Martin Schoeller and Matthew Modine Discuss Their Most Iconic Images

I’ve really been enjoying these episodes of Mark Seliger‘s discussion-based show called Capture. In this latest installment, you’ll get to sit in with one of the most talented photographers around – Martin Schoeller. He tells the stories behind his photographs of Jack Nicholson, Lyle Lovett, Steve Carell, and the breastfeeding mother (that I’m sure you all remember). [more]

Curiosity Rover’s Landing On Mars – Now In Amazing Homemade Ultra-HD Version

Independent video producer Bard Canning spent 4 weeks trying to improve the footage of Curiosity’s landing released by NASA last month, and the result is insanely amazing. He used thousands of tracking points in a technique called motion-flow interpolation, and added sound effects to make it look and sound even more realistic. The original video was made out of 297 frames, and Canning’s version looks like a real video with thousands of frames. Check out his result, and also a side by side comparison. NASA – watch and learn.

Seagull Steals, And Then Shoots With a GoPro Camera

I don’t know what GoPro cameras are made out of that makes seagulls like them so much, but once again a seagull stole a GoPro – this time in San Francisco. The camera was on and aimed at the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset when the bird decided to take the viewers for a short tour over the Bay Area. Check it out, and keep your equipment safe!

Behind The Scenes Of ‘Dream Music’ Is As Awesome As The Original

A while ago we posted the video Dream Music Part 2, which has since blown up and become a huge hit online. Marc Donahue, one of the co-creators along with Sean Michael Williams, shot me a link to their behind the scenes reel, which shows timelapses of timelapses, using various setups with their Dynamic Perception Dolly kit.

A Tribute In Lights: A Touching 9/11 Timelapse Tribute

The Cleverkids have come out with a timelapse of NYC’s cityscape with the September 11th, memorial lights. The timelapse was recorded in Brooklyn looking over towards Manhattan. A somber reminder of the horrific events of that day. I know this question gets asked quite a bit, but where were you the day the attacks happened, and what are some of you doing to reflect back on this horrible yet historical event? [more]

7 Tips by Reuters’ Damir Photojournalism Sagoli

Have you ever thought about making the exciting move to photojournalism? Then we have someone you have to listen to. Sarajevo born photographer Damir Sagolj has been on the Reuters’ staff since 1997 and is currently their chief photographer in Thailand. He spent five years in the Bosnian army and worked for the Paris-based Sipa press agency as their Bosnian photographer. To sum it up: he knows his shit. So if you answered “yes” to the question above here are 7 tips from Damir that you better take to heart. [more]

The First Short Film from Canon’s new EOS C100 EF Cinema Camcorder

Canon just recently released their newest model of the one man Cinema Camcorder EOS C100. The camera boasts a some new features not found in it’s predecessor, the Canon C 300 such as One Shot AF, Push Auto Iris, a built-in microphone and non-compression HDMI out with superimposed timecode and 2:3 pull down marker. [more]

Lenovo’s “Seize the Night” Alternate Ending Challenge: “Do”

Lenovo, a worldwide computer company that manufacturers laptops, have gathered fifteen of what they believe are the best college filmmakers for their ‘Seize the Night’ Alternate Ending challenge. One of the contestants is a graduate of the University of Alabama (now a film student at USC), Xavier Burgin. His entry into the competition is called ‘Do’. Shot with a Canon 5D MarkII and a Canon T2i, this is definitely a forerunner in the contest. [more]

UFO Light Show In The Sky, AKA 50 Synchronized Quadrocopters

In a display of surreal, yet concise movements, Ars Electronica and Ascending Technologies in Austria worked together to assemble 49 Quadrocopters with multi-colored lights. Prepared for a a show called “The Cloud in the Web”, programmers wrote movements for each copter and they danced in the sky, much to the delight (or fear) of onlookers. Check out the full post for more images and a video of testing. [more]

Behind The Scenes With Mario Masitti Senior Session

The world of senior photography has changed drastically from what it used to be even just a few years ago. Coming from simple posed shots with very bland lighting to natural poses and dramatic lighting. In this case, Mario Masitti does it right. The way he goes through a senior session from makeup to the final product is extremely professional yet fun and energetic. [more]

This Thai Insurance Video Is The Most Emotional Commercial Ever

As videographers, photographers, and creatives alike, one of our goals with imagery or video is to capture an audience and move people in one way or another. We all work in different areas of the industry but we all share a common bond. This Thai Insurance commercial, Silence of Love, is quite possibly the most emotional and powerful one we’ve seen. We warn you before watching, it’s quite a tear jerker! Although, it’s definitely a must watch. The audio in this rendition is from another theme all together.  [more]

In-Camera Face Replacement, Just Around the Corner?

Camera/video tech is becoming ever more sophisticated to the point where we now have cameras that can recognize and track faces. So, how long will it be before we start seeing cameras that can completely change a person’s face in-camera? Never going to happen you say? Tell that to Arturo Castro and Kyle McDonald. [more]

Pop The Highlights With Gry Garness

We have featured a tutorial on here from makeup artist turned photographer/retoucher Gry Garness before. This one is a tutorial on how to pop the highlights and create shimmer in the skin. Without a doubt Gry is a master at her craft. [more]

The First Review Of Canon 24-70mm F/2.8L II

The new Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II is supposed to be in stock on September 13th, but YouTube user ThatNikonGuy (kind of ironic) already got his hands on one and did a comparison review between the new 24-70 and the old 24-70.  [more]

Hilarious Parody Of Political Ads Feature Photoshop Experts Mudslinging Each Other

In this humorous parody of network TV’s coverage of political races, PhotoshopWorld released this video that features several negative campaign ads that slam the likes of Scott Kelby, Pete Collins, Matt Kloskowski, and RC Concepcion. If you have ever used Photoshop, you’ll get a kick out of some of the ridiculous jabs made at each of these expert users in this video. Have a laugh, it’s Friday!

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