The Fstoppers Flash Disc Portable Light Modifier

After 6 years, a 2 year patent process, and nearly 18 months of designing proto types, the Fstoppers Flash Disc has finally become a reality. Our home made versions of the Flash Disc have been in our bags for almost our entire careers, and we are excited to finally release this flash modifier out to the general public!


Pocket Sized

The Flash Disc (patented) is a simple but extremely versatile light modifier for small speedlights. Lee Morris’s original idea was to have a small portable softbox on him at all times during his weddings. What makes the Flash Disc so useful is it literally folds up like a reflector and can fit into your pocket, jacket, roller bag, or backpack. The unique design allows your portable flash to “bounce” up and fill the entire circular chamber crating a quality of light that is much softer than your speedlight’s small opening.

Unlike traditional softboxes, the Flash Disc is very portable and has an extremely small profile. This makes it easy to move through large crowds like you would find at an event or a wedding. Long gone are the days of raising bulky softboxes over people’s heads or accidentally bumping your umbrella on a light stand into guests at a wedding. The Flash Disc can easily be held by your side and takes up about as much space as a hardcover book.

Here are some of the situations in which we have found the Flash Disc to work best:

  • Great for small product shots where large softboxes are often overkill
  • Perfect for impromptu group shots when you want soft directional light
  • Nice when you want your key light softer than a barebulb speedlight but more contrasty than a huge softbox
  • A fast and easy solution for detail shots such as rings, cakes, shoes, jewelry
  • Easily isolates small areas for light painting (ala Mike Kelley’s technique)
  • Convenient for packing in your travel bag when you don’t know what photo shoots await
  • Reliable in windy environments where traditional softboxes and umbrellas often fail
  • Extremely useful during fast paced subjects like children or toddlers.

and most importantly,

  • Invaluable when shooting by yourself and you need to hold your own off camera lighting in your left hand!

Limited Availability
When we first designed the Flash Disc years ago, we never intended on mass producing it and offering it to other photographers. It was simply a clever solution to a common problem we often faced. Therefore when we decided to offer our first physical product to the masses, we wanted to test the waters first. At the moment the Flash Disc has a total production of only 1,000. Since we have no idea what the demand for this product will be, we are only going to sell this first batch in packs of three. The MSRP for any future orders will be $49.99 but we wanted to offer our most loyal readers the opportunity to have these before the general public. We are also personally mailing each of these initial orders by hand; therefore, the first orders will only be offered to those living in the United States. If everyone loves the Flash Disc as much as we do our hope is to mass produce more units and ship them around the world. I find it useful having a bunch of these small softboxes laying around, but feel free to order three and give them as gifts to your other photographer friends!

flash disc folding softbox1 710x523 The Fstoppers Flash Disc Portable Light Modifier

  • Jerry Johnson

    Could you guys tell me if theses are going to be offered for sale again? I would love to have one!

  • http://www.iamhowardlee.com Howard Lee

    when is this gonna be avaliable again?

  • http://www.melaniedelahunt.com Melanie De La Hunt

    Any news about when this will be available again? Especially for international customers?

  • Marcon

    hi.. is your flash disc available now? im very, very, very interested to buy.. plssssssssssssss

  • Marcon

    pls give me the link or site where I could buy your fs flash disc.. thanks a lot..

  • janssico

    Awesome product. Is the next batch due soon? And did you wind up setting up that mailing list you mentioned in the comments?

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