Oops Olympus! Justin Bieber’s New Music Video Was Also Shot With GoPros [UPDATED]

A couple of nights ago a close friend of mine, Jesse, gushed over Justin Bieber’s new music video, ‘Beauty and A Beat’. How it was entirely shot with the new Olympus TG-1 (a point-and-shoot camera) and how I should write a post about it for the site. So, taking his lead I went ahead and did some research on Justin’s new music video. [more]

RAW Timelapse Tutorial Part II: Preproduction Preparations

The next chapter in Preston Kanak’s ‘The RAW Timelapse Tutorial‘ series is now available for free on Preston’s Vimeo page. In this chapter Preston goes over the importance of planning your timelapse  (pre-production) in three different sections: Story, Scheduling and Scouting. This tutorial will help you plan your production accordingly to help your margin for error decrease, so that your shoot runs smoother. [more]

BTS: ‘Halloween’ A Stop-Motion Short Film Created By Children

It’s that time of year again. Children dress up in ghoulish costumes, grab their jack-o-lantern baskets and extort candy from the neighbors. Although, in Norway Sandnes Media AS, an animation studio, had the children who participated in their latest children’s animation workshop do something a little bit different this Halloween. [more]

Parkour and a Flexible POV With a Multicopter

I’m always a fan of watching talented humans. Parkour is one of those activities which I’ll never be good at, but am amazed to watch. HeliPOV had the same idea and decided that parkour group 3RUN should be shown off to the rest of us. The HeliPOV team was kind enough to film the groups jumps and dives using their multicopter. Not only does this clip show off some fun acrobatics, but it also gives a sense of what kind of shots a multicopter can pull off.

Gorgeous Fashion Editorial By Benjamin Kanarek For Harpers BAZAAR.

Benjamin Kanarek is quickly becoming one of my favorite fashion photographers. He just released his editorial spread, “In My Castle,” for Harpers BAZAAR en Español covering Haute Couture, which only comes twice a year and is only shown in Paris. The photos are absolutely gorgeous. This is truly fashion photography at it’s finest!


Cadillac ATS Behind The Scenes: Morocco’s Most Dangerous Road

Some of the most interesting and exciting video footage often comes out of car commercials. The current ad for Cadillac’s new 2013 ATS features some pretty awesome footage of the luxury sports sedan speeding down the winding roads of Morocco’s Atlas Mountain. This stretch of road overlooking the Dades Gorge is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. So when director Jeff Zwart decided to test the ATS’s Brembo brakes and limited-slip differential, he not only put the drivers in danger but also put a ton of camera gear in harms way. Full behind the scenes video in the full post [more]

Von Wong’s Epic Sunrise Band Shoot

I’m starting to wonder when Ben Von Wong sleeps… Not only is he constantly producing great work, but he is also constantly producing amazing Behind The Scenes videos to accompany them. In his latest video Ben takes us behind the scenes on his shoot with the band SX in Belgium. Limited to being able to shoot in just an indoor pool, he had to overcome the challenge of making it appear as if the band was outdoors, in water, at sunset.


Beautiful Shoot Of New Bond Girl, Bérénice Marlohe

Growing up I was always excited when there was a James Bond marathon on TV. My dad was equally excited, but it took me a few years to realize his joy too. Bond films have always had a history of showcasing beautiful women as the romantic interest, and the new Bond film, Skyfall, is no exception. Harper’s Bazaar en Espanol features Bérénice Marlohe, the newest Bond girl in their November issue next month. Check out these photos (and video) of the gorgeous 33 year old shot by Benjamin Kanarek.


Some Fun and Well Done Canon 550D Rebel t2i Test Footage

Short films are regular projects for Andres Overgaard. Instead of doing his normal work, for one of his most recent projects, Andres decided to take out the Canon 550D/Rebel t2i and test out his Tamron 18-270 mm shooting some video. All shots were hand held with some work done later in post. While the cinematography does show some of the quality shots you can get with the body and lens combo, make sure you stick around for the ending, it’s worth it.


Behind The Scenes Of Red Giant’s ‘Form 17′

Seth Worley, the director of ultimate short films, such as ‘Plot Device‘ and ‘Order Up‘ is back with another short film that he directed for Red Giant… ‘Form 17‘. The short film centers around a bomb defuser and his daughter while on a ‘take your daughter to work day’. (Why couldn’t my dad be a bomb defuser…or a unicorn whisperer?) In the behind the scenes look at the short film Seth goes over the writing process, the hectic filming schedule (aka: one day) and the post-production process. He also explains how he used PluralEyes from Red Giant to easily sync all of the audio. [more]

How To Fake An Underwater Scene In A Pool

For over a year and a half now, David Reynolds has been filming his “budget” series of short films called The Underwater Realm. Each week he and his team release a behind the scenes video on how they overcome some technical aspect of filming (previous Fstoppers posts here). This week Eve explains how he tackled the challenge of making a small diving pool appear like an infinite ocean using something other than green screen. If this is what is required on a budget, I can’t imagine what the full blown productions look like!

Freddie Wong Puts on an Epic Car Chase

A good car chase has heroes, villians,  jumps, crashes, helicopters and more. Youtube master Freddie Wong manages to capture the best elements of an epic car chase but does it on a small scale. By using RC cars, Freddie and his crew are able to set up the scene and retake as many times as they want.  Check out the final video below.


Magic Lantern Update Brings Clean HDMI And HDR Video To The Canon 5DMIII

The Second Version of Magic Lantern for the Canon 5D Mark III has been released! Most of the hype with Magic Lantern lately has been about the crack of the Canon 7D’s firmware, but attention has shifted with this announcement. This video shows the power of HDR Video on the 5DM3. New features include smooth exposure transitions (ISO, shutter or aperture), HDR Video, focus assistants, and [more]

Von Wong Shoots With Continuous Light

Using fluorescent light tubes and a small flash into some transparent cloth, Ben Von Wong delivers with some beautiful images. He shot these photos in collaboration with a hairstylist and makeup artist to compete in the Contessa hair dressing award. As usual, Von Wong didn’t just stop at creating some awesome images, because he also supplied us with a great behind the scenes video.


Sequence 9 Shows The Beauty All Around Us

London photog, Dave Kai-Piper, is one of my favorite people in the fashion photography industry. He is talented, driven, kind and a blast to work with. I got to meet Dave and his close friend/assistant/videographer, Paul McKelvie in England last year while shooting video for a web series and the 3 of us have been good friends since. Their video “Sequence 9″ is Dave and Paul’s effort to show the beauty in all forms in the world around us by bringing together timelapse photography and what I can only describe as “BTS-Fine-Art-Fashion” videography. Be sure to check out Dave and Paul and enjoy the video! [more]

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