The Winners Of The Fstoppers 2011 BTS Video Contest

Today we can finally wrap up the Fstoppers 2011 behind the scenes video contest. This contest ran for 4 months in 2011 and ended on December 31st. In January Patrick and I watched each of the 120 video submissions and narrowed our favorite down to 12. We then sent those 12 videos to our celebrity judges and they chose their favorites. without further adieu, these are the top 3 winners.

How we chose the winners: Before we heard back from the judges we came up with a simple rating system. Each first place vote got 3 points, second place got 2 points, and 3rd place got 1 point. In case of a tie, videos that had been placed by the most judges would win (this was the case for 3rd place). If there was still a tie Patrick and I would be the tie breakers (luckily, we didn't have to do this). It is unfortunate that 2, first place videos didn't place in the top 3 but we assumed there would be some sort of tie since there were only 12 videos and 4 judges. You can see the way each of the judges voted below.

Stacy Pearsall
First Place: The HDR Strobed Action Snowmobile Shoot
Second Place: The Making Of ‘Grolsch Idents’
Third Place: This Is How We Do Weddings


Scott Kelby
First Place: This Is How We Do Weddings
Second Place: The 360 Project
Third Place: Go Pro Wedding


Vincent Laforet
First Place: The Making Of ‘Grolsch Idents’
Second Place: The Whistleblower
Third Place: This Is How We Do Weddings


Chase Jarvis
First Place: The Chase
Second Place: This Is How We Do Weddings
Third Place: The Whistleblower


First place: This Is How We Do Weddings

Second Place: The Making Of ‘Grolsch Idents’

Third Place: The Whistleblower check out the final video here.

Youtube Version:

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CONGRATS to all the winners! Great job all of you

Nice job guys! "Guys at 375 did a great job explaining things and they kept it up beat. 

Congratulations!!! I especially like the Grolsch Idents. Excellent work.

James Quantz Jr's picture

Fantastic videos!  Congrats, Justin, now go get yourself some new curtains!

Congratulations to the winners of this amazing contest!

congrats guys!

Amazing work from all the top 3 winners! Really love the ingenuity of the Idents BTS especially!

Joe Gunawan |

good choice - that 1st place winner was always the one i kept thinking about and watching over and over


Well done!!!!!! Great results, and on to 2012!! :)

The top two were my favourites by far, congrats to the winners and a well-deserved prize package!

I'm going to work on a new bird video for next year and I promise it won't be as awful.

does the 85 trick only work with an 85 (or other prime lenses).. I just tried it on my 24-105 f4 and it was tough trying to get a selective focus point. 

When I first saw the BTS video I knew it's a winner :) Great job. Congratulations!!!

Congrats to the winners!! Loved the winning video and it was very helpful with some new tricks. Thanks for the hard work in producing it Justin, hope to see you around Atlanta!

Nathanael Padgett's picture

I guess the Whistleblower video was "behind the scenes", but I don't think it had much educational value to viewers, at least not to me! It had a cool essence to it, but I think a BTS video should assist others in enhancing their work by learning something.