One More Day To Submit To The Fstoppers Photoshop Contest

Last month we tested out our first ever Photoshop Contest, and it was a great success. So we have decided to start a monthly photoshop contest so everyone can get in on the action. Think Tank has offered up prizes for at least 6 months of photoshop contests, and submissions are almost due for the January 2011 contest.

If you didn't know, this month we challenged you to edit this basketball image from the Pocket Wizard TT5 Test Shoot. If you've watched the video then you know that fellow Fstoppers reader Jaymes Poudrier did a pretty fantastic job of editing my shots but I want to see what you can do. Feel free to manipulate this photograph any way you see fit, and at the end of Jan 15th I will pick a winner. The reward is going to be a new Think Tank Disguise 70 Pro camera bag which is really great for quick on the go shooters. One word to the wise; there are no rules for this contest but I'm a fan of mainstream and marketable photographs. Anyone can participate but if you are outside of North America you will have to pay for any shipping or handling that Think Tank might encounter. Post all your images over at the January 2011 Photoshop Contest Forum and good luck!

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Hi Patrick. I have made several efforts to transmit a doctored pic of the basketball image and I think with no success but if it has appeared in fstoppers somewhere it would be nice to know for I cannot see it. I am either very silly or I am doing something wrong-if other folk can upload I should be able to also. My website will be online very shortly but in the meantime goto and type in markhead and my profile should appear. I would like you to see my pic-it was very similar to yours but simpler in some ways and I upload pics all the time to redbubble etc all the time. I have been going thru the upload process described, and I noted the "add file" expression but I dont think the pic file is attaching but the ms itself gets thru ok. I am at a loss at the moment re this-much easier to add attachments direct to emails! cheers. Mark
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could it be because you are trying to attach some crazy video player for a jpeg?

Hi Patrick. My answer to your question is No. I tried a couple of times after my last appeared without the jpeg I wanted to transmit and that video upload style also had photo incorporated so I tried that instead. Cheers. Mark