Complex’s Shots Fired With Zack Arias

Complex Magazine has started a new video series on their blog called Shots Fired. For their debut episode they feature Zack Arias and follow him through Atlanta while he does his street photography thing. I have to give so much respect to Zack (and really all street photographers) for going out and boldly shooting photos of total strangers. The thought of getting in an awkward conversation/confrontation with a total stranger is not something I think I would enjoy.


This Song Makes Fun Of All You Instagram Users

This funny video created by Julia Mattison is probably the best thing that came out of the invention of Instagram. If you’re addicted to Instagram, this song will make you feel ashamed. If you’re a friend of someone who’s addicted, this video will remind you how much your friend can be annoying. Happy watching everyone! [more]

Learn To Use The Canon Rebel T4i In Depth With John Greengo

For someone on the move, the Canon T4i is not a bad option. This camera is the smallest you can get without going mirrorless. From 9am-1pm today only, creativeLIVE will be hosting an intensive workshop with Photographer John Greengo. John will go in-depth with the Canon T4i and show you how to get the most out of what you have in the least amount of time. [more]

This Music Video Was Shot On 16 Rolls Of 35mm Film

In a day and age where DSLR HD video is all the rage with indie film makers, Scotty Liberatore decided to take a different route. Using only a Lomography LomoKino 35mm Film Camera and a few different film stocks Scotty made a very interesting and unique video for rapper Diatribe.


The New Panasonic GH3 Has Impressive Specs, See It In Action With Philip Bloom

Amidst all of the hype over the new DSLRs from Canon and Nikon (the 6D, 5DMIII, D800) Panasonic seems to have slipped under the radar with some still shooters, and I don’t think this is one that us video people should simply brush off. This new camera body comes equipped with wifi, a weather sealed body, and In this video, see Philip Bloom using preproduction GH3 on a short film shoot… [more]

Myspace Re-Aims Its Sights On Creatives

Lunch time here at work which means it’s time to set the stylus down and lurk Facebook. Once upon a time I would have been saying “time to lurk Myspace,” and it looks like that time could be coming back. Myspace is rebuilding itself from the ground up, and it honestly looks stunning.


Von Wong Photographs a Body Painted Nude, Suspended from Chains

Check out this video featuring Montreal stripper Suntory as he was painted up, greased up and strung up. The body paint by MUA Jessica Renahan used a blend of petroleum jelly, acrylic, oil paint and charcoal, creating an amazing obsidian/metallic sheen. Couple that with Benjamin’s usual creativity, dedication and talent and you get some wicked results. [more]

A Sci-Fi Short that Looks at Our Obsession with Digital Content and Social Media

Armed with a Canon 5D Mark II, After Effects, CS5, Color Finesse, Sapphire and Final Cut, director Francois Ferracci turns out a striking short film that looks at the direction of social media and digital content. There are quite a few messages that you can take away from “Lost Memories” but the one that hits home for me is how it reflects our future current state of social interaction and how we can so easily get caught up in sharing our moments that we forget to actually experience them. [more]

Gallagher In Slow Motion … This Video Was Destined To Be Made

In an attempt to create the best camera review video the interweb has ever seen, FCTN (Fiction) put the Phantom Miro up against Gallagher, 80′s icon and nemesis to watermelons the world over. There’s enough 80′s power, shirtless old men, whacky hair, glitter and splattering in this video that some of you may confuse this for a Richard Simon’s workout tape. But be certain, Phantom Miro + Gallagher = you’re all going to watch this, love it and share it. [more]

Video Comparison Of The Blackmagic Cinema Camera Vs The Canon 5D III

With just under a week left for our Blackmagic Cinema Camera giveaway here at Fstoppers, we figured this would be a great opportunity to show you how impressive this camera is in comparison to the Canon 5D Mark III. This video, produced by One River Media, really shows how well the Blackmagic performs in every aspect. With 13 stops of dynamic range along with many of its other features, the difference is quite apparent in this video.  [more]

Game Of Thrones CGI VFX Breakdowns

Be fair warned, this video contains SPOILERS for anyone who hasn’t seen season 2 of Game of Thrones yet. Ok, the warning is out of the way. This video, while lacking any commentary, gives an awesome insight into the CGI effects used in this visually stunning show. The group who did this, Pixomondo, actually won a Creative Arts Emmy for outstanding special effects for this season. Check it out! (I just wish it was in HD)

Compositing A Unique Family Portrait With Ben Von Wong

Back again, Benjamin Von Wong takes on family portraits this time in another one of his behind the scenes videos. See how he put together 4 different scenes to make typically mundane photography style come to life. Using a D800E and Photoshop, check out how Ben works his magic. [more]

The Lion City: Tilt-Shift And Timelapse Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Check out this jaw-dropping (I know we throw that word around a lot here, but seriously…I mean it this time, if you disagree, you can have your money back) video project by Keith Loutit. Filmed in Singapore, this timelapse explores depth of field in a way that I’ve never seen before. It’s simply incredible! [more]

Magic Lantern Team Cracks The Canon 7D

Many 7D users never thought they would be able to run Magic Lantern on their cameras like their friends did with their other Canon cameras. It was thought that the firmware of the camera was just impossible to crack. Then yesterday the magic lantern team said they had made the first successful patch of the 7D.


BTS: ASU’s ‘Sparky’ Gets A Fiery Update

Arizona State University’s mascot, ‘Sparky’, and its football team, the Arizona Sun Devils, have lit up several stadiums over the years with it’s blazing and rock-driven intro video, but after seven seasons it looks like poor Sparky is in need of an update. The people over at True Story Films have taken over the task of sprucing the Sun Devil up for its new remake of its traditional stadium intro video.  [more]

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