Incredible “Chasing Ice” Project Shows Challenges Of Shooting 3-Year Timelapses

In 2005 Photographer James Balog began a project of immense scale and historical importance; to capture the changing climate of the earth by shooting images of melting glaciers. The documentary “Chasing Ice” tells his story, and shows the technical challenges he faced, like dealing with harsh temperatures and highly remote locations. This trailer gives us a sneak peek of the final movie, which will be released in November. [more]

My First Post As An Fstoppers Contributor – Douglas Sonders

First of all, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Douglas Sonders and I am a photographer and filmmaker. I’m excited to share this first post as an official member of the Fstoppers team with you. I have loved this site as a reader since its inception and am honored by the opportunity to share with you loads of new original content, much of which will come from behind the scenes of my own crazy shoots.


The Guide To Not Sucking So Bad on Instagram

By now you’ve probably formed a clear cut opinion about Instagram. It’s the program we either love to hate, or just plain love! If there was such a thing as Instagram etiquette, or the ‘right’ way to Instagram, this is probably as close to anything we’ve seen so far. New York City filmmaker Casey Neistat decided to illustrate a few points. He does drop one word of profanity so be cautious if you’re in a sensitive area.  [more]

Slow motion taking over action sports

With action sport videos continuing to get more and more impressive, it’s no wonder why the filming is moving away from the photojournalistic approach to more of a cinematic feel. Videographers are having to keep up with the trending demands of todays standards, using high quality gear like the Sony FS-700 for slow motion, and a RC helicopters for great overhead shots, like the Copter Kids. These guys use the RC helicopter to get some really unique camera movements of freestyle motocross. [more]

Need A Free Source For Unique Models? VonWong: Costume Parties Are The Answer

If you’re like most of us photographers out there, you don’t always have a budget for a costume designer and money for a nice wardrobe for models. For paid projects, this would be covered, but for personal endeavors, the budget simply is too much for most shooters to afford. Ben VonWong has solved this problem by learning to approach people who have already done the work for us. [more]

Arrowhead: Signal – A $600 Sci-Fi Short Film

Having the opportunity to work on Rubidium Wu’s The Silent City I’ve become very intrigued inspired by all the great independent film makers out there who are taking full advantage of accessible technologies like the Canon 5D Mark II. The latest of which, Arrowhead: Signal, by writer/directed Jesse O’Brien was made for a ballpark figure of 600 bucks. If you don’t include the T4i, 5DMII setup and 3 years of invested time they appear to have used. But still how many of us have a kick ass [more]

Tips For Shooting Better Portraits At Sunset

Lighting Asylum has brought us this informative look behind the scenes of a sunset portrait shoot, and it gets pretty in depth with how the photographer handles over-exposed back lighting, poor color in the clouds, and flash positioning. The photographer gives some insight on his process for camera settings, and even shows how he gels a flash to get the sky to change colors.

Letting The (Chalk) Dust Settle: BTS Of Chalk Warfare 2.0

When I first heard of Chalk Warfare I instantly thought of an office war setting or perhaps a battle of the blackboards, but the people over at SoKrispyMedia blew me away with the effects in this fun and quirky short film. It was shot by 16-year-old (you heard right… 16), Sam Wickert and buddy Eric Leigh with a Canon Rebel t2i with a Rode Videomic. Post production was done in Adobe After Effects and Video Co-pilot. Consider me impressed boys, consider me impressed.  [more]

Crazy Motion Graphics Created By Burning Steel Wool

We’ve posted about how to photograph steel wool burning before in the past, but watching the process in action is a bit more exciting. Instead of taking photographs with extended shutters, film maker Joey Shanks decided to video the burning metal and edit everything into a motion graphics piece. The results are pretty interesting, and his behind the scenes video explains how the whole process came together.

Complex’s Shots Fired With Zack Arias

Complex Magazine has started a new video series on their blog called Shots Fired. For their debut episode they feature Zack Arias and follow him through Atlanta while he does his street photography thing. I have to give so much respect to Zack (and really all street photographers) for going out and boldly shooting photos of total strangers. The thought of getting in an awkward conversation/confrontation with a total stranger is not something I think I would enjoy.


This Song Makes Fun Of All You Instagram Users

This funny video created by Julia Mattison is probably the best thing that came out of the invention of Instagram. If you’re addicted to Instagram, this song will make you feel ashamed. If you’re a friend of someone who’s addicted, this video will remind you how much your friend can be annoying. Happy watching everyone! [more]

Learn To Use The Canon Rebel T4i In Depth With John Greengo

For someone on the move, the Canon T4i is not a bad option. This camera is the smallest you can get without going mirrorless. From 9am-1pm today only, creativeLIVE will be hosting an intensive workshop with Photographer John Greengo. John will go in-depth with the Canon T4i and show you how to get the most out of what you have in the least amount of time. [more]

This Music Video Was Shot On 16 Rolls Of 35mm Film

In a day and age where DSLR HD video is all the rage with indie film makers, Scotty Liberatore decided to take a different route. Using only a Lomography LomoKino 35mm Film Camera and a few different film stocks Scotty made a very interesting and unique video for rapper Diatribe.


The New Panasonic GH3 Has Impressive Specs, See It In Action With Philip Bloom

Amidst all of the hype over the new DSLRs from Canon and Nikon (the 6D, 5DMIII, D800) Panasonic seems to have slipped under the radar with some still shooters, and I don’t think this is one that us video people should simply brush off. This new camera body comes equipped with wifi, a weather sealed body, and In this video, see Philip Bloom using preproduction GH3 on a short film shoot… [more]

Myspace Re-Aims Its Sights On Creatives

Lunch time here at work which means it’s time to set the stylus down and lurk Facebook. Once upon a time I would have been saying “time to lurk Myspace,” and it looks like that time could be coming back. Myspace is rebuilding itself from the ground up, and it honestly looks stunning.


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