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Who It’s For:

This is Nikon’s second best professional Speedlight, which is for anyone who needs a (comparably) light weight, powerful flash. It’s a little big on top of a camera, but it’s definitely worth the extra heft because this is a very versatile flash. It’s not as powerful as the SB-900 or SB-910, but it’s cheaper, so if you don’t need the extra features and extra power, this is a great flash for people on a budget.

What We Like:

Attachable Filters: The SB-700 has attachable filters that communicate with the camera to adjust white balance.

Moderate Zoom Range: The SB-700’s zoom range is 24-120mm

AF Assist: This is a huge benefit for those of you shooting in dark places.

Size: This flash is considerably smaller than the SB-900 or SB-910, which can be a big benefit.

Price: This flash is considerably cheaper than the SB-910. 

What We Don’t:

No PC Sync: This flash doesn’t have a PC Sync port so you’ll have to buy an adapter if you want to use a pocket wizard or other radio trigger.

gear bh SB 700 gear adorama SB 700 gear amazon SB 700 gear bl SB 700

Do you own the SB-700? Let us know your thoughts and opinions about it below:
  • Michael Wickland

    I love this flash.  I have the SB900 as well but I always grab the SB700 first because for most shots I don’t need the extra power of the SB900 and this one is much easier to use and is lighter than the SB900.  I highly recommend this flash.

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