Plot Device: A Film By Red Giant

This was done a while ago, but Red Giant, the maker of a number of software tools to help image-makers create more realistic visual effects, created a short to showcase the capabilities of their software. The short, “Plot Device,” has a great BTS video to go along with it — they even share all the products they used. Enjoy the finished product after the break. [more]

BTSV of “Real Painting, Real Life, Unreal Art”

American artist/master air-brusher Michael Rosner transforming his models into beautiful trans-human entities before unleashing them on Tim Engle to be photographed. Fortunately for you, you can watch this behind the scenes video of the painting and shooting process without having to sit through the painstakingly long 16 to 20 painting session. Respect your models.

Open Source Camera System “Apertus Axiom” Shoots 150fps, 4K, costs under $10K

Touting some impressive specifications, (15 stops of Dynamic Range, Super 35mm Sensor) the Apertus Project is aiming to create a modular camera system that operates on an (free) open source software. This opens up opportunities for coders to develop and modify the system to meet their needs, and share with a community. [more]

Ryan Emond Shows Off China in Timelapse and Video

Not many people are able to travel around the globe and play with photography and video. In this trip to China, Ryan Emond puts together some shots of a few beautiful scenes from China. For the shoot, he used both a Nikon D700 and a 5D Mark III along with some tools from Dynamic Perception to help with camera movement.

BTS On An All CG Scene From The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man has been out for about 2 weeks and has made 137 million dollars. I saw it last week and was really impressed by the special effects but I’ve never had a full understanding of what really goes into it. In this video Jerome Chen from Sony Imageworks takes us through the basics of creating an all CG fight scene. Check out the full post for 3 additional videos. [more]

It’s Now Possible To Look 20 Years Younger In Video

Foton inc. recently released a video showing off their video retouching skills. As photographers most of us know the time it takes to make someone look younger in a still image but what if you had to do that with video, frame by frame. To do this Foton created a new retouching technique they have named “Age Reduction FX”.

Light Art Photographer Jan Leonardo Wöllert

Get an inside look at German photographer Jan Leonardo Wöllert’s techniques, practices and philosophy as he is featured in this Deutsche Welle TV interview. Jan Leonardo Wöllert is considered to be one of the original light painting pioneers and has done work for prestigious clients such as Diesel, Nike, Covenant and The Strokes.

BTS Shoot with Olympic Paradressage Rider

Benjamin Von Wong walks us through a shoot he does with Olympic paradressage rider Natasha Baker.
As always Ben goes into great detail about the shoot’s subject, preparation, setup and the execution and even more detail in his blog.

From Video to Animated Gif Portraits

Here’s a trippy little video by Belgian artist/photographer Pierre Debusschere in collaboration with creative studio 254forest for Under/Current Magazine. For some this may give you a bit of inspiration. For others it will give you something to complain about comment on. But for me I personally like the animated portrait gifs that come out of this video as the 5D Mark III’s multiple exposure feature has had me on a multiple exposure/light layering exploratory kick lately. [more]

How To Use Custom White Balance to Create a Colored Background

Gary Fong takes 2 minutes to show us how you can trick your camera’s custom white balance into producing a colored background in white environments. If you have some gels on hand you could play with this technique to turn out a multitude of colors.

“Gary Fong shows how playing with [more]

PostalPix is the Hassle-Free Way to Print Your Mobile Photos

We all take a lot of photos with our phones. And you know what? That’s ok. The camera on the iPhone takes pretty darn good images, and the plethora of mobile editing apps gives us all more flexibility than we would ever need. But what happens to all these photos after we edit them and post them to Facebook or Twitter? We forget about them. Well now we can actually make use of those photos, and bring them into the physical world hassle free, insanely cheap, and unexpectedly gorgeous. [more]

Very Cool Special Effect: Fire Tornado

Here is a rad way to spruce up the background of almost any photo or video shoot. Whoever Unallocated Space is (cant find anything on who or what that is) has created an amazing tornado of fire by using a bunch of box fans and a tub filled with fire. This video demonstrates how you can easily create a beautiful and deadly looking whirlpool of fire in your own backyard. Disclaimer: Fstoppers did not tell you to try this. If you try this, it was at your own risk. Enjoy!

See How Canon Makes their Digital Cameras

Michael Zhang (PetaPixel) dug up this promotional video that shows in great detail how digital cameras work and how they are made. If you are a photographer (and I know you are) or have an engineering background then you will find this video fascinating.

Canon Premium Library:
“An introduction to how digital cameras work that also highlights Canon’s unique [more]

Le Miroir/The Mirror: A Creative Short & BTS Video

Watch as a young boy passes from childhood into his golden years in a few blinks of an eye in front of “Le Miroir” (The Mirror). This bit of creative inspiration by Directors Ramon and Pedro comes with a behind the scenes video that provides some great side by side views of what went into this clever production. This is a must see, even if you haven’t been keeping up on your French. I recommend watching the video first then the BTSV and then maybe the video again. [more]

Ken Block Turns San Francisco Into His Urban Rally Course And Captures It All In Stunning Fashion

Ken Block, owner of DC Shoes and action sports mogul is well known for his incredible skill in a rally car. He’s also been known to make some incredible videos, such as his original Gymkhana piece. For this installment, Gymkhana 5, Ken decided that he wanted to take over San Francisco: and that is just what he did. He also made sure that it was captured to perfection: I can’t imagine that any less than one hundred cameras were used in the making of this piece. [more]

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