Behind the Scenes of Back To The Future Hoverboarding

Back To The Future may be my all time favorite series of movies. Ever since BTTF2, I’ve been patiently waiting for scientists to create a hoverboard but for some reason we still aren’t there yet. When they filmed this iconic scene, CGI still was in its infancy and so good old fashion ropes and harnesses were used. In this video you can see this rig in its testing phase. [more]

Behind The Scenes Video Of Making Water Demons With Black Lights And A Swimming Pool

Apparently already preparing for Halloween, Ben Von Wong put together a photoshoot that created surreal looking demons. This video goes in depth with how he suspended his Nikon D4 over water, did makeup on the models, and illuminated them with black lights. The results are very striking, check the full post for some of his images, and some behind the scenes stills. [more]

BTSV of Hockey Portrait Photography

Check out German photographer Jan Hinkel as he hits the ice to produce, “Freeze”, a pretty cool series of ice hockey portraits. Jan does really great work so be sure to check him out and if you read German you can learn a thing or two from his blog. [more]

Improve Photography Shows us How to Shoot the Stars

Idaho photographer Jim Harmer over at ImprovePhotography.com takes the time to give you the low down on shooting the night’s Milky Way. All you trolls out there be nice cause Jim froze his butt off on this one and he is just so damn likable. [more]

A Behind the Scenes Look at Tim McGraw’s “Car Stories”

Joey L teams up with Variable to capture Tim McGraw on his ranch. Unfortunately there isn’t any narration in this BTSV but you do get to see what went into the final and to drool over their use of a RC helicopter mounted Epic Red. You can see the final video in the full post. [more]

Black Magic Releases RAW Files Of Cinema Camera For You To Color Grade

Black Magic, the creators of the BM Cinema Camera, have released a series of DNG image sequences in conjunction with opening a new forum to share and discuss working with their products. Here is a sample edit of the footage by John Brawley, who shot the footage. Download the 2.5K resolution image sequences in the full post and show us your looks! [more]

The Quickdraw Makes Multiple Lenses Easy

If you shoot high paced events or like to get creative with your focal length, you’ve probably run into the dilemma of how best to carry and swap out multiple lenses on the go. Only a few effective  ways to deal with lens swapping exist. Riley Kimball has come up with a simple fix that allows for quick, safe, and simple lens changes. [more]

How To Make A Surf Video

If you live near the coast you have probably considered shooting stills or videos of the local surfers. If you’ve ever tried it (I have a few times) you know that it’s much harder than it looks. Vimeo Video School put together a great 4 minute video that goes over the basics of shooting your first surf video. With a little practice, maybe one day you will be able to shoot something like this. [more]

Surrealistic Light Painting Video Animation

It’s all about light painting today. German collective group, Lichtfaktor took what we normally see in photographic form and made a dreamlike video animation for the brand dENiZEN™. Taking only five nights to film, this crew spent many hours planning and rehearsing the story line and, incredibly, no post production was needed once they were done filming. [more]

Samsara Is The Most Beautiful Movie That You Can’t Afford To Miss

This movie appeals to every photographer due to the stunning visuals. Shot entirely on 70mm film, Samsara is a movie that spans twenty five countries and took five years to make. Not only does it encompass the grand scope of humanity, the visuals are simply mesmerizing. Be sure to watch this trailer in HD and full screen to experience the full effect.


The iPhone 5 Should Be Your Next DSLR

Most of us use our phones mainly for things that are not phone calls. Probably the most popular use of phones these days is snapping pictures, this is why the next iPhone got a totally different look that will change the way we take photos with our phones – a look that most of us know very well. And not only that: the resolution and glass are going to be way better. This great parody was written and produced by Adam Sacks.

Dream Music 2 Pushes Timelapse To The Limits – Exclusive Interview And BTS Stills

Marc Donahue and Sean Michael Williams first wowed audiences with their Dream Music video back in March. They’re back with a new video that blows the first one away completely. Using highly calculated photo timelapses with match edits, they have created very surreal looking videos. [more]

Albert Watson Tells The Stories Behind His Most Iconic Images

For the second episode of his show called Capture, Mark Seliger sits down with the great Albert Watson to discuss his most memorable images. He tells the stories of how he photographed Alfred Hitchcock, Christy Turlington, a Las Vegas dominatrix, and Mick Jagger as a leopard. Lauren Bush Lauren also chimes in about her work for the nonprofit organization FEED, which allows her the opportunity to photograph children in Africa.


Using a Miniature World With Green Screen

We are in an age where CG dominates today’s movies and cartoons. While the effects can be pretty cool, it can be refreshing when people work old-school and create a work based off green screen and creativity. [more]

How To Use Both Continuous And Strobe Lighting Simultaneously to Create Compelling Images

Jay P Morgan has been getting a lot of press recently for both his creative imagery and his informative behind-the-scenes videos, and for good reason: they’re chock-full of great information and Jay shows everything from his lighting setups to post-processing tricks. In this BTS, Jay gives us a look at how he balances constant lights with strobe lights, something that [more]

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