$10 Photoshoots? Ourspot: A Place to Hire Amateur Photographers

$10 Photoshoots? Ourspot: A Place to Hire Amateur Photographers

With the current state of the photography business flooded by part-time professionals, Ourspot (or something like it) was ultimately inevitable. The website, which launches in San Francisco today (New York and Los Angels coming soon), is an online marketplace where anyone can hire an amateur photographer for as little as free to as much as a few hundred bucks.

Photographers are able to upload a "portfolio" for potential "clients" to browse. Those "clients" can pay whatever they like. The site suggests $10 for "fun" shoots, $25 for a "standard" shoot and $100 or more for something "custom." Ourspot takes a 8%. The site's founder, Sam Yam (yes, his real name), has said he is not trying to "cannibalize the market" for higher-end jobs like weddings. Good luck with that, Sam Yam. My personal favorite detail the tagline on their front page, "Be a Photographer." It's now apparently that easy.

What do you think?

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Hmm, will it cannibalize the pro's market? No, I don't think so. It may certainly be a starting for some careers and more faces will come up on stage. But serious agencies will continue to call the pro because what counts at the end is repetitive quality and that they can rely to get their expectation fullfilled.

I second that.

this seems somewhat like Model Mayhem to me but more for John and Jane's who want some photos. good place for those who can't afford high end portraits and good place to practice so many aspects of portrait photography for the serious beginners.

well enough compansy hire the cheapest they can get today.

the companys you speak about are not that many.

 I agree. Cheapskate companies/people will always be cheapskates. You will never be able to convince them that what you have to offer is worth the extra money. It took me long time to understand that. I always thought that if I just "educated" clients they would understand the "real" value of my service.

The clients who will go to this website are not my clients.

I agree with you that this is most certainly not gonna affect the pro market. my wife hired a pro wedding photog in NJ for our wedding last Sept for about $3000 and we didn't even get 10 halfway decent pictures from him. She really regretted hiring him (A distant family friend) rather than one of my pro wedding photographer friends. I am pretty sure that in any next event shes gonna be damn sure that she hires the right photographer even if she has to spend a little extra.

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A photographer I am!!!
I cannot afford green eggs and ham!
At these wages, no one can!

Typo in your headline

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Fixed. thanks.

And sorry, its been a long morning for us here :-)

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there are proof readers in india that charge like $.01 per word...

They were all hired out by Sam Yam to be amateur photographers.

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Epic comment is epic 

This is awesome!  I want to thank all the sites that told me I could be a professional photographer just by watching youtube videos and pressing the black & white button.  I was on the fence about whether to be a professional photographer, or a professional Walmart employee.  Being a professional photographer is so much more easier!  Now I'm a professional photographer, with professional equipment, and professional lights, and professional pants.  I'll be able to shoot tons of professional jobs now with my professional portfolio on this site and be more budget friendly to budget people looking for professionals (which I am) at a reasonable budget professional price budget professional reasonable thing.


Sam Yam's prices are too high. Most digital photography isn't even worth giving away for free.

For all practical purposes, the profession of commercial advertising photography died in the late 90s. My last catalog shoot was in 1998. From then on, I only made money on speculation by shooting content. That did alright until the housing market collapse in 2006. From then on, it only got worse every year.

Yes, there are some commercial photographers out there doing well. But they're working for corporations that have been bailed out by the Wall St bankers. It's only a matter of time until the money runs out and the corporations will all go belly up. Then, those last few commercial shooters will be collectively wondering if it's even worth paying the power bill at the studio anymore.

The wedding and portrait photographers that did will in the last decade were riding the housing bubble. Their clients had loads of extra cash to spend from the massive influx of credit. That bubble money is now gone, and most of the wedding/portrait photographers that depended on it will be gone soon too.

Am I worried about competition?...no, I'm a total elitist photo snob and am confident in my ability to outshoot any of these new DSLR freak wannabes. But I can't build a dependable business in an economic environment that isn't stable. Nobody can do that.

The sh*t's gonna hit the fan real soon. When that happens, all of the rats will jump ship.

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But do the jobs come with free exposure and potential for future jobs? I didn't think so ;)

what a great idea.... please ruin the biz for all of us.

amateurs who shoot for 10$ what could be better.....  LOL