[Pictures] Unbelievable Macro Shots Taken Inside Instruments

[Pictures] Unbelievable Macro Shots Taken Inside Instruments

These images are absolutely unique in the way they're taken. They were taken for the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra for their print campaign. The images show the insides of a violin, cello, flute, and pipe organ. The tight spaces of these instruments appear grand and spacious considering the true nature of their space. 

Art direction by photographer Bjoern Ewers.

[Via Behance]

From Pratik:

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Wow....has this ever been done before?, Amazing!!!...props to the photographer for artistic vision and execution!!!!!

Now that is frikken cool!



Very nice.  Thanks for sharing!

curious as to which macro he used.

Isn't no2 a guitar? (The shape of the inside and the circular hole?)

And couldn't all the pictures be taken with a regular wide angle? DOF and POV sure as hell don't look like macro, and I'm pretty sure that my canon 17-40 can pull off that close focus at f/22.
If you don't believe me, grab a shoebox, cut it so its half as tall (roughly the size of a violin), punch some holes in the top for light to go in and a round hole in the back so you can stick your lens and try it yourself. The picture of the flute made me doubt though, and I'm not sure about how thick is the inside of a flute like the one in the picture, but I just took a picture of a crystal flower base from the same POV. The base is 2" thick and 12" long and I got a very similar DOF and POV to the one in the flute.Just saying... : )

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Yeah, from what I can tell:

1) Cello / Bass (hard to tell which)
2) Guitar
3) Flute
4) Organ
5) Violin / Viola

I, too, wonder how these were taken. Did they sacrifice these instruments? Because I'm 100% sure you can't fit an SLR and lens into the body of any string instrument through the f holes, hahaha.

No. 1 is a cello and no. 5 is a viola. They cut the instruments in half.

Multiple exposures superimposed.

That was my suspicion too. The real challenge is for someone to actually do this with a camera now. No cheating!

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 but the images in the CGI section look like CGI and the other images not.