Behind The Scenes on a Trash The Dress Session

Remember Justin Wojtczak? If not, make sure you watch this video of Patrick surprising him with the news that he won the Fstoppers 2011 BTS Contest. Well Justin is back with his latest behind the scenes video. In this BTSV Justin takes a bride into a creek in the woods of Georgia and shows us how to shoot on a budget. [more]

Finally! It Is Now Possible To License Popular Music For Just $25

A few years ago, after about 10 phone call attempts, I got in touch with a guy who was in charge of licensing the music for a major band. I wanted to purchase the rights for a single song to to play in the background on my wedding website. I was told that if my budget was below $15,000 he didn’t have time to talk to me. Since my budget was around $100, our conversation ended quickly. It has always been practically impossible for individuals to purchase licenses for popular music… until now. [more]

Free creativeLIVE Workshop: Learn Photo/Video Fusion this Weekend

Update: Live Now! As a wedding photographer myself, I think the most important thing any photographer can do for their business is adding video to their services. I met Rob and Vanessa earlier this year and was excited to hear they are teaching this new “Fusion” video/photo hybrid to other photographers. On June 29 – July 1, creativeLIVE is airing their 3 day workshop for free! Learn how you can easily incorporate video into your photography business from two of the industry’s leaders. [more]

Simeon Quarrie Goes Above and Beyond for Wedding Clients Yet Again

If you remember¬†Simeon Quarrie, you’ll recall that he goes out of his way to please his wedding clients. A couple months ago we featured his ridiculously stressful same-day edit from his wedding day video team. In this shoot, Simeon goes above and beyond once again to deliver a really special experience to his clients.


How Cropping In Camera Can Improve Your Wedding Photography

Many photographers start off their careers focusing on wedding photography. I started my career as a wedding photographer in Charleston, and I still enjoy shooting a handful each year. Over the next few months, I hope to share some of my thoughts on wedding photography and how event photographers can improve their photos. Today I was reminded how important “In Camera Cropping” is for emotionally charged photographs. Read the full post to see two examples of how cropping can make or break an image. [more]

Same Day Wedding Edits Can Be The Ultimate Stress

I’ve been a full time wedding photographer for the last 7 years. I’ve been in some stressful situations but at this point I’m prepared for almost any situation. Simeon Quarrie, a photographer/videographer promises many of his clients a finished wedding video during the reception the very same day. These same day edits leave no room for error and you can feel the stress yourself just from watching this video. [more]

Trash the Dress Pictures with the Super Moon

Sometimes great pictures just show up and all you have to do is press the shutter. The majority of the time, however, they takes careful planning. Andre Fernandes planned out this trash the dress session quite well, taking advantage of a once in a year opportunity using the super moon as a unique background.


[Editorial] If You Don’t Own It, Why Not Rent It?

As a photographer just starting my own wedding photography business, I quickly realized how much pro gear really costs. I don’t shoot often enough to afford all of the gear that I need but when I do have a shoot, I like to use professional gear and I like to have backups in case something breaks (especially for weddings). For those of you who are just getting started like me, or those of you who need specialty equipment, you may want to consider renting gear. [more]

[News] UK Wedding Photographers Driven Bankrupt by Angry Customers

This is a situation that seems to be getting more and more common. A couple in the United Kingdom were so upset by the atrocious images they received from their wedding photographer that they demanded a refund. Unfortunately Westgate Photography went out of business. The photographers had charged a paltry £750 (about $1200 USD), and the bride and groom obviously overpaid. [more]

[BTSV] A Wedding Deconstructed

You may remember R.J. Kern and Amanda Tipton from a shoot we featured on here before – well they’re at it again and this one is pretty awesome too. Using the PhaseOne 645Df camera and the Capture Pilot w/Camera Control photo app they got some really cool images. They had the models lay flat on a white seamless background while they shot a typical wedding day in a 2D approach. To see more images click here.

[Video] Same Day Wedding Videos By Antonio Domingo

Hi there F(stop)’ers! Today I am posting from the AFP Photo Expo in Caldas, Portugal. I must say this is the most fun and unique expo I’ve yet to experience. Last night during the Gala event, I sat across from wedding videographer, Antonio Domingo. During conversation he mentioned that upon his client’s requests he sometimes shoot, edits and delivers the newly weds their wedding video the night of their wedding! more in the full post [more]

[Workflow] PhVusion Software Lets You Edit Video In Photoshop

While in Las Vegas for WPPI, I met Rob Adams and Vanessa Joy who are two talented videographers and photographers respectively. They are both at the top of the wedding market and often speak to photographers about how they can incorporate video into their businesses (something we have been preaching here for years). To help photographers make the video transition easier, Rob and Vanessa have designed PhVusion video editing software which allows you to trim and color correct video directly in Photoshop. [more]

[Contest Submission] Fantastic Wedding Photography Tips For All Shooters

Warning! You now have 3 days to submit your behind the scenes video for our big 2011 contest.

I’ve been a professional wedding photographer for 7 years now and I’ve seen tons of absurd wedding advice online. Anytime I see a wedding related video submission I think “oh boy, here we go again.” I just stumbled upon a video from 375 Photography on our forum that broke the mold. Not only is this video good, it may be one of the best wedding related videos I’ve seen online. It’s informative, entertaining, and the images speak for themselves. No matter how long you have been shooting weddings, you will learn something from Justin and his team.

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