Meet Professional Photographer Alex Lim

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Nour El Refai's picture

A great photographer indeed, the photos looks better on his website, I don't know why they are more yellowish on the video !
I like his style so much
Thanks for introducing him to us

Very well done... Beautiful location..

Honestly, i think the scenery is so breathtaking that the women detract from it. Fantastic BTC video, especially wherever the models were out of focus. Might just be me, but that's MHO. Great work.

What a great location!!
And the ones on his websites are great too! These shots are wonderful!!!

Thx as always for sharing and great work!


would you tell me where you got that wonderful background music from ? It starts around minute 2:00 in the video above ("Meet Professional Photographer Alex Lim")


Amazing locations! From the video there are two things I dislike about the final products and both of them were mentioned in other comments. The people draw away from the environment, because you've got large slow and static mixed with small and over active which makes me think the people are annoying visually. The other thing is the lighting looked like it would make for some EXCELLENT photos by itself, but yet, they decided to wash out the colors anyways. I understand this was a shoot with a specific theme, but I think the people combination wasn't spot on for this campaign. I'm not a professional photographer, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it! :)

Great presentation !

Anyone know what's that big reflector the assistant "wears" on his shoulders ?

The reflector is a California Sun-bounce III :)