The Aurora Borealis As You've Never Seen It

When I tell people that I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, everyone always asks me what it's like to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). I always try to explain how it looks by relating it to a laser show or smoke streams but I've never found a way to describe it to someone who hasn't seen it for themselves. Two days ago Terje Sorgjerd created the best visual representation of the Aurora Borealis I have ever seen from Pas National Park near the Russian border. Using a timelapse dolly from Dynamic Perceptions, a Canon 5D Mark II, and a few wide angle lenses, Terje was able to take long exposure iamges and size them down to create an 4K video masterpiece. Check out the Geophysical Institute if you live near the North Pole and want to monitor the activity of the Aurora.

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that's incredible !


Finally something posted on fstoppers that I don't hate

I don't think they are long exposures, at least not any longer than a few seconds. Otherwise you would see longer trails to the stars and more blurring to the clouds and the trees. Most likely high iso images.

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@Keith, Terje commented on his vimeo channel that the exposures ranged from a second to several seconds long...I agree they probably aren't long enough to cause stars to leave trails

Wow. Just Wow. love it, good job.


That is so mother f-stoppin' cool!

Wow!! Amazing!!

I never comment on these, but watch almost every video you post.. This is absolutely stunning! Lucky you to grow up there!

4k, can't wait till DSLRs are doing 4k as standard

Stunning is the word!

Stunning, thanks for sharing, amazing film.

@ Patrick
I knew I liked you. Born and raised in Fairbanks.

Awesome stuff guys, love this video.