Fstoppers Original: King Street Studios Shoots Charleston Fashion Week

Fstoppers Original: King Street Studios Shoots Charleston Fashion Week

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to shoot a fashion show? Last month Patrick and I had the unique opportunity to follow Todd Surber and Reese Allen of King Street Studios around as they shot Charleston Fashion Week. Todd was in charge of capturing the standard runway shots and that freed up Reese to do something a bit more unique. After securing a small corner of the tent backstage, Reese set up a simple studio with a single light and grabbed models right before they were rushed onto the runway for a quick portrait session. You will be blown away with the quality of images that were taken on such a simple setup. After you watch the video, be sure you check out King Street's other work at www.kingstreetstudios.com and in you live in Charleston check out future Charleston Fashion Week events and news at www.charlestonmag.com/fashionweek

This video was shot with 2 Nikon D300s cameras... 1 tripod, 1 Glidetrack, and 1 Steadicam Merlin.

Fstoppers Original: King Street Studios Shoots Charleston Fashion Week from FStoppers on Vimeo.

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I loved the pictures from the one light setup, awesome idea!
And awesome video!

Great Vid Men.
Very good.
Hope you continue that way,

That is a GREAT behind the scenes. Fantastic shots and fantastic story.

fantastic vid. The quality of color, movement, editing, shit yall, this rocks!

Great work everyone!!! Love it! Can't wait until next year!

good job on the video-- king st. studios owes you big time. i liked the slider shots

Lee Morris's picture

Thanks David... without King Street we wouldn't have been able to get into Fashion Week this year so it kinda evens out :)

I'm sure the party afterwards was quite cool huh? :)

Patrick Hall's picture

The after parties were amazing! It's nice to get a little reward after each day of work. Charleston has really done an excellent job at creating an environment for up and coming designers and models to mingle and network with the more established artists and media after each show. If any of our readers are in the southeast, you definitely need to hip up this event next year.

Great video!
I loved the smoothness, transitions and the overall concept.
Great job!

Awesome video guys!!

Really liked this one. Awesome style in vid shooting and great overall content in the video and insight into covering a fashion event.


- Taylor

Hellz yeah! All the slider clips looked great, despite the difficulties you guys had. King Street rocked it, especially the backdrop shots :-O

Awesome video Lee and Patrick, I'm seriously impressed!

Fantastic video!! Well done! More please!

Good job, on both stills & video. Nice to see hard work pay off.