Fstoppers February Photoshop Contest Is A Go

This month you will be editing an image by Josh Branstetter. As usual, there are no rules and I will pick my favorite on February 15th. The winner will receive a Think Tank Urban Disguise 70. Download the high res image by clicking here, and post your edited images on our forum here.

I think this image has incredible photoshop potential and I can't wait to see what you guys can come up with.

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She must've been cold or really turned on.. goosebumps!

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When is the deadline?

The description in the post says "I will pick my favorite on February 15th". So I would think that if you live in the USA, and your post is recieved by midnight either coast, your entry will be accepted.

Dang it, I cant stop staring long enough to come up with any ideas.

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@Jaymes Poudrier Oh well, this happens when you're posting in a hurry... :)

so give me a guide line - this is to X rated? xxx rated? or no X at all?

Thats kind of a noisy image for only 400 iso. Or is that normal on a 5D? The RAW file would have had more opportunity.

Josh needs to clean the sensor, but totally rockin' image.

I'd like to know what the original concept of this image was. Anyone know?

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yes. my sensor is dirty.
-this was a shot during a series for a skate clothing line.
-the temperature was about 36 degrees so she has some goose bumps.

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It is a pitty you do not let people from outside America take part in your competition. But you could at least tell people from outside america that they can not take part or that they can not join the forum. I am from New Zealand and even after contacting you repeatedly I have not received the confirmation email that lets me complete the registration process.

User name is Hippynz

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Sorry Hippynz, I just checked our email and don't see anything from you in the last few days. You should be good to go now though, I bet the email got lost in your spam folder since our forum always mails out confirmations that you must click on.

As for the contest being open outside the US, we allow everyone to enter but if you live outside of North America then you are responsible for any shipping costs ThinkTank might encounter delivering your prize. You can also choose to have it mailed in the US if you prefer too. So basically yeah anyone can enter.

hello patrick this is like the fifth different aproach that Im taking to participate in the contest, I sent you an e-mail with my entry, I sent one to lee, tried to do it thru faceboox, etc, etc... I have not received the confirmation e mail and I subscribe like four days ago and check my spam folder and nothing, can you help me? in my flickr photostream is my entry if you can post it in the forum, i will appreciated thank you

patrick this is the link for my entry, thank you https://www.flickr.com/photos/hansphotography/5433801392/

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Hans, you have to post it on the fstoppers forum thread to be eligible. Try loggin in again, I approved you and you should be able to post now.

Patrick, thank you for your help, I was able to post now....