BTSV Contest Winner: Paddy Fernandez

I am happy to say that our contest is finally over and Paddy Fernandez has won by a landslide (93 votes, Sans was second with 51). As promised, Paddy will get to choose between a Nikon D300s or a Canon 7D. With this camera we hope that Paddy will continue to create BTSVs for us and now they will be in beautiful HD.

I know that the voting for this contest has not gone as smoothly as we all would have wanted but we can say that there was no cheating involved and we jumped the gun when we paused the contest. In the future we will probably have some sort of celebrity judge panel for our big contests to keep issues like this from happening.

Please congratulate Paddy and give us ideas for the next contest in the comment box below. Also, don't forget about our monthly photography contest.

BTS - Football Composite from Paddy Fernandez on Vimeo.

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Brilliant BTS video - well deserved win! Great to see fellow young photographers doing so well!

Well deserved Paddy, and congrats to all the others who made videos as well. Everything was fantastic! It was such a hard vote.

Congrats, This was my favorite.

Congrats, Paddy Fernandez! You deserve it!

Good job but definitely not my favorite. Have fun with the D300s

well done mate, I thought the video had everything required and you executed a really well laid out plan.

Congratulations! I remember this video and I really LOVE the low profile approach. Nothing fancy (well except you have about a ton of lighting equipment :) which I don't) but really down to earth kind of detailed video. Congrats to you! also to all others who joined in and to the - I came across this website about two months ago and I find many of the videos very inspiring!!! Great job!

Thats really good. Looks like you put a lot of effort into it. Congratulations!