Behind The Scenes With Mario Masitti Senior Session

The world of senior photography has changed drastically from what it used to be even just a few years ago. Coming from simple posed shots with very bland lighting to natural poses and dramatic lighting. In this case, Mario Masitti does it right. The way he goes through a senior session from makeup to the final product is extremely professional yet fun and energetic. [more]

This Thai Insurance Video Is The Most Emotional Commercial Ever

As videographers, photographers, and creatives alike, one of our goals with imagery or video is to capture an audience and move people in one way or another. We all work in different areas of the industry but we all share a common bond. This Thai Insurance commercial, Silence of Love, is quite possibly the most emotional and powerful one we’ve seen. We warn you before watching, it’s quite a tear jerker! Although, it’s definitely a must watch. The audio in this rendition is from another theme all together.  [more]

In-Camera Face Replacement, Just Around the Corner?

Camera/video tech is becoming ever more sophisticated to the point where we now have cameras that can recognize and track faces. So, how long will it be before we start seeing cameras that can completely change a person’s face in-camera? Never going to happen you say? Tell that to Arturo Castro and Kyle McDonald. [more]

Pop The Highlights With Gry Garness

We have featured a tutorial on here from makeup artist turned photographer/retoucher Gry Garness before. This one is a tutorial on how to pop the highlights and create shimmer in the skin. Without a doubt Gry is a master at her craft. [more]

The First Review Of Canon 24-70mm F/2.8L II

The new Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II is supposed to be in stock on September 13th, but YouTube user ThatNikonGuy (kind of ironic) already got his hands on one and did a comparison review between the new 24-70 and the old 24-70.  [more]

Hilarious Parody Of Political Ads Feature Photoshop Experts Mudslinging Each Other

In this humorous parody of network TV’s coverage of political races, PhotoshopWorld released this video that features several negative campaign ads that slam the likes of Scott Kelby, Pete Collins, Matt Kloskowski, and RC Concepcion. If you have ever used Photoshop, you’ll get a kick out of some of the ridiculous jabs made at each of these expert users in this video. Have a laugh, it’s Friday!

Assassin’s Creed Meets Parkour In This Real Life Film – Behind The Scenes

Devin Graham is no stranger to danger, as seen in his previous projects like Epic Rope Swing or Camera Warfare. He is back with a new project, which follows a professional freerunner around the city, dressed up as Altair, the main character in the video game Assassin’s Creed. This video shows you how Devin used a Glidecam to get his footage, and a green screen for a tricky fx shot. Check out the final video inside the post! [more]

The Tutu Project: An Inspiring and Refreshing Project That Aims To Fight Breast Cancer

Photographer Bob Carey has taken the fight against cancer into his own hands with the most unusual of tools: a man-sized pink tutu. By creating a combination of whimsical and emotionally charged self-portraits, Bob’s project tugs at the heartstrings and spreads awareness in a humorous, yet touching, way. Check out the amazing photos and story in this video, which was produced by PocketWizard. You can get more information about the project and see more photos at thetutuproject.com.

’100′ Showcases People From Age 0 to 100 In Just 150 Seconds

Dutch Filmmaker Jeroen Wolf shows us the span of a lifetime through many different individuals. Going from infancy all the way to 100 in just 150 seconds, this short film is appropriately titled, “100″. No matter how simple the nature of the video is, there’s something very compelling about this short film. Each clip, no matter how short, shows so much personality from each person.  [more]

12.5 Years Of Self Portraits

Photographer Noah Kalina was one of the first people to make a viral video on Youtube, back in 2006, when he posted a clip made out of self-portraits he took of himself for 6 years. He called it “Everyday“, and got over 23 Million views. It got so big back in 2006, even the Simpsons made a parody about it. Today, Noah uploaded a new version of the video, this time it includes 12.5 years of self-portraits. Every day, for 12.5 years. crazy.


Awesome Video And Photos Of Motorcycle Lifestlye

It’s Better In The Wind is the personal photo project of Scott G. Toepfer, a photographer and film maker from southern California. Some of Scott’s clients include Specialized Bicycles, Harley-Davidson, Honda Motorcycles, Triumph Motorcycles, Sapporo Beer, Fossil, and Discovery Channel, among others. This massive project focuses on the mobile lives of motorcyclists and documents the beautiful in their gritty nomadic world. [more]

How Amazing Colorization Of Black And White Photos Are Done

In the past, we’ve featured some amazing colorization of black and white photos. The results and impact of the photos were quite impressive and well receive by most people. No matter if you prefer the colored photos or the originals, you can’t deny that the technique itself is pretty great. If you’ve ever wondered how they are done in Photoshop, we have a great look into the process.  [more]

What If Andy Warhol Had Instagram And An iPhone? Enter Flam Wenders

Considered to be one of the “most respected Instagram artists”, Flam Wenders works with taking Instagram photos of sushi, girls making the duck face, and street signs put him in a class with everyone else all on his own. He Instagrams, he doesn’t Instaf***around. Yeah… It’s Friday! Have a laugh at this ridiculous video that takes a fictional look at an iPhone Instagram Photographer that takes himself way too seriously.

BTSV: The Girls of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Shoot

I am an old school Tekken fan. There was a time when I could compete against my little brother, one handed while only watching his controller. Back then my true loves were photography and the obscenely hot girls of Tekken. So you can imagine my excitement when they put out a quick BTSV for the upcoming release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 featuring the girls of Tekken. [more]

Behind the Scenes of Back To The Future Hoverboarding

Back To The Future may be my all time favorite series of movies. Ever since BTTF2, I’ve been patiently waiting for scientists to create a hoverboard but for some reason we still aren’t there yet. When they filmed this iconic scene, CGI still was in its infancy and so good old fashion ropes and harnesses were used. In this video you can see this rig in its testing phase. [more]

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