Wednesday Rundown

The Wednesday Rundown 6.30.10

Hello everyone, hope the weekend went well for you. I had a great weekend doing two shoots, one for Lee right in the middle of Manhattan and one on my own. I have been using the forum to get ideas and feedback on shoots and some business advice. www.fstoppersforum.com . This week I have ran across some beautiful models in the behind the scenes videos. Finding attractive models is something we can all do to make our photos stand out even more. If you have any questions, comments or even need some feedback check out the forum. Thanks again for the comments everyone. contactfstoppers@gmail.com

The Wednesday Rundown 6.23.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown.

Lately I have been working my way to shooting my first wedding on my own. I have assisted Lee and Patrick several times but I have not felt confident enough to put someone’s special day in my hands yet. This week I had the chance to check out a workshop in NYC to hopefully put me closer to my goals. Check the forum out to see what tip I learned http://fstoppersforum.com . Now for some videos to get myself and you through the rest of the week.

Thanks again for the comments everyone. contactfstoppers@gmail.com

The Wednesday Rundown 6.9.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Another amazing weekend in the New York area. I Had the chance to shoot a wedding with NYC as the back drop, Gorgeous! Check out some of the wedding shoots that I found online this week. I have worked hard to insure all the videos show the final pictures. Thanks to Eddie for letting us know what wants to be seen. We love the feedback and want to give the crowd here videos to inspire and help. Thanks again for the feedback. contactfstoppers@gmail.com

The Wednesday Rundown 6.2.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Hopefully the weekend was a nice long one and you had Memorial Day off. I am putting aloe gel on this sunburn that got me this weekend on the beach, but it was worth it. This week we have a swim wear shoot, a magazine cover, and a jelly bean girl. Keep sending in the videos you find and working on the videos for the contest!!! contactfstoppers@gmail.com

The Wednesday Rundown 5.26.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. We recieved a couple of videos from some fstoppers out there, thanks to Yves and the video sent in! This week I was on a mission to find some Polaroid film in NYC. It has recently been put back in production by the Impossible Project. I found their SOHO store and talked with them for a bit. They hooked me up with some film and I am back shooting old school.  In honor I have found a behind the scenes shoot with some Polaroid film. Check it out!!! contactfstoppers@gmail.com

The Wednesday Rundown 4.28.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Another week passing us by. This week we have a vespa shoot and a video sent to us by David on a rock shoot. Some nice images come out of this one. Big thanks David on the email. I have even found a quick video on paranormal spirit photography.  Keep an eye out for the contest coming up for a Canon 7D or Nikon D300s. Keep sending in the videos we do check them out! contactfstoppers@gmail.com

The Wednesday Rundown 4.21.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Lee and Patrick released another solid video this week with Dave Lehl and the pro snowboarders. Rhett sent us in some videos from some guys that travel around backpacking and taking some great photos. We also have another photo shoot from Marie-Louise, we have posted her work in the past. Thanks for all the comments and emails, keep sending in your videos contactfstoppers@gmail.com .

The Wednesday Rundown 4.14.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Lee and Patrick have flown in to the Big Apple for another photo shoot. This one sounds like it is going to be amazing. Tomorrow night we should all be out causing a little trouble in NYC.   Another crazy week going on, so take a pause and enjoy some of the videos you have sent in. Send in your videos contactfstoppers@gmail.com .

The Wednesday Rundown 4.07.10

Hello this is Jerrit again. Another Wednesday Rundown coming right up. The summer is around the corner and videos about the water are coming in. Hopefully they will inspire you to drag that camera out with you to the beach or pool. Also check out the behind the scenes shoot by Blue Tide Productions, they popped some photos out for an apparel company. Click the post to check out all the videos submitted this week!

The Wednesday Rundown 3.31.10

Hello this is Jerrit Pruyn from Fstoppers with…. you guessed it, another Wednesday Rundown. While Patrick and Lee are out in Colorado filming another Fstoppers Original, I figured I’d feature some of the best videos sent in by our readers. This week we have a little salsa dancing going on and even some muscle cars burning out. Big thanks to the people at Wonderful Machine and the videos they rounded up online. Keep sending in your video links to contactfstoppers@gmail.com and maybe next week you will find yourself on Fstoppers! Drop me some comments if you like what you see and remember to tell your friends to start filming all their photoshoots so I can post them.

The Wednesday Rundown 3.24.10

Howdy this is Jerrit again with another Wednesday Rundown. With such a great weekend spent in central park I cannot wait to get through this week. This week we have a photo shoot that proves you do not need to be a good skateboarder to get some wicked boarding shots. We also have a shoot with football great Colt McCoy. Keep sending in behind the scene shoots that you find . contactfstoppers@gmail.com

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