[Pics] Little Dreamers – Creative Photography Based On The Playful Imagination

This set by Dara Scully really portrays a sense of youth and innocence when looking at them. She somehow finds a way to take you on the journey with her through her visual storytelling. This set was not only well made but also really fun to look at. It makes me reminisce about being a child again through the emotions that come through with each image. 

For more of Dara's work, check out her website (link).



From Pratik:

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These are an interesting mix of dark and whimsy. The way they are shot makes me feel wary of what she's doing, but the image content is so happy. I like the mix of emotions. 

Really creative work. Takes me back in time a bit... 


These are very cool. Very well done!

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I think some are well executed, others not so much. Overall though very nice! Especially with the elephant by her knee.