage but after watching the behind the scenes video I’m sure it’s going to be breathtaking.

UPDATE: Here is the final slow motion footage used for National Geographic:

Cheetahs on the Edge–Director’s Cut from Gregory Wilson on Vimeo.

This Slit Scanned Video Will Blow Your Mind

I’m sure most of you happened to see images created with the Slit Scan technique, but probably never got to see it being used in videos. Until now. Sit down and get ready to have your brain explode. This awesome video experiment was made by French filmmakers Adrien M / Claire B who filmed it with a Canon 7D at 60fps. Beautiful work.

A Look Into The Best Post Production Business In The World: Box Studios

Pascal Dangin is the founder and chief of Box Studios, a retouching house based out of NYC. They’re known for retouching some of the world’s best photographs, some of which grace Vogue and Vanity Fair. He also works with Annie Leibovitz and Steven Meisel. Unofficially, he’s credited as being the world’s most sought after retoucher in the industry. He is also very mysterious and so is Box. Here, we get an in depth look at what goes on behind the scenes at Box.  [more]

How to Create a Giant Croc Munching on Your Friends

Good special effects are the ones you don’t really realize were “special.” They are the moments that give you that sense of awe without dragging you away from being caught in the moment. Fuel VFX specializes in creating special effects for a wide range of movies, some of which you’ve most likely seen this year.  [more]

Chase Jarvis Live: Behind Brain Farm’s Art of Flight

Most of our readers should be familiar with Brain Farm. Basically they have been taking cinematography to the next level when it comes to action sports; think of them as the planet earth of extreme footage. Chase Jarvis recently invited executive producer Chad Jackson and pro snowboarder Travis Rice over to his Seattle studio to talk about the release of The Art of Flight. Watch the inspiring interview in the full post [more]

Photographs Are Recreated With Thread By Hand In “Portrait And Process”

Figurative artist Cayce Zavaglia started as a painter, but has since discovered new techniques to sate her creative appetite. As she calls it, her “renegade embroidery” comes from a portrait that she shoots of a person, and then she recreates that portrait using threaded wool in a way that creates the allusion of depth, volume, and form. This video from Garrett Zavaglia gives viewers an inside look into her process.

A Timelapse For The Haters

Typically I am not a fan of timelapses or stop motion videos. However, sometimes I come across one that is done so well that I am left with no choice but to admire the beauty and creativity of it. Christophe Thockler is one of those magical people that have momentarily turned me from a hater of timelapses, to a lover of them. Christophe’s 4 minute 33 second video “Degiheugi – Un Jour comme un Autre” consists of more than 35,000 photos, 120 timelapses and 160 hours of shoot time.

Retoucher Amy Dresser Speaks About The Various Intentions Of Retouching

Amy Dresser has been an industry established retoucher for at least 10 years now. At Luminance 2012, she spoke about a range of topics including her relationship with other photographers to the basic principles of retouching. Granted that many of it is personal preference, there’s a lot of good information to take from her presentation.  [more]

Oops Olympus! Justin Bieber’s New Music Video Was Also Shot With GoPros [UPDATED]

A couple of nights ago a close friend of mine, Jesse, gushed over Justin Bieber’s new music video, ‘Beauty and A Beat’. How it was entirely shot with the new Olympus TG-1 (a point-and-shoot camera) and how I should write a post about it for the site. So, taking his lead I went ahead and did some research on Justin’s new music video. [more]

RAW Timelapse Tutorial Part II: Preproduction Preparations

The next chapter in Preston Kanak’s ‘The RAW Timelapse Tutorial‘ series is now available for free on Preston’s Vimeo page. In this chapter Preston goes over the importance of planning your timelapse  (pre-production) in three different sections: Story, Scheduling and Scouting. This tutorial will help you plan your production accordingly to help your margin for error decrease, so that your shoot runs smoother. [more]

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